Why VPN Disconnects Frequently In 2024? [How To Fix?]

Nowadays the importance of VPN has increased more especially due to lockdown and work from home all around the globe. To be secure and protected on the internet people use VPN. But there have been a lot of queries on the internet about the frequent disconnection of VPN. People have been asking lately, why VPN disconnects frequently.

Moreover, it slows down the internet connection of your wifi. This is why we decided to write an article on this topic to solve this rising issue that people are facing every day.

In this article, we are going to give you some of the most common reasons why your VPN connection is going down so often and what you can do to fix this. So, stay tuned. 

Always Download The Latest Version Of VPN

One of the most common reasons why your VPN connection disconnects wifi is crashing is that you might not have downloaded the latest version of your VPN. This is the issue in the majority of the cases that have experienced frequent VPN disconnection. 

why vpn connection goes down

So the solution is simple. Go to the official website of your VPN provider or service. Check for the latest updates of your VPN plan. Then simply download the update and there is a most probable chance that your problems will be solved. If you are still facing the same problem then you can check out this second reason. 

How to fix frequent disconnections of VPN

Switch The Server (Why VPN Disconnects Frequently)

The second most very usual reason is some sort of server problem. You might not know but this is the second most important reason why your VPN disconnects. 

So, to fix this all you have to do is change the server that you have been using lately. After changing the server of your VPN you need to observe carefully for two to three days if it is really working or not. Some workers may be weak and some strong. That is why check the connected server to make sure if this is not the reason for frequent crashes of your Virtual Private Network. 

how to regain vpn connection

Try New VPN & More Reliable VPN Service

The problem may be in your VPN. You should always make sure the VPN service that you choose is reliable or trusted. There are a lot of VPN providers in the market. They all claim to be the best until you get them. That’s why you need to find the best VPNs in the market that are known for their high-quality performance. If you need any help in this case then we can tell you a few names so you might find the right fit for you. You can get NordVPN, ExpressVPN, PureVPN, ProtonVPN, Surfshark, CyberGhost, IPVanish, Tunnelbear, Norton Secure VPN, and Kaspersky Secure VPN. All these are some of the top-notch VPNs that you can find in the market in 2024. What makes it more reliable is its performance, customer support, pricing, and lightning speed. 

why my vpn disconnects so often

Get Technical Support From The VPN Provider

If you can’t afford a new VPN service then you can contact your existing VPN’s customer support. You can get in touch with them for technical assistance. Ask why your VPN is disconnecting frequently and ask for fast solutions. If the problem is from your end then they will try to provide you all the possible solutions. If the problem is from their end then they can figure out something. Or there is one more possibility. That is they know this is the main problem of their VPN service and you will get no solution. And in some cases, you may not even get in touch with the customer support team. 

check all the settings

Check All the Settings

There are some cases where some problems in computer or phone settings are found for the frequent disconnection of your Virtual Private Network. So, the lesson is that you need to always check the settings of your computer or mobile phone when you experience frequent loss of connection in order to make sure that everything is okay or alright when it comes to the settings of your system. It is very easy to go through the VPN settings in your android devices and PCs/laptops. So this is another reason why you are having a good time with your Virtual Private Network. 

check wifi or mobile internet connection

Check Your Internet or Wifi Connection

It is a common fact that antivirus or VPNs slow down the internet speed of your computers/laptops. In some cases, the internet provider that you have chosen might be providing a slow internet connection and on top of that, you use a VPN that further slows it down. 

This may be the reason your VPN is disconnecting lately. A slow wifi network or mobile data can cause this problem in your PC or android device. So, always check the speed of your internet and make sure it is good enough for a VPN so that you don’t face any kind of technical problem while using it. 

What are the dangers of Frequent disconnection of your VPN? 

We have seen all the major possible reasons why your VPN connection is disconnecting frequently. Now it is time to check all the negative impacts this can cause on your computer and your personal security. 

Compromised Online Security

With a VPN on you are almost safe when using the internet. But when your vpn connection disconnects wifi goes down and you don’t have any idea about it you are in a world of trouble. There are a lot of online threats that have been waiting for this moment. 

There are cyber criminals and online hackers out there that can take advantage of your weak VPN connection. This is how your online security is compromised whenever your VPN connection crashes. 

why VPN disconnects frequently

Personal Information On the risk

Without a VPN you’re vulnerable on the web. Hackers/cybercriminals use malicious codes and software that can hack your computer, count your keyboard strokes, and much more. This is how they get a hold of your personal details to use them against you. Right now in the world privacy and personal details are the most important things when everybody is using it for their own advantage. In most democratic countries privacy is a right. So, now you know the importance of your VPN connection. 

IP Address leak (Why VPN Disconnects Frequently)

The key role of a VPN is to mask and change your computer’s IP address. This is how nobody online can track you and your activities on the web. You stay safe and avoided all the ads and cookies that follow you around on the internet. But with no VPN connection, you might lose this security. And all these malware and tracking software will find you and get the better of you. They can get into your computer and still all the relevant data. 

Imagine you are making an online payment and during making that payment you lose your VPN connection. Then all the bank or credit card details are compromised. And it depends on your luck that nobody could hack your details. 

How Do I Stop My VPN From Disconnecting?

If VPN keeps disconnecting then try changing server, protocol, DNS server, IP address, Ports, encryption level. Also try disabling multi-hop server.

Why Does My VPN Not Connect Sometimes?

There could be several reasons such as network connectivity issues, firewall or antivirus blocking the VPN connection, outdated VPN software, or server issues at the VPN provider’s end.

Final Thoughts

To sum up we can say that there are a lot of reasons that can cause regular disconnection of your VPN. We try to tell you why VPN disconnects frequently.  Some of the main features we have already discussed in this article. And we also discussed how frequent disconnections can compromise your security on the internet and much more.