TorGuard Vs Mullvad VPN Comparison 2024

There are various VPNs in the market that provide you with top-class security features and lightning-fast speed. TorGuard and Mullvad are two of them that provide you with many amazing features at a reasonable price.

It is quite difficult to choose between TorGuard vs Mullvad as both of them are well-known VPNs around the world. The best thing is both of them provide top-class features that’s why it is necessary to look closely at both of them.

So today in this blog we deeply compare Mullvad vs TorGuard to know how good security they provide. To know which is better to use and comes at an affordable price. So read the article till the end, then choose the best VPN between TorGuard or Mullvad VPN.

Overview Of TorGuard VS Mullvad VPN

TorGuard: It is one of the securest and top-rated VPNs in the market that is known for its amazing services. They put all of their efforts to make your browsing more private and anonymous. As they provide military-grade encryption and world-class tunneling protocols and also provide top security features.

Mullvad: It is an open-source VPN service based in Sweden and is also considered one of the reliable VPN service providers. Mullvad comes with the WireGuard & OpenVPN tunneling protocols. One of the best things is they accept cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Monero, etc.

Mullvad Vs TorGuard: Quick Comparison

These are a few differences between TorGuard and Mullvad that make them different from each other. Let’s take a look at a quick comparison of Mullvad and TorGuard first to know which is better.

Key PointsTorGuard Mullvad
Monthly Price$9.99$6.11
Uses Encryption 256-bit AES or 128-bit BlowfishAES-256, RSA-4096 certificates, SHA-512 server authentication
No Log Policy,YesYes
Money Back Guarantee7 Days30 Days

Features Comparison: TorGuard Vs Mullvad

Let’s move towards the detailed comparison of TorGuard or Mullvad to known who provides the better VPN services. Below we compare all the aspects that make them different from each other.

Features Comparison_ TorGuard Vs Mullvad

Security Comparison Mullvad Or TorGuard VPN

Security is one of the major issues while using a VPN as it keeps your data safe from hackers, and government entities. So when it comes to the Mullvad vs TorGuard security features then you’ll get military-grade encryption & a kill switch option in both of them. So in case of a VPN connection drop your data will be locked and cannot be leaked at any cost. 

They also come with world-class tunneling protocols that keep your connection secure. Both of them provides DNS leak protection and split tunneling feature.

So in a security comparison of TorGuard vs Mullvad both of them provide advanced security features that’s why it is hard to choose one of the best between them.

Mullvad Vs TorGuard Feature TorGuardMullvad
ProtocolsWireGuard, OpenVPN, IKEv2, L2TP/IPSec, OpenConnectOpenVPN & WireGuard
DNS and IP LeaksNo leaksNo leaks
Kill SwitchYesYes
Security FeaturesPort forwarding, SOCKS5 proxy, Shadowsocks, Ad & Malware Blocker, Split Tunneling (Android), StealthVPNNo log policy, AD blocking DNS servers, Multihop servers,

Compatibility Of TorGuard VS Mullvad

TorGuard and Mullvad both are the top-rated VPN that has been in the market for a long time. In some scenarios, both of them are quite similar as they have the same compatibility.

Both of them provide applications for Windows, Linux, Android, for other operating systems also. Besides this, they also offer their VPN extension for Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and other major browsers.

TorGuard & Mullvad also support routers as they manually configure routers with the OpenVPN configuration files. The major difference between them is TorGuard provides 8 simultaneous connection while Mullvad provide only 5 connections at a single time.

In the comparison of compatibility between TorGuard vs Mullvad, we recommend you to go for the TorGuard as they provide more connection at the same time. Now get the TorGuard coupon code to get this amazing VPN with a good discount.

No Logs Policy: Mullvad And TorGuard

There are various VPNs that saved your data and online activity and share it with third parties to earn money. That’s why it is a major issue that you can overcome by using a VPN with no log policy. One of the best things is TorGuard and Mullvad both of them come with the zero log policy. So your data never be saved and leaked or shared at any cost.

Customer Support: TorGuard Vs Mullvad

It is one of the important factors to choose one of the best VPNs between TorGuard and Mullvad. Because while using any VPN you might face some kind of technical or user-end issues. That you can solve this in a short period of time by contacting customer support of a VPN.

