Top 9 Best VPNs for YouTube 2024 [Access Content From Anywhere]

You can use VPN for YouTube such as NordVPN, ExpressVPN, Surfshark VPN & more but NordVPN is our first pick to access YouTube content from anywhere.

More than 2 billion users log in on YouTube monthly still, so many can’t access YouTube. There are many reasons, therefore, they may not access YouTube such as location restrictions, and being banned by government. All these issues can be resolved with the best VPN for YouTube. You will have all the information after reading this YouTuber VPN guide, you will be able to access YouTube from restricted places.

YouTube is usually blocked on Wi-Fi networks of colleges and workplaces. Even some countries like China, and Turkey also have blocked access to YouTube. But using a VPN with YouTube TV can help you bypass these restrictions and watch YouTube from anywhere.

Why Use The Best VPN For YouTube?

VPN is necessary to access YouTube when you are in a region where it is banned from accessing. Following are some possible reasons for using a YouTube VPN.

  • YouTube is blocked on your college or office network.
  • Sometimes YouTube videos are not available in your region.
  • If you are in a country like China or Eritrea where YouTube is banned.
  • The uploader of a YouTube video has excluded your country from access to his videos.
  • You are travelling abroad and can’t access native YouTube videos.
  • Rental movies or TV shows on YouTube are cheaper in other locations than your place. 

So these are the possibilities that create the need for using VPN with YouTube TV. You can either use the best free YouTuber VPN like Windscribe or paid VPNs like ExpressVPN.

What Is YouTube VPN?

A YouTube VPN online removes the restrictions to access YouTube that is imposed by ISP or Wi-Fi network. It connects your device to a VPN server that is located in a restriction-free zone. Using this feature of VPN on YouTube TV, you can watch content that is not available in your region.

How To Choose A YouTube VPN In 2024?

You should choose a premium VPN that can unblock restricted videos and play HD videos without buffering. Pick a online VPN for YouTube that have the following features:

  • Reliable Server Network: VPN must have lots of servers located globally so that you can stream YouTube if the nearest server fails.
  • Bypass Censorship: It is important to use a VPN on YouTube TV that can hide your location to remove location-based restrictions.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth: Streaming long YouTube videos cost a lot of data, so the VPN you choose should not have data capping.
  • Fast Connection: Choose VPN that provides a high-speed connection so you can watch HD or 4K YouTube videos without buffering.
  • User-Friendly: From kids to senior citizens, everyone watches YouTube. So select a online YouTube VPN with a simple interface that starts working with a few clicks.
  • Multiple Device Connection: The VPN you choose should support simultaneous logins. So you can access YouTube on your phone, PC, and other devices at the same time.
  • Strong Security: Select a YouTube TV VPN that has 256-bit encryption to hide your streaming logs from government trackers.
  • Low Price Plans: Pick the best YouTube VPN that gives subscription plans at cheaper and affordable rates which fit under your budget.

So these are the basic things that should be kept in mind before choosing VPNs for YouTube. We have prepared a list of the 9 best VPN for streaming that has the above features and is good for YouTube.

List Of 9 Best VPN For YouTube In 2024

Best 9 YouTube VPN

Here is the list of top VPN YouTube unblocked live.

  • NordVPN: Best YouTube VPN
  • ExpressVPN: Great YouTube Premium VPN 
  • Surfshark: Budget Friendly YouTube TV VPN
  • CyberGhost: User Friendly YouTube Streaming VPN
  • ProtonVPN: Best Free VPN For Android YouTube
  • Windscribe: YouTube VPN Free For Streaming
  • Atlas VPN: Perfect YouTube Streaming VPN
  • IPVanish: Family VPN For Streaming YouTube TV
  • PrivateVPN: Reliable Streaming VPN On YouTube TV 

These VPN services provide reliable access to YouTube, including unblocked music YouTube. Selecting one of these VPNs will enable you to enjoy a seamless and unrestricted YouTube experience on your Android device, ensuring you can access and enjoy all the music content available on YouTube without any limitations.

VPN For YouTube In 2024: A Quick Look

Below we have mentioned the important information regarding Youtube VPN.

