VPN For SNAPCHAT [TOP 5 VPN For Snapchat]

Snapchat is a very popular social media platform among youngsters. According to the report Snapchat has a more than 2 billion user base.  But still, some countries restrict users from using Snapchat. So for this, there is a VPN for Snapchat that unblock or give access to users in the geo-restricted region.

In which countries Snapchat is Banned?

Snapchat is banned in the following countries

  • China
  • Turkey
  • North Korea
  • Vietnam
  • Iran
  • Uganda
  • Bangladesh

Why Snapchat is Banned?

Snapchat is banned in some countries because the countries that banned Snapchat claim that Snapchat is taking their country’s telecom company’s profit illegally that’s why they banned Snapchat in their country.

How to Unblock Snapchat?

Using VPN for Snapchat, users can unblock Snapchat in the restricted area. Below we have mentioned all the best Snapchat VPN that you can use to unblock Snapchat in a restricted area.

Why Need to Use VPN for Snapchat?

A VPN is necessary to unblock Snapchat in restricted regions. Along with that, VPN also provides high security & privacy. Below we have shared some more advantages of using a VPN for Snapchat.

Hide Location

When users use social media platforms like Snapchat then there are chances of leak of IP addresses that gives easy access to hackers to hack it. Which might be very risky and they can misuse it for their personal benefits. 

So it’s better to use a VPN for Snapchat or for any other social media. It will hide your IP address and provide you virtual IP address.

Security From Public Wifi: 

Sometimes user connects their personal phone to public wifi and uses social media apps like Snapchat. 

You might be unaware that, Public wifi is not safe and hackers can hack your personal information with

ease. So it’s better to use VPN when you are using Snapchat or any other app while using public wifi.

Data Privacy From Internet Provider:

Do you know? Your internet service provider can check your all activities whatever you are doing over the internet and can share them with a third party. But you can restrict your internet provider by using a powerful VPN. It will secure your all personal information without any compromisation.

TOP 5 VPN For Snapchat 

TOP 5 VPN For Snapchat 
  • NordVPN (#1 VPN for Snapchat)
  • ExpressVPN (Good Server Social App)
  • ProtonVPN (Unlimited Bandwidth)
  • SurfsharkVPN (Unlimited Devices)
  • WindscribeVPN (10 GB free data)

NordVPN (#1 VPN for Snapchat)

NordVPN is known for its excellent security if you are using this VPN then you are using one of the safest Snapchat VPNs. It uses 256-bit AES security that will ensure your data remain secure.

No.1 Choice NordVPN
Use The Best NordVPN For Snapchat
Go with the use of NordVPN and access Snapchat all across the world with complete security.
Go with the use of NordVPN and access Snapchat all across the world with complete security. Show Less

It has more than 6000 servers to connect to your system. 

If in case, you face any problem in connecting to any server you can connect to another one easily.

NordVPN offers good speed also. When you connect to NordVPN for Snapchat, the app will work smoothly. So you can easily send stickers, streaks, and videos to your friend without any worry. That’s why it is a good VPN for Snapchat.

Key Features
  • Advanced Security: NordVPN provides advanced security to its users’ 256-bit technology that protects users’ personal information.
  • Offer Good Speed Also: NordVPN’s average speed is 394mbps which is good and you can run your Snapchat smoothly.
  • Block malware and threat: NordVPN protects your system from malware and virus. Due to this, your all personal information remains secure.
  • Multi-factor authentication: In multi-factor authentication, the user has two factors for login. That means the user account is more secured.
  • Double your protection: In double protection, you can change your IP twice. So that no one can trace your IP address and you can run Snapchat without any hindrance.

ExpressVPN (Good Server For Social App)

ExpressVPN is also the best Snapchat VPN, that you can take into use. It’s known for high-speed good servers. It has 3000+ servers in 94 countries that let you get unbanned from Snapchat in any location. So you can easily find out the best server for you to connect your Snapchat.

It provides a kill switch button also so that if a VPN connection is lost due to any reason kill switch will secure your network and the personal data of Snapchat will not be leaked to a third party.

There‘s one more good thing about ExpressVPN its interface is very user-friendly. So if you are from a non-tech background then also you can easily understand the interface of ExpressVPN. So that means you can use Snapchat with ExpressVPN without any worry.

