TorGuard VS NordVPN [Comparison Between NordVPN And TorGuard]

TorGuard Vs NordVPN is become one of the most interesting comparison as users are asking which one is best. Both Torguard And NordVPN are popular for their security and advanced features.

Among the most well-documented rivalries in the VPN industry, TorGuard and NordVPN are one of the most well-known. In the VPN world, competition is fierce and only the best services will succeed. Thus, it is important to look at these two companies closely and understand what sets them apart while also helping them succeed.

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With 5500+ servers in 59+ locations, NordVPN has a leg up on TorGuard, which has 3000+ servers in 50+ locations. While NordVPN has upgraded its WireGuard tunneling protocol to NordLynx, both use the WireGuard tunneling protocol. They both have AES-256 encryption, internet kill switches, and can unblock streaming content effectively.

The most important thing you need to consider in both VPN is security features. So that you have a secure connection and no one can track your activities.

Here we have compared all the aspects of both VPN so you can choose a better one. Read this NordVPN vs TorGuard blog till the end so that you should have every information about both before buying anyone.

Overview Of TorGuard VS NordVPN

TorGuard and NordVPN

Here is brief information about NordVPN vs TorGuard so that you can choose the best one.

Key PointsTorGuard NordVPN 
Uses Encryption AES-256-GCM encryptionAES-256-GCM encryption
No Log PolicyYesYes
Servers3000+ servers in 50+ countries5500+ servers in 59+ countries
Money Back Guarantee7 day30 day

There are few differences between NordVPN and TorGuard which you can see above this table.

The Features Comparison Of TorGuard And NordVPN

Now we are going to compare NordVPN vs TorGuard features. Which is best for you that provides high-level security while browsing from anywhere in the world. 

Both are good VPN in the market but we will give better options on whether NordVPN or TorGuard is best. Here we compare every aspect of NordVPN or TorGuard below.

Which One Is Offer More VPN Servers Of TorGuard Or NordVPN?

Both have larger network servers in worldwide and you can get fast speed by connecting your nearest servers. NordVPN has 5500+ servers in 59 countries and TorGuard has 3000+ servers in 50 countries. 

Now we come to the point for finding which one provides better speed. Then no doubt NordVPN is better than TorGuard for providing fast speed. 

NordVPN has a larger number of servers that allows users to connect to safe and nearest servers. So that users get fast speed and don’t face any kind of issues.

The Pricing Of TorGuard Vs NordVPN

These are the pricing details of both VPN so that you can choose the best plan for you. 

NordVPN PlansNordVPN Standard PriceTorGuard PlansTorGuard Prices
NordVPN Monthly Plan$11.99/moAnonymous VPN Standard$9.99/mo
NordVPN 1 Year Plan$4.49/moAnonymous VPN Pro$12.99/mo
NordVPN 2 Year Plan$2.99/moBusiness VPN$32.99/mo
Anonymous Email$3.58/mo

This is price comparison of TorGuard and NordVPN. As there are three types of NordVPN plans and each has three more as plans standard, plus and complete. These are not more costly but still you want to get discount then use NordVPN coupon code. 

In TorGuard, there are four types of plans, its plans are a little bit more costly than NordVPN. But you can buy at affordable price with TorGuard streaming bundle coupon code.

No.1 Choice NordVPN
Buy NordVPN At $2.99/Month
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Get fast speed and secure connection with NordVPN whiel playing gaming. Buy it at affordable price now only. Show Less

Security Comparison NordVPN Or TorGuard

Almost both have similar features between TorGuard vs NordVPN but at some points of time, they are different. A military-grade AES 256 encryption has been used by NordVPN vs TorGuard. This is very important for user privacy to have VPN connection that uses high-security standards.

Now look to other security features that NordVPN and TorGuard use. They utilized WireGuard tunneling protocol therefore users get a secure connection. They also use the kill switch feature so that when VPN connection loses user data can not be leaked.  

As both use advanced security features therefore it is hard to say, which one is better TorGuard vs NordVPN.

