Best VPN For Sports Betting In 2023 – Unblock Betting Sites

Best vpn for sports betting

Finding the best VPN for sports betting is very important if you want to play betting games online. Because many online sports betting sites and apps are geo-restricted that means you cannot access or create an account in certain countries. 

Thankfully, with the help of a good VPN, you can unblock sports betting sites easily from anywhere in the world. Basically, VPN encrypts all of your website traffic and routes it through an intermediary server. If you use VPN then you can choose the server location according to you. 

Note that not all VPN is compatible with all betting, gambling, & fantasy sports site. So, we have come up with one of the best sports betting VPN & show you how to use VPN service to unblock betting or gambling sites from anywhere.

Let me tell you, FIFA World Cup starts from 20th Nov 2023 where you can bet on it & you can use VPN For FIFA World Cup Qatar 2023 to stream & place your bet.

Note: You have to check you are not violating any Local or National legislation, by accessing gambling or betting site. Once you checked then follow the below-mentioned steps. 

How To Unblock Sports Betting Site From Anywhere?

You can easily unblock betting sites by following a few simple steps. We have mentioned how you can spoof your location with a VPN and get access to sports betting sites.  

  1. Subscribe to the VPN that suits you more (We highly recommend NordVPN)
  2. Download & install a VPN into your device
  3. Sign up & login into your VPN 
  4. Choose a VPN server nearest to your location for fast speed connection
  5. Head toward the sports betting site and enjoy!

Best VPN For Sports Betting 

sports betting VPN

We will take a closer look at the best sports betting VPN. Below we have mentioned the list of the 5 best VPN which is important for sports betting.

  • NordVPN – #1 VPN for sports betting 
  • ExpressVPN – Fastest sports betting VPN 
  • Surfshark – Unblocks betting sites easily
  • CyberGhost – Affordable VPN for sports betting 
  • IPVanish VPN – All rounder VPN for online betting 

NordVPN – #1 VPN For Sports Betting 

NordVPN is a trustworthy and reliable VPN for accessing online betting games.  NordVPN offers various features like a kill switch, split tunnelling, multi-factor authentication, strict no-log policy, etc at a very affordable price.

NordVPN is actually a very good VPN for duelbits another betting site because it hides your IP and provides you encrypted connection while playing. 

You’ll get access to all of the features of NordVPN even you can get up to a 60% discount on NordVPN 2 year plan which costs you $3.99 per month.

  • NordVPN has over 5500 servers in around 60 countries in the world. 
  • Its newest features protect you from ads, trackers, and malware
  • You’ll get a 30-day money-back guarantee with 24/7 customer support

ExpressVPN – Fastest Sports Betting VPN

This VPN will be the best vpn for sports betting if you want to play sports betting games. ExpressVPN is the fastest when we compare it with other VPN service providers. This VPN uses military-grade (AES-256) along with many security protocols. 

You may find ExpressVPN plans pretty expensive than others but currently, ExpressVPN offers you a 35% discount. 

  • It has 3000+ servers in around 94 countries.
  • The speed reduction is only about 10-15% in upload and download speed. 
  • Network Lock is the ExpressVPN kill switch. It keeps your data safe even if your VPN connection drops, it can block all internet traffic until protection is restored.
  • It also provides a 30-day money-back guarantee 

Surfshark – Unblocks Betting Sites Easily

Surfshark is high performing and low-cost VPN for sports betting & you can get discount upto 81% also. Surfshark prioritizes your security and gives you 256-bit encryption. This VPN has amazing features and easily unblocks any gambling and betting sites. 

When we talk about the pricing Surfshark 2-year plan will cost you $2.99 per month which is very affordable. 

  • Surfshark currently has over 3200 servers in 65+ countries
  • The CleanWeb helps you with no ads, trackers, malware, and phishing attempts.
  • Through Bypasser features you can easily bypass betting sites 

CyberGhost – Affordable VPN For Sports Betting

This VPN has the largest server base in the world and performs better as well. It is an all-rounder kind of VPN that gives you a variety of options for choosing the fastest server. It also offers high-level security with 256-bit encryption and kill switch, DNS leak protection provides additional backup. 

However, you can get upto 82% discount and you’ll pay only $2.29 per month which is more affordable than other ones. 

  • It has 6900+ servers in 90 countries around the world making it one of the largest VPN service providers.
  • The servers give you the fastest connections. Plus, a reliable VPN service is so easy to use.
  • It is best to unblock streaming sites like Netflix, Amazon prime, & even it’s best vpn for Hulu as well.
  • With the help of self-own, self separated & in-house No-Spy servers you’ll be untraceable. 

IPVanish VPN –  All rounder VPN for online betting

This is also one of the best VPN for sports betting or gambling sites. This VPN allows you to bet on all of your devices simultaneously. IPVanish’s built-in kill switch feature adds an extra layer of protection by stopping all data transfer when the VPN connection drop

When we talk about the pricing IPVanish yearly plan will cost you $3.99 per month here, you can save upto 63% by using IPVanish promo code 2023

  • It has more than 2,000 servers in around 75+ countries 
  • IPVanish Shield your internet traffic from snoopers and provides encrypted web browsing
  • It offers a no-log policy which is amazing & provides 24/7 assistance. 


After reviewing and testing all the VPN we choose the top five VPN for sports betting. You can use this VPN to play online betting and gambling games without any restrictions. 

We found NordVPN and ExpressVPN best for playing games. NordVPN offers excellent features at an affordable price. When we talk about ExpressVPN you may find it costly but the features and connection speed this VPN is providing are exceptional. 

Can I bet with a VPN?

Yes, you can bet with a VPN but there is a condition you can only use VPN for sports betting. When it’s not against the law of the country in you are and the terms and conditions of the site. you can also use VPN For FanDuel Sportsbook to bet.

Can Sports Betting Detect VPN?

There are many online sports betting sites that are not concerned about customers using VPNs or not. Some use detection measures to find out if users are connected to a VPN server. If they detect VPN service against its terms & condition then they suspend or terminate the user account. 

What Is The Good VPN For Sports Betting?

The top 5 sports betting VPN we have mentioned below.