How To Increase Youtube Views Using VPN? VPN For Youtube

Increase Youtube Views Using VPN

Today the market is too volatile for users to decide which strategy suits them best for youtube. We all know there are various factors that influence ranking directly on youtube. To prevent yourself from these kinds of activities you should know how to increase youtube views using VPN.

Why Do We Need To Increase Youtube Views Using VPN?

We all know that it is high time to use a VPN for youtube, now you have a question about why you need it. Everyone wants to watch their favorite content but due to geo-restrictions, this is not possible. If you want to watch your favorite content from a different location, you can watch youtube by using VPN.

It is the best way to solve the issue of watching your favorite content without any hurdles.

How To Choose A Good VPN To Increase Youtube Views?

Features Of Good VPN for Youtube

To choose a good VPN that solves the query of how to increase youtube views using VPN. Here we are mentioning some points which will definitely help you.

Ability to access blocked content– If you are making use of a VPN, the very first thing is the VPN geo-restriction policy. In simple words, the VPN you are using is able to access blocked content or not. 

This is a common feature that is available in most VPN nowadays. Most commonly they unblock Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Youtube, etc, but you should check it once.

Youtube friendly VPN– This means simply that, while operating youtube it will not create issues. Choosing the right VPN is very important for a user. First, it is clear in your mind that if you are using VPN, what is your main purpose. If the main purpose is youtube, then definitely check that the VPN is smoothly working with youtube not.

Best VPN For Youtube To Increase Views

Best VPN To Increase Views

As we already know there are a lot of VPN providers available who provide top quality. However, choosing the best VPN to increase youtube views among all is a bit challenging

Here we make a list of the top 3 VPN For Youtube to Increase Views

  1. Express VPN 
  2. SurfShark VPN
  3. Nord VPN

Express VPN- Fastest Speed 

When we are talking about youtube, no one can beat the ExpressVPN as it provides great features. It includes high speed, unlimited bandwidth with 3000+ servers. Even the customer support is 24/7 to help their users. This is one of the good VPNs to increase youtube views.

It also provides DNS leak protection, the no-log policy with a split tunneling feature.

If you want to purchase this VPN then apply ExpressVPN Youtuber Discount Code for extra purchase benefits.

 SurfShark VPN-Top Encryption  

SurfShark VPN is also one of the best services to increase youtube views on youtube. You can benefit from this amazing VPN service, as it provides great features. It provides 10 simultaneous connections, even you can easily access malware detection, ads blocker, etc. you get a bundle of features like split tunneling, strong encryption. Still, if you are worried about how to increase youtube views using VPN, you can try this VPN.

Nord VPN- Strong Network Connection 

NordVPN is also a great choice for youtube, to unblock geo-restrictions. It provides you with a strong network connection by which you can easily see geo-restricted content. Safety is ensured by the company by making you anonymous and providing the best encryption features. The advanced features they provide consist of torrenting, P2P servers, etc, which makes it unique.

How To Increase Youtube Views Using Proxy

Above we mentioned how to increase youtube views using VPN. There are a lot of ways to increase youtube views but increasing youtube views using a proxy is the best way to increase youtube views.

If your purpose is to exchange data, the first thing your device on the web needs is to identify themselves with each other.

This kind of identification consists of a unique internet protocol address, operating system, browser, etc.

Now how does the proxy work? It sends its personal identification information to the site directly rather than sending it to your computer. If you are doing this, it allows you to count views for your particular targeted youtube video.

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How To Use Proxy To Increase Youtube Views?

To increase youtube views using proxy First, visit your youtube account, click on the option of the video button. You will have to select the video according to your wish, on the video page.

Just copy the URL of that particular video, visit the proxy hub and select the first proxy site which is present on the list.

Now paste the URL you copied on the main field of the page, click on the entry. It will take a moment to load the video then increment its view count. You just have to repeat the process, make sure you are using a different proxy. It is the best method to increase youtube views using a proxy.

VPN For Youtube Review 

Till now you have a basic idea of how to increase youtube views using VPN. Here we are trying to give a general review on the basis of what users think. After intensive and in-depth research, we found that it would probably work with youtube. The views are not completely considered fake but yes, it is not the only medium to increase youtube views using   VPN.

You can say it is almost the same as getting a view bot. 

To conclude this, we can say it may provide short-term benefits to your channel, but in long term, it does not.

Does Youtube Count Views In Incognito Mode?

The answer is no. To understand this you need to understand the number of views a video shows on youtube is the number of times the video has been viewed. It doesn’t show that how many people watched the video

In simple words, if you watched a video again and again by one account, it only considers one view. There are some guidelines and rules of which you should be well aware.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I use VPN to rank on Youtube?

Yes, You can use VPN to rank on Youtube. You can upload the video for a specific reason by using the VPN software. This will help you to gain traffic on youtube.

Does VPN work with Youtube?

Yes, YouTube works with VPN effectively without facing any issues to get access to the blocked content.