YouTube VPNVPN ServersMax. YouTube DeviceBest Monthly VPN PriceVPN Avg. SpeedYouTube Streaming ExperienceYouTube Accessible 
NordVPN5500+ ServersUpto 6 Devices$3.69/mo100+ MbpsExcellent
ExpressVPN3000+ ServersUpto 5 Devices$6.67/mo105+ MbpsExcellent
Surfshark3200+ ServersUnlimited Devices$2.49/mo300+ MbpsExcellent
CyberGhost7000+ ServersUpto 7 Devices$2.29/mo100+ MbpsGood
ProtonVPN1700+ ServersUpto 10 Devices€4.99/mo90+ MbpsGood
Windscribe500+ ServersUnlimited Devices$5.75/mo95+ MbpsAverage
Atlas VPN750+ ServersUnlimited Devices$1.99/mo90+ MbpsAverage
IPVanish1900+ ServersUnlimited Devices$3.33/mo100+ MbpsGood
PrivateVPN200+ ServersUpto 10 Devices$2.00/mo75+ MbpsAverage

This is a short description of various VPN that you can use for YouTube. If you want to read more about them, you can find detailed information below.  

NordVPN: All Round Best YouTube VPN 2024

NordVPN can easily unblock YouTube and is affordable also. You can stream HD and 4K videos without any interruption as NordVPN is considered as best VPN for YouTube. It uses advanced IP spoofing technology that removes YouTube restrictions instantly while hiding your location.

Pros of NordVPN

  • Unlimited Bandwith for streaming
  • 5500+ fast servers in 59 countries
  • AES encryption with 256-bit keys
  • No Log policy
  • NordLynx technology for faster connection speeds
No.1 Choice NordVPN
NordVPN: Best VPN For YouTube
Choose the best YouTube VPN & buy NordVPN subscription at $3.49 per month with 30 day money back offer.
Choose the best YouTube VPN & buy NordVPN subscription at $3.49 per month with 30 day money back offer. Show Less

NordVPN uses high-level encryption so your logs of accessing YouTube stay hidden from ISP. If you want to get NordVPN at an affordable price then use NordVPN coupon code. You can get up to 64% discount on its plan that starts at $3.69/mo with maximum savings. You can also use other streaming services like Netflix and Hulu with NordVPN.

ExpressVPN: Great YouTube Premium VPN

Another great VPN YouTube unblocked live is ExpressVPN. It has a high potential to unblock YouTube in countries like Iran or China. ExpressVPN let you stream YouTube on a PC or Phone by staying under the radar of government trackers.

Pros of ExpressVPN

  • 3000+ ultra-fast servers in 94 countries
  • Kill Switch to prevent data leaks
  • No activity logs stored
  • ExpressVPN Dedicated IP
  • Lightway protocol for uninterrupted streaming
  • Unlimited bandwidth without speed throttling
Get ExpressVPN To Use YouTube
Buy ExpressVPN subscription for 12 months at $6.67 per month to access banned content securely.
Buy ExpressVPN subscription for 12 months at $6.67 per month to access banned content securely. Show Less

ExpressVPN is available for Android, iOS, and Windows. So you can stream YouTube on any device using ExpressVPN. It might be a little costly but it removes the restriction on YouTube from anywhere. That you can get at discounted price during ExpressVPN YouTuber discount offers so that you can get off up to 49%. ExpressVPN subscription plans start at  $6.67/mo.

Surfshark: Budget Friendly YouTube TV VPN In 2024

Surfshark lets you enjoy YouTube streaming on an unlimited number of devices. Surfshark is the cheapest online VPN for YouTube if you are in a country like China or Eritrea. Also, it is the best choice for unblocking YouTube and hiding your web traffic at a pocket-friendly price.

Pros of Surfshark

  • Blocks Ads, malware, and trackers
  • 3200+ servers located in 99 countries
  • Stores no logs of users’ internet activity
  • AES-GCM technology to encrypt traffic
  • Kill switch to safeguard against traffic leaks
SurfShark VPN To Stream YouTube
Purchase SurfShark VPN to use YouTube and stream your favorite content at just $2.49 per month.
Purchase SurfShark VPN to use YouTube and stream your favorite content at just $2.49 per month. Show Less

Surfshark provides you unlimited bandwidth on all devices to stream YouTube. You can watch high-quality videos on YouTube, and BBC iPlayer by connecting to the 1Gbps ports of Surfshark servers. It doesn’t matter whether you live in Russia or China, you can unblock YouTube using Surfshark in Russia & other countries.