TorGuard And NordVPN Features NordVPNTorGuard
ProtocolsNordLynx, OpenVPN, IKEv2WireGuard, OpenVPN, IKEv2, L2TP/IPSec, OpenConnect
DNS and IP LeaksNo leaksNo leaks
Kill SwitchInternet kill switch, app kill switchInternet and app-level kill switch
Security FeaturesSplit tunneling (Windows, Android), Double VPN, Tor over VPN, CyberSec, SOCKS5 proxy, Obfuscated servers, DNS and IPv6 leak protectionSplit tunneling (Android), StealthVPN, Ad & malware blocker, SOCKS5 proxy, Shadowsocks, port forwarding

Compatibility Of TorGuard VS NordVPN

These both VPN have been in the market for a long time, therefore, uses get the same feature in TorGuard and NordVP. Both can be used on multiple device so let know which one is good.

Besides their apps for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android, they also offer extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge, which is now based on Chrome. Their other similarities include the ability to manually configure routers with the OpenVPN configuration files for Amazon Fire TV and Fire Stick, as well as their support for Amazon Fire TV and Fire Stick.

In conclusion, there are a few differences between TorGuard and NordVPN. If Torguard not connecting then you can talk to their customer support. they both have a great customer support. TorGuard allows simultaneous connections of 8 devices, while NordVPN only allows connections of 6 devices simultaneously.

As NordVPN provide plans at an affordable price and at some time it supports a wide range of devices. But you can connect to 8 simultaneous connections. If we talk about compatibility then NordVPN is a better choice than TorGuard.

TorGuard Or NordVPNNordVPNTorGuard
Major Support AppsAndroid, Windows, Mac Linux, iOSLinux, Mac, Windows, iOS, Android
Browser ExtensionsFirefox, Edger, ChromeEdge, Firefox, Chrome
Dedicated AppsFire stick, Android TV And Fire TVFire TV And Fire Stick
Setup ManualFirewalls, NSA, Routers, Raspberry PiChromebook, Raspberry, Routers, NAS
Simultaneous Connections68

Kill Switch Of NordVPN And TorGuard

They both have kill switch feature and without it, your data will not be secure. You will get kill switch features in TorGuard vs NordVPN, they will protect your personal data such as IP address, device types, location and more. 

The kill switch feature is integrated into both VPN and that instantly disconnect your device from VPN servers. So that your data can not be leaked at any cost. Here both are better options because they have same features.

torguard Coupon Codes
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Streaming Performance Of TorGuard And NordVPN

We have tested both TorGuard or NordVPN on different streaming platforms. They work well with most platforms and provide a secure connection. 

Now NordVPN provides a better experience with everyone such Netflix, Amazon prime, Hulu, BBC iPlayer and other. By setting up NordVPN Windows 11 PC client on computer system, users can watch unlimited movies and TV shows on these streaming platforms.

TorGuard can also unblock every streaming platform but NordVPN has a better experience.

Streaming PlatformsNordVPNTorGuard
NetflixYesNo (other countries library)
Amazon PrimeYesYes
BBC iPlayerYesYes

Which One Is Better For Gaming TorGuard VS NordVPN?

Both are a good choices for gaming and users can get a better experience. There are some minor differences between TorGuard and NordVPN for gaming. 

NordVPN has larger VPN network servers than TorGuard that help users while playing gaming. 


As we have covered every aspect of TorGuard VS NordVPN in this blog. We have collected this information after doing lots of hard work. You can choose best the option after reviewing these VPN servers, encryption, kill switch and more. 

We would suggest you use NordVPN because it uses advanced features that keep you secure. There is big VPN network servers that you get fast and better experience while playing gaming. Now it is upto you whether you want to choose TorGuard or NordVPN. 

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Is TorGuard Better Than NordVPN?

No, TorGuard does have advanced features but NordVPN performs better than TorGuard. NordVPN has more features and servers so that you get secure connectivity.

Which Is More Secure TorGuard VS NordVPN?

There is no doubt that NordVPN is a more secure VPN because it uses high level of security features. It keeps your information safe and secure even while travelling as well.

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