TorGuard or Mullvad both of them provide 24/7 live chat support and you can also connect via email. Both of them have similar options but TorGuard customer service is quite responsive that’s why it is a plus point for TorGuard users.

So in Mullvad or TorGuard customer support, TorGuard is far better than Mullvad as it comes with responsive chat support. So you can take a look at TorGuard 60% off deal to get an extra discount on TorGuard VPN.

Mullvad Vs TorGuard: Pricing

Price Comparison TorGuard Vs Mullvad

Let’s move to the pricing comparison between TorGuard or Mullvad. Pricing is an important factor a VPN should be affordable and full of features. The basic pricing of TorGuard starts from $9.99 per month whereas Mullvad will cost you around $5.50 per month. 

Below we mention all the plan’s pricing for TorGuard vs Mullvad take a look at it.

Mullvad PlansMullvad Standard PriceTorGuard PlansTorGuard Prices
Mullvad Monthly Plan$5.50/moAnonymous VPN Standard$9.99/mo
Mullvad 1 Year Plan$5.50/moAnonymous VPN Pro$12.99/mo
Mullvad 2 Year Plan$5.50/moBusiness VPN$32.99/mo

Both of them provide 3 types of plans at a reasonable price, but we recommend you to go for the TorGuard. as it TorGurad anonymous VPN discount plan provides more useful features as compared to the Mullvad at a reasonable price.

Kill Switch Of Mullvad And TorGuard

Kill switch is one of the important features that will keep your data locked at the time of your VPN connection drop. One of the best things is TorGuard and Mullvad both of them provide kill switch features to keep your IP address, Location, and device safe.

The kill switch comes with both of the VPNs and disconnects your device while experiencing low connection issues. When it comes to the Kill switch between Mullvad vs TorGuard then both of them perform well.

Streaming Performance: TorGuard Vs Mullvad

VPN is very useful when it comes to streaming, as it helps you to unblock restricted streaming platforms in your country. There are various countries where you can access Netflix, Amazon Prime, and many other streaming platforms. 

You can access these libraries with the help of TorGuard and Mullvad VPN. As both of them are the best VPN for streaming that will give you a seamless experience. You can look at the platforms that you can unblock with Mullvad and TorGuard in the below table.

Streaming PlatformsTorGuardMullvad
Amazon PrimeYesYes
BBC iPlayerYesYes

So these are the streaming platforms that you can unblock with these two VPNs. But we recommend you go for the TorGuard VPN as it is faster than the Mullvad in streaming. Also, check out the TorGuard streaming bundle promo code which is special for streaming. 

Which One Is Better For Gaming TorGuard Vs Mullvad?

When it comes to gaming then TorGuard is the best VPN for gaming as compared to Mullvad. As it comes with a huge server base that helps you to access restricted games in your country. Also, you’ll get an impressive speed that will take your gaming experience to another height. You can reduce lag and ping issues by using a TorGuard VPN.

Conclusion: Mullvad Vs TorGuard

We have covered every aspect of TorGuard VS Mullvad in this blog. We have collected this information after doing lots of hard work. You can choose best the option after reviewing these VPN servers, encryption, kill switch, and more. 

We would suggest you use TorGuard because it uses advanced features that keep you secure. There are big VPN network servers where you get a fast and better experience while playing gaming. Now it is up to you whether you want to choose TorGuard or Mullvad.

Is TorGuard Better Than Mullvad?

Yes, TorGuard is far better than Mullvad as it provides more advanced features in comparison to Mullvad. If you are serious about your privacy and want to use an affordable VPN then TorGuard is one of the best choices for you.

Which Is More Secure TorGuard Vs Mullvad?

TorGuard is the most securest VPN as compared to Mullvad as it provides slightly more security features that will keep your data and identity secure in comparison to Mullvad.

Do TorGuard And Mullvad Have Free Trials?

No, both of them doesn’t provide any kind of free trial but if you purchase TorGuard then you can get your money back within 7 days. On the other hand, Mullvad provides 30-day money-back guarantee. So if you don’t like their services then you can get your money back in a given period.