Surfshark provides up to 81% discount with Surfshark YouTuber coupon code on its yearly plan. You can pay just $2.49/mo and unblock YouTube with Surfshark at the lowest cost.

CyberGhost: User Friendly YouTube Streaming VPN

CyberGhost is another service provider in the list of top VPN for YouTube chrome. It can remove all restrictions and let you watch YouTube in just a few clicks. CyberGhost can be your ultimate solution to unblock YouTube and other streaming platforms like Netflix and Hotstar.

Pros of Cyberghost

  • 7000+ lightning speed servers in 90+ countries
  • No-log policy to hide logs from ISP
  • Strong 256-bit AES encryption
  • Dedicated IP address
  • DNS leak protection using VPN DNS servers
CyberGhost VPN For YouTube
Buy CyberGhost VPN at budget-freindly prices at just $2.19 per month to stream securely on YouTube.
Buy CyberGhost VPN at budget-freindly prices at just $2.19 per month to stream securely on YouTube. Show Less

CyberGhost uses Wireguard protocol to provide fast connections to stream YouTube without buffering. It uses advanced bypass technology to watch restricted videos on YouTube in countries like Eritrea, China, and Iran.

CyberGhost VPN is available on Android, iOS, and Windows with up to 82% discount. The best price of a CyberGhost subscription is $2.29/mo for a 3-year plan.

ProtonVPN: Best Free VPN For Android YouTube

ProtonVPN is also known as the best free VPN for YouTube free streaming. It has servers in the US, Netherlands, and Japan to unblock YouTube effectively. You can stream Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other platforms without speed throttling using ProtonVPN.

Pros of ProtonVPN

  • More than 1700 servers in 64 countries
  • NetShield to protect against Ads and malware
  • VPN accelerator to speed up connection by 400%
  • AES-256 bit key to encrypt web traffic
  • Upto 10Gbps server ports for fast streaming
Get ProtonVPN To Stream YouTube
Buy ProtonVPN subscription at €4.99/mo to stream YouTube & stream restricted content securely.
Buy ProtonVPN subscription at €4.99/mo to stream YouTube & stream restricted content securely. Show Less

ProtonVPN is truly a free YouTube VPN to unblock videos without paying any money. Its free version is available on multiple device platforms such as Android, iOS, and Windows.

ProtonVPN also offers a paid version with 50% off if you want to use its 10Gbps servers. You can pay €4.99/mo under the ProtonVPN 2-year deal and access YouTube without any restrictions.

Windscribe: YouTube VPN Free For Streaming

Windscribe is another free VPN for YouTube TV but with limited bandwidth. It provides free monthly data up to 10GB with access to servers in 10 countries. So you can unblock YouTube videos without any subscription charges.

Features of Windscribe

  • 500+ servers in 110 cities located in 60+ countries
  • R.O.B.E.R.T for blocking Ads and domains
  • AES-256 cipher technology for traffic encryption
  • No-log policy so nobody can identify your details
  • Personal static IPs that are not shared with others

Windscribe also has a paid version if you want unlimited bandwidth for YouTube streaming. You can unblock regional content on other platforms like Netflix also with Windscribe VPN. The paid version of Windscribe VPN charges $5.75/mo with up to a 36% discount.

Atlas VPN: Perfect YouTube Streaming VPN

Atlas VPN made its place in the best VPN for YouTube list because of its security shield features. Using its own private DNS, Atlas VPN unblocks YouTube within seconds. YouTube optimized servers provide a smooth streaming experience while watching 4K quality videos.

Features of Atlas VPN

  • SafeSwap servers change your IP automatically
  • Multi Hop+ hides your location behind multiple servers
  • 750+ servers in 44 global locations
  • No-log policy
  • AES 256 and ChaCha20-Poly1305 encryption technology
atlas vpn
Atlas VPN To Use YouTube
Get Atlas VPN subscription at $1.99 per month to get unlimited device connections to use YouTube securely.
Get Atlas VPN subscription at $1.99 per month to get unlimited device connections to use YouTube securely. Show Less

You can securely unblock YouTube on unlimited devices with Atlas VPN. It also has a free version with an average connection speed. Atlas VPN summer sale offers up to 85% discount so the best price available for this YouTube VPN is $1.83/mo.

