5 Tiktok Alternative Apps to Make and Share Videos

Are you making a video and share it with your friends. But, which app you use for sharing videos? From the past four years, Musical.ly has become one of the largest video-sharing platforms in the world. After some issue, it merged with the Tik Tok app and after that, all the fame of Musical.ly merged with Tik Tok and Tik Tok become one of the most popular apps for music videos and for making many clips with genuine editing options. It can provide an impressive music library and the app also offer a selection of video editing tools. Only a few apps are alternatives to Tik Tok and all are listed below. We are giving all the apps that are used as Tiktok Alternative Apps and all are best and used in both iPhone and Android.

Top 5 TikTok Alternatives | Best Video Making Apps

  1. Dubsmash
  2. Funimate
  3. Cheez
  4. Triller
  5. Likee

After the ban of Tik Tok in India, users of Tik Tok are wanting a platform where they create and share music videos. Not only in India but it is not legal to use TikTok in US. So, if you are also want to record a very genuine video with many editing options then check out the list top 5 best apps that replace TikTok without any doubt.

1. Dubsmash


Dubsmash is one of the best TikTok Alternatives that helps you to make interesting videos. This is one of the oldest music video apps. And this is support both Android and iOS-based device. Now, Dubsmash has over one hundred million users who install it. So, it becomes very popular and also it is free. After you download this app you become a part of a very large community that revolves around entertaining videos. You can use thousands of different sounds including movies and TV quotes in your videos. It will always help you to make a very fresh and new video with fresh material. The app also offers you stickers and text that you can overlay to your videos. The app display videos in the style of Snapchat stories that are divided into two news feed sections, so you can follow the channels and like it and track the latest videos posted by your friends. You can easily Dubsmash Download via the link mentioned below-

  • Web- Dubsmash.com
  • Android- Dubsmash
  • iOS- Dubsmash

2. Funimate


The greatest advantage of using Funimate in place of Tik Tok is that you can make any type of music video that you want. You can create slow-motion videos, compile multiple video clips into one compilation, create video loops, and more. You can also consider it one of the best tiktok alternatives. This app also offers you a music library with sound effects that make it a perfect choice for lip-syncing videos. Funimate has more than 20 advanced video effects that transform every simple moment into a magical and amazing viral music video. You can add stickers and text in your video in that way you want. Making collab videos with friends is comfortable and easy with Funimate. You pick a song that you both like and then merge it into a single clip.

  • Web: Funimate.com 
  • iOS: ‎Funimate
  • Android: Funimate

3. Cheez


If you want to become a Cheez member or want to join the Cheez community then you need to do more than producing lip-syncing videos. If you choose a very common or most popular category on this social media like blogging, comedy, and fashion then you need to reach that level where peoples like, share, and comment on your videos. If you getting more like and comment then you will receive rewards, while you can also get prizes for watching videos and commenting on the posts you like. The video editing feature of this app is including cutting and trimming tools that help you in that situation while you done mistakes while creating or recording videos. There are many stickers, visual effects, and live filters are available that help you to create very genuine videos.

4. Triller


Triller is helping you to record and edit their social media videos with a very simple process. You have just to record your footage and then the auto-editing will do the rest work for you. You can trim or cut your videos, apply more than 50 filters and you can draw over the videos that help you in expressing your creativity without restrictions. It offers a very genuine collab feature, file sharing options, and the options that enable you to post your videos to your other social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

  • Web: Triller.co 
  • iOS: ‎Triller
  • Android: Triller

5. Likee- Formerly LIKE Video


Likee is considered as the best TikTok alternatives. If you choose to install Likee on your Android phone then it will help you most in making videos and showing your creativity. Here you will get a vast amount of dialogue materials with a music magic filter. You can change the volume of music and easily apply the effect as you want on your videos. These are the few reasons of millions of peoples are using the Likee app to create and produce music videos. You can also get a slow-motion option, merge several videos into a single clip, and crop or trim your videos.