Best VPN For Duelbits [How To Play Duelbits From Anywhere?]

Duelbits is new and one of the fastest-growing online crypto clubs. It has all the popular gambling games like Duelbits Crach, Roulette, Dice Duels, Blackjack, Slots, and Duelbits have some other engaging games like Crazy Time, Craps, Lightning Roulette & more from which you can win a lot of money. 

Unfortunately, it is not available everywhere but there are various VPN for Duelbits that are available by which you can easily unblock Duelbits. 

In many countries like the USA, UK, Australia, France, etc. You are not allowed to play betting games due to strict regulations. So, the player who wants to play Duelbits must use a good VPN that works on Duelbits. The best Duelbits VPN must be reliable, secure, and don’t leak your privacy & location. 

5 Best VPN For Duelbits

5 best vpn for duelbits

Here is the list of the five best VPN for Duelbits to unblock it from anywhere. 

  • NordVPN – Best VPN for Duelbits
  • ExpressVPN – Fastest VPN for Duelbits
  • Surfshark – All rounder Duelbits VPN 
  • IPVanish VPN – Cheap Duelbits VPN 
  • Cyberghost – Secure VPN for Duelbits

Let’s discuss one by one each of the following.

NordVPN – Best VPN For Duelbits

No.1 Choice NordVPN
NordVPN is Best For Duelbits
Get NordVPN and play Duelbits easily from anywhere without any restrictions.
Get NordVPN and play Duelbits easily from anywhere without any restrictions. Show Less

NordVPN is our first pick because this VPN offers the best security with great features. At a very affordable price, NordPVPN offers an excellent privacy policy and 24/7 customer support. The features like the No-log policy, No data leaks, Multifactor authentication, and many more. You can get a special discount by using NordVPN coupon code upto 60% off. 

  • NordVPN has 5500 servers in 60 countries worldwide.
  • Features like a Strict no-logs policy & ad blocker give you reliability. 
  • Customer support is extraordinary.

ExpressVPN – Fastes VPN For Duelbits

Fastest ExpressVPN Ever For Duelbits
Access ExpressVPN to play Duelbits and get your favorite VPN at an affordable cost.Show More
Access ExpressVPN to play Duelbits and get your favorite VPN at an affordable cost. Show Less

This VPN will be the fastest VPN to unblock Duelbits. ExpressVPN gives you a fast speed of upto 85mbps on a 100mbps connection. This VPN doesn’t leak your location and gives you a secure and private connection. Along with gaming it also very well works with streaming platforms in fact ExpressVPN is the best VPN for Hulu as well. If you are interested in this VPN then you can get an instant 35% discount by using ExpressVPN discount code on its 12-month plan. 

  • It has 3000+ servers in around 94 countries
  • ExpressVPN offers high-level security & great encryption
  • The best thing about this VPN is a 30-day money-back guarantee

Surfshark – All-Rounder Duelbits VPN 

SurfShark Is The All Rounder VPN for Duelbits
Get SurfShark VPN For Duelbits at a reasonable price. Enjoy gaming with your favorite VPN.
Get SurfShark VPN For Duelbits at a reasonable price. Enjoy gaming with your favorite VPN. Show Less

Surfshark is one of the most secure VPN on the list. This VPN keeps you private and secure online which is very important when playing online betting games. Surfshark prioritizes your security and protects you against DNS, IPv6 & WebRTC leaks to keep your traffic safe from prying eyes. On this VPN you’ll get an unbelievable discount upto 80% off if you use Surfshark discount offer.

  • It has 3,200 servers across 60+ countries which is amazing
  • You can Sufshark Alert to protect your identity 
  • Works with all kinds of a gaming site

IPVanish VPN – Cheap Duelbits VPN 

IPVanish logo
Cheap IPVanish VPN For Duelbits  
Go with the use of the Cheapest IPVanish VPN. Enjoy Duelbits with it at a pocket-friendly budget.Show More
Go with the use of the Cheapest IPVanish VPN. Enjoy Duelbits with it at a pocket-friendly budget. Show Less

This is a cheap as well as reliable VPN for Duelbits. IPVanish gives you great performance with stability. The price of the yearly plan of IPVanish is $3.99/month if you use the IPVanish coupon you’ll get a 63% discount. This VPN is the best when we talk about privacy and customer support. 

  • It has 2,000 servers across more than 75+ countries around the world
  • It encrypts your web browsing while playing online games
  • Provides an anonymous IP address shield to protect you from third-party spy. 

Cyberghost – Secure VPN For Duelbits

Cyberghost VPN is the Securest VPN ever for Duelbits
Use this Most secure Cyberghost VPN at a cheaper cost.Show More
Use this Most secure Cyberghost VPN at a cheaper cost. Show Less

Cyberghost has a large server base and gives you an all-rounder experience. By using you can stay anonymous on the internet while playing or streaming. You’ll get the latest discount upto 82% by using the Cyberghost coupon on its 3-year plan. The user interface is also pretty simple for a beginner. 

  • Cyberghost has 6900+ servers in 90 countries which is huge among all VPN
  • The Unblocking ability of this VPN is amazing 
  • Browser available for macOS and iOS and all Windows

How To Play Duelbits From Anywhere? (Quick Guide)

By following 5 simple steps you can easily unblock Duelbits and play it from anywhere in the world. 

  1. Download and set up a VPN (NordVPN 2 year plan is highly recommended)
  2. Connect to a VPN server in Germany, Brazil, or Canada
  3. Signup and login into the Duelbits
  4. Buy crypto at Coinbase and get $10 for signup
  5. Deposit crypto to your account and play the games to win big!


Duelbits is a great place to gamble and earn a lot of money. But to play this betting game in USA & other blocked countries you’ve to use a VPN service. It is basically because of strict regulation on betting games. A good VPN will change your location along with encrypting your traffic which allows you to access any gambling sites including Duelbits. 

We have mentioned the best VPN for Duelbits above you can choose according to your need and preference. But Personally, we have been using NordVPN & ExpressVPN for a very long time & the performance these VPN are giving is outstanding with respect to their pricing. 

Why Need VPN for Duelbits?

For playing online betting games like Duelbits you need a VPN. Due to strict regulations against betting games, it is banned in several countries like the US, UK, France, etc. So, if you want to play Duelbits then you definitely need a good Duelbits VPN like NordVPN.  

Can I Get Free Money On Duelbits With VPN?

Yes, you can get free money by logging into the Duelbits site with any reference code and withdrawing new CS GO Items or crypto money by playing a game with the money you earn. 
So, Firstly you need a referral code then you’ll get free money.  

Can Duelbits Detect VPN?

Generally, many online casinos & betting sites like Duelbits don’t worry about users using a VPN for Duelbits. Some are concerned about who can use detection measures to find out whether users are using VPN or not.  
However, they suspend and terminate a user’s account when they detect VPN usage against their terms of service.