Why Is BGMI Banned In India?

India has banned Krafton’s Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), a flash game produced by Alphabet Inc’s Google and Apple. The game became unavailable in India on July 28, 2022, when the government requested BGMI Banned In India and especially in the event that it served to be a game of violent multiplayer activity with which the country is at war.

According to Reuters’ report about why is BGMI banned in India, the government has banned the single-player fighting video game title, using a portion of the IT law that it has invoked since 2020 to prohibit Chinese apps on national security and data sharing concerns, a source told Reuters.

The Information Technology Act of India prohibited between 100 and 200 Walt Disney Media India (Walt Disney) apps in the second half of 2020, primarily because of Tencent Games’ PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG).

The Indian version of PUBG, the hugely popular battle royale video game, is called BGMI. The blockbuster game, which got its start in Asia where hundreds of millions of gamers have already downloaded it, was relaunched in India last year.

BOKU is maybe the biggest Chinese video game that was re-released and rebranded after PUBG mobile was banned in India on September 2, 2020. Then Krafton relaunched PUBG as Battleground in India so the players can continue playing BGMI instead of PUBG.

The government has outlawed almost 270 apps relating to Indian Government offices or services, fearing the theft of Indian users’ data and offering it to China. And now, BGMI Banned In India by the government. But, you can play BGMI with the help of a VPN for BGMI after the ban.

After the significant decline of smartphones in India, there were many apps released whose popularity was a response to competitors who’ve risen to fill the void left behind by developing brand-new apps.

Like PUBG and BGMI, New State for Indian gamers, Garena had additionally launched the Garena Free Fire Max after the prohibition of Garena Free Fire.

The previous year, the PRAHAR Foundation wrote a letter to the Indian government’s Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of Information and Technology requesting the government’s ban of Section 69A by the Central Bank of India under the Information Technology Act.

Meanwhile, a report by a research group at the University of Oxford stated that on-screen sporting activities may have a negative influence on short-term mental health.

3 Top Reasons Why Is BGMI Banned In India

You may have seen posts related to youngsters committing staggering amounts of time to make in-app purchases in games without telling their parents. Since company Games21 has already set a purchase limit of INR 7,000, internet banking portals like SBI Charge and Citrus Payment are no longer popular.

A 16-year-old male allegedly killed his mother over a video game. He was trapped in the game called Krafton. He was furious that his mother scolded him and demanded him to stop, and then later grabbed a weapon given to his father by the latter and shot his mother because she was upset at him for playing football.

Another issue about BGMI Banned In India that has been witnessed is that kids are increasingly betting money on their friends regarding how they’ll do on various video games, such as BGMI. These bets are placed mostly for small amounts of money, but the actuality that school-going children are hooked on gambling cannot be ignored.

Parents as of late have grumbled that online games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile have turned out to be a major distraction as a result of the way in which these are played on the telephone and by the young, thus interfering with their studies and professions.

When Did BGMI Banned In India?

The BGMI ban in India date is in July 2022 when it was removed from the Google Play Store. After the BGMI was taken off for downloading from Play Store, it was not possible to play BGMI in India again. Though there are many reasons for why is BGMI banned in India which stopped many players from playing BGMI.

Is BGMI Banned Forever In India?

It is not clarified yet if BGMI banned in India forever but it will stay banned until the Indian government doesn’t allow BGMI. The Indian government want to maintain privacy of players who want to play BGMI & the game will not unban until it follows all the privacy laws of India.

Can I Still Play BGMI In India?

No, you can not play BGMI because Indian government has banned BGMI in India.

Will BGMI Come Back In 2024?

It is expected that the BGMI will get unbanned In India in 2024 but there is no official declaration made by Indian government yet. So it is possible that BGMI India might get unbanned in 2024 in several months.