Best VPN For Developers 2023

VPN for Developers

At present developers are working on sensitive data like software developers are developing software for clients or companies, and android developers are developing digital applications so there is a need to protect all these important data that’s there is a need for VPN for developers. We have mentioned in this article the top 5 VPNs that a developer needs for protecting his important information on a computer. So if you are a developer then read the whole article and find out which VPN suits you better.

Why There Is Need For VPN For Developers?

VPN for developers is important due to nowadays security of a user is getting compromised on a large scale and no one’s data is safe. So for protecting data developers need a VPN. below we discussed the points in detail.

Protect Customer Data

VPN for developers is important to use if we discussed android developers they have to develop a digital application for their clients and that application carries sensitive data which is very important.

That’s why it is an important VPN for software developers so they can protect the sensitive information of their clients and no one can hack their system also.

Research Competitor Website

Being a developer it’s important for you to trace your competitor’s activities. Like how you can beat them and become can improve your ranking that you have to do research their work and don’t let them know you are spying on them. For that, you have to use VPN so that they don’t know you are tracing them.

Connect To Public Wifi  

As we all know a software developer has to do a lot of work to meet their deadline of work and sometimes they are in a public place where they connect to public wifi to do work and public wifi is not safe to use.

They can take VPNs into use whenever they connect to public wifi. So that their system and personal data will remain secure. For this reason, a VPN for software developers is needed.

Ensure the site Work Properly

It’s very important for app developers to use VPN. because it’s important to check the app is working properly across the world. For that, you need to use VPN.

By using VPN you can check across the world whether your website working properly or not. If it’s working properly that’s good and if not then you can fix the problem. So that’s why VPN for app developers is useful.

Top 5 VPN For Developers To Use In 2023

Top 5 VPN for Developers

Nowadays developers are looking for the best VPN which they can take into use so that they can protect their client data from getting leaked to the third party. So here we short-listed the top 5 developers’ VPN that they need to take into use during their work.

  • NordVPN [#1 VPN For Developers]
  • ExpressVPN [High Security for Developers]
  • SurfShark [Get Unlimited connection]
  • IPVaish (Advanced encryption VPN)
  • CyberGhost (VPN With Malicious Content Block)

NordVPN [#1 VPN For Developers]

NordVPN provides high speed and one of the top-class 256-bit security to its users. That means software developers’ client data will remain secured and they can complete their work on time due to high speed.

With that NordVPN also follow a strict no-log policy and give multiple account option also. means no information of software developers will be traced by the company and they can give access to their VPN to their colleagues also for this reason NordVPN is the best VPN for developers. You know, NordVPN MrBeast Gaming is also a member of the NordVPN influencer program to spread the word and get rewards.

You can use NordVPN to access the OpenAI tool If Chat GPT is not available in your country. So use the best VPN for ChatGPT which has a various range of servers.

Features using NordVPN

  • Strict no-log policy
  • Dedicated IP address
  • Cybersec
  • Lighting speed
  • 6 device connection
  • Browser proxy extension

ExpressVPN [Many Server Availability For Developers)

ExpressVPN is an expensive VPN but it is a good VPN for developers. It provides the kill switch option that protects software developers’ data from getting hacked. kill switch to turn off your internet when the VPN is disconnected suddenly.

With that, it provides a split tunnel feature also through which software developers can connect to different security domains public or local, or wan at the same time. If you are thinking about buying this VPN then you can look for ExpressVPN 15 month deal and you can get a discount of upto 49%. 

Features of ExpressVPN

  • Unlimited bandwidth:
  • VPN split tunneling: 
  • Threat Manager: 
  • Private DNS
  • No connection log
  • Lightway protocol

SurfShark VPN With Unlimited Connection For Developers

Surfshark is another good VPN for developers it hides the IP address of the software developer so that no one can track his activity. Follows strictly no-log policy means they will not record your activities on the internet

It encrypts user data which means you and your client’s important data cannot be read by a third person. With that, it provides unlimited connection also which means you give access to VPN to your all employees. So Surfshark is a good VPN for software developers.

Features of SurfShark VPN

  • Kill switch 
  • No border mode
  • Comufaldge mode
  • Encryption
  • Secure protocols
  • Browse privately

IPVainsh [Advanced Encryption VPN For Web Developors]

IPVanish is a well-established VPN for developers it is known for the advanced encryption that it provides to its users. It helps Android developers in encrypting their data which means no one can read their data.

Other features of IPVanish are a strict no-log policy, users can connect upto 10 devices, fast speed access, etc. The IPVanish coupon code gives you 65% off on this VPN purchase. so as an android developer you will get access to all these features of IPVanish. 

Features of Using IPVanish VPN

  • Unmetered connection
  • Online anonymity
  • Advanced encryption
  • Unlimited connection

CyberGhost [VPN With Malicious Content Block]

VPN developers can use Cyberghost VPN also it is famous for its good speed. An app developer can do his work smoothly without any lagging. It provides a kill switch button also if suddenly an app developer’s VPN gets disconnected then the kill switch button disconnects the internet.

It strictly follows a no-log policy which means the VPN company will not read or store app developer activity on the internet.

It supports 7 devices which means you can give access to VPN to some of your employees also. You can get 75% off on Cyberghost VPN 2 year deal which is a massive discount and along with this it also offers a 45-day money-back guarantee. So CyberGhost is a good VPN for app developers.

Features of using CyberGhost

  • Malicious content block
  • DNS and IP leak protection
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Support 7 devices

The thing to look for when VPN buying for developers

  • DNS and IP leak protection

In a VPN DNS and IP leak protection is important because it protects  DNS and IP addresses from getting leaked by a third party. It provides a virtual IP address to developers so no one can track their real IP address

  • Online anonymity

A good VPN provider company always provides different IP addresses to individuals due to which it’s become difficult for a third party to track your activity and your personal data remains secure.

  • Kill switch

kill switch is a useful feature it disconnects your internet connection when your VPN suddenly disconnects and protects your system’s important files from getting hacked.

  • Strict no-log policy

As a software developer, you should check a VPN provider follows a strict no-log policy which means it doesn’t vigilance your content and is fully secured and encrypted.

Final Verdict To Help in Selecting Best VPN for Developers

As above we discussed the VPN for developers is very important so they can protect their clients’ personal information and their system is also not get hacked.  So all the VPNs we mention above are good to use for developers and you can choose among any of the 5 VPNs. But all these VPNs are different on basis of servers and prices. 

So for that’s the reason we recommend you to use Nord VPN It offers really a variety of good features to its users and it has various servers and its price is also affordable. Like it provides good speed, a kill switch button, users can use 6 devices at one time, 256- bit AES security. 

So as a developer if you are interested in buying VPN then you can go for the NordVPN coupon code and you get a discount on NordVPN.

Do developers need VPN?

Yes, VPN for developers is important because on developers’ systems there is a lot of sensitive data stored of their own and clients. So for protecting that data they need a VPN.

Can developers who do freelancing use VPNs?

Of course, developers who do freelancing can also use VPN because they also have clients and they work for them and they have their own data also. So for protecting their own and client data they can use VPN.