Get The High-Speed ExpressVPN For Social App
With the use of ExpressVPN easily use Snapchat without facing any issues.
With the use of ExpressVPN easily use Snapchat without facing any issues. Show Less
  • Easy To Use Interface: Express VPN interface is easy to use. So if you don’t have much knowledge about VPNs then also you can use this VPN easily. 
  • Huge No Of Servers: Express VPN offers more than 3000 servers. So you can connect to any server easily and your Snapchat app will run smoothly.
  • Hide IP address: ExpressVPN hides your real IP address and provides you with a virtual IP address that is difficult for anyone to trace.
  • Private DNS: Private DNS feature makes your network safe and it increases the speed of the internet also. So you can communicate with your friends on Snapchat without any problem.
  • VPN Split tunneling: In split tunneling, ExpressVPN gives you choose which app you want to use through VPN and which you want to use without VPN.

ProtonVPN (Unlimited Bandwidth)

ProtonVPN offers both free and paid subscriptions. But its free version provides you with 3 servers that are USA, Netherland, and Japan. You can connect to Snapchat using any of the 3 locations. That’s why it is a free VPN for Snapchat.

It strictly follows a no-log policy which means whatever information you shared on Snapchat with your friends it will not store that information. So your messages and other data are secured.

Get Unlimited Bandwidth With ProtonVPN For Snapchat
Access the ProtonVPN with best features and easily access Snapchat from anywhere without any worries.
Access the ProtonVPN with best features and easily access Snapchat from anywhere without any worries. Show Less
  • Solid No-Log Policy: Proton VPN strictly follows a solid no-log policy. That means your no personal information is shared with a third person.
  • Use Upto 10 Devices: On Proton VPN you can connect upto 10 devices. That means you can connect your family member’s and friends’ devices also with the same VPN.

WindscribeVPN(Unlimited Connection)

WindscribeVPN can also be used for Snapchat. It offers 10 GB of free data in a month so you can use Snapchat easily and you can do all your activities without any problem.

With that, it provides AES-256 encryption due to which whatever communication you do with your friends Windscribe VPN or any other third party cannot read that content. So your messages and other data are secured.

It uses a DNS-based tool also for ad-blocking also which means whenever you open a VPN for connecting the server or disconnecting the server no ads are shown to you. Therefore you can use Snapchat smoothly without any trouble.

  • Block Ads: It uses a DNS-based tool for adblocking. So no ads will show to you when you use this VPN.
  • 10Gb Free Data: Windscribe gives you 10 Gb of free data in a month. So you can Snapchat properly without any problem 

SurfsharkVPN(10 Gb Free Data)

Surfshark is also a VPN app for Snapchat that can be taken into use. This VPN offers unlimited connections so on the same VPN your friend can also connect and you don’t face any problem connecting Snapchat to  VPN.

Its customer support is also very effective. So if you face any problem during the usage of a VPN or you faced a problem in connection then you can connect easily to the customer support of Surfshark. They will solve your query swiftly.

They use AES-256 encryption due to which whatever information you share on Snapchat with your friends will remain secure. So you don’t need to worry about private data when you are using SurfsharkVPN.

Utilize SurfShark For Snapchat
Go with the use of SurfShark for Snapchat and easily do all activities securely without any problems.
Go with the use of SurfShark for Snapchat and easily do all activities securely without any problems. Show Less
  • Unlimited Connection: SurfShark offers unlimited connections to its users. So you can give access to your VPN to all your friends.
  • 24/7 Customer Care Support: You can contact them any time whenever you face a problem in using their VPN.
  • Good Security: Shurfshark provides secure servers to its users. So that their personal information doesn’t get compromised.


So here we discussed all the VPNs for Snapchat. so you can use any of the VPNs that we discussed to unlock your Snapchat. 

But we recommend you use NordVPN because it has 5000 servers in 50 countries with it has 256-bit AES security that protects users’ data. Also, NordVPN offers good speed to its users also. You might use NordVPN 2 year plan to buy its subscription at a minimum price.

NordVPN buy now

Which is the best VPN to use for Snapchat?

NordVPN is the best Snapchat VPN because it provides 6000 servers and it uses 256-bit AES security that they offer to its users.

Does VPN works for Snapchat?

Of course, VPN works for Snapchat. if govt banned Snapchat in your country and you want to use it. then you can use Snapchat with a help of a VPN.

Is VPN for Snapchat legal to use in the USA?

If in case country restricts the usage of VPN then you can’t able to use VPN services for any kind of app or software.