IPVanish: Family VPN For Streaming YouTube TV

IPVanish is considered a good VPN for YouTube due to its decent servers and privacy features. It is capable of unblocking YouTube, Netflix, and other platforms through an encrypted tunnel. No-log policy of IPVanish ensures that your YouTube logs stay hidden from ISP.

Features of IPVanish

  • Kill switch technology
  • 2000+ servers in 75+ global locations
  • Upto 40,000 shared IP addresses
  • SOCKS5 proxy for fast connections
  • Ransomeware and malware blocker
IPVanish logo
IPVanish VPN To Stream YouTube
Buy IPVanish 2 year subscription at $3.33 per month and stream on YouTube securely.
Buy IPVanish 2 year subscription at $3.33 per month and stream on YouTube securely. Show Less

IPVanish’s unlimited simultaneous login feature makes it the best YouTube VPN for families. You can unblock YouTube on all devices of your family in China, Iran, and Turkey. IPVanish subscription plans start at $3.33/mo with a 69% discount on yearly plans with the IPVanish coupon code.

PrivateVPN: Reliable Streaming VPN On YouTube TV

PrivateVPN comes at last but still, it is a great VPN for YouTube streaming in restricted areas. Its simultaneous login technology can unblock YouTube on 10 devices at the same time. PrivateVPN bypasses restrictions to access other platforms also like Hulu, Hotstar, or HBO Max.

Features of PrivateVPN

  • Zero log policy to not store user-related data
  • Port forwarding on all servers
  • 200+ servers with 63 locations
  • High-level AES-256 encryption
  • Unlimited connection speed and bandwidth
PrivateVPN Coupon Logo
Get PrivateVPN For YouTube
Buy PrivateVPN subscription at $2.00 per month and use it on upto 10 devices with a single subscription.
Buy PrivateVPN subscription at $2.00 per month and use it on upto 10 devices with a single subscription. Show Less

PrivateVPN YouTube unblocking plans start at $2/mo with an 85% discount. PrivateVPN is available on Android and Windows so you can start watching YouTube content on any device.

How To Use YouTube VPN Online?

The guide to using online VPN for YouTube is very simple. Read the steps below:

  1. Buy a VPN ( best deals on VPNBlade)
  2. Open the VPN app on your device
  3. Log in to your VPN account
  4. Select a server and click “Connect”
  5. Now open YouTube and watch videos freely

YouTube VPN unblocks videos within the instant you click on connect. It changes your location to the VPN server’s location so the YouTube firewall can’t block you from watching videos.

Can I Watch YouTube Red With YouTube VPN?

Yes, you can watch YouTube Red if you connect to YouTuber VPN. You can connect to VPN servers in countries where YouTube Red is working. This will unblock YouTube Red on your device and you can stream premium content from your country.

Currently YouTube Red is working in the US, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, and Korea. By subscribing to one of the above-mentioned 9 best VPN for YouTube premium you can stream YouTube Red from everywhere.

Is It Safe To Use YouTuber VPN?

Yes, it is totally safe to use best VPN for YouTube streaming. VPN only adds an extra layer of security when you connect to its servers. So you can unblock YouTube and watch videos safely in any country. 

VPN don’t store any logs of your web activity and hide your actual location. So you can access YouTube without letting the government know which means you are safe from getting detected.


It is very important to use a YouTuber VPN to watch content that is not accessible in your region. We have shared deep information on all the YouTube VPN that we have tested so far. They all work well and unblock YouTube with ease at budget friendly prices.

Personally, we would recommend using NordVPN or Surfshark. NordVPN offers a large pool of servers which is best for unblocking YouTube from any location. On the other hand, Surfshark let you access YouTube on unlimited devices which is a great option for families.

Can I Use YouTube With VPN?

Yes, you can use VPNs for YouTube if it is blocked or video is not available in your country. VPN hides your location from government trackers and lets you watch YouTube safely.

Which Is The Best VPN For YouTube In 2024?

NordVPN is the best YouTube VPN online as it has affordable plans with high speed servers to unblock YouTube from everywhere. Its lightway protocol provides a fast connection for streaming HD or 4K videos on YouTube without buffering or lag.

Is There A Free VPN To Unblock YouTube?

Using free VPN to unblock YouTube content comes with some limited features. So we recommended you use premium VPN to get full encryption to your online activities.