Why You Should Avoid A Free VPN? [Free VPN Disadvantages]

Free VPNs are tempting at first because it is in human nature that we go for free things fast. But we also know that nothing is free in this world. It is a no-brainer that paid VPNs are way better than free VPNs when it comes to security and privacy. The performance of free VPNs can not be as good as paid VPN. However, they give you some basic security but they lack all the advanced functions and features that you need to be fully secured on the internet. This is why you should stop using the best free VPN. In this article, we are going to discuss why you should avoid free VPN- 

– Weak Online Security 

– IP Address Leak 

– Fragile Encryption 

– Personal Data Sharing with third Party

– Less Rules & Regulation

– Weak Servers & Connection

free vpn vs paid vpn

Online Security is Compromised

Free VPNs such as VPN Bucks or Samsung max may give you some sort of protection on the web but we never know if we are fully safe and secured. And there is a very good chance that you are being tracked and hacked online while using a no-cost VPN. There are a lot of VPNs like NordVPN, Cyberghost, ExpressVPN, PureVPN, etc that are paid VPN but they give you ultimate protection whenever you are online. What if a free VPN offers you the same features and functions that these paid one offers you. It will ruin the business of these paid VPNs. But in reality if you want strong security and ultimate protection then you gotta go with a paid version. 

downsides of a free virtual private network

IP Address May Leak

What is the main role of a VPN? It is to mask the IP address of your computer and change it to another IP address. But when you use a VPN that you don’t have to pay for then things are different. Hackers are getting more and more advanced. They use the latest hacking software and malicious codes especially to target weak VPNs. Thus they can get their hands on your IP address and get into your system. This is how you are never safe with weak or basic VPN service that you can get anywhere on the internet. 

Weak Data Encryption

The quality of VPN determines the quality of encryption. With a Virtual Private Network, all of the data that you share and receive on the internet go through an encrypted tunnel. All of your data on the web is encrypted so nobody could hack it. Some of the top VPNs in the market do this job with great performance. But if you are trying basic internet security that you get for free then the quality of encryption is going to be below average. This is another very strong reason why you should avoid using a free VPN if you want to be totally safe while sharing and receiving files and other valuable stuff on the internet. 

Difference Between Free And Paid VPN

disadvantages of a no cost vpn

No Netflix

If you are not in the United States then you are going to miss a lot of amazing web series and movies due to copyright issues and some other issues. The solution is a VPN with quality servers in the US and other countries. With a free VPN it is impossible to access Netflix for sure. 

If you want to access unlimited TV shows, Sitcoms, Popular web series, movies, etc then you have to go for a VPN like ExpressVPN or NordVPN. These VPNs are paid but they are not that expensive so you can not afford them. So the key point here is that you can not access Netflix with a free VPN. This is a very good reason people avoid free VPN. 

poor technical support

Can Share Your Personal Data With Third Party

With these basics and cost VPN, you gotta be careful about your personal data. They usually don’t have any logs policy. Moreover, it is common that they share your personal data with a third party. Thus your privacy goes into the water with a basic and no-cost VPN service that you use. On the other hand, when you pay for a VPN you get a no logs policy and strong privacy protocols that your personal details won’t be shared with other parties or organizations. This ProtonVPN which is a Swiss-based VPN is the right choice for anyone. Plus it has various plans that are super affordable. If you want to save more then you can use our ProtonVPN coupon codes to get massive discounts on it. Free VPNs don’t even have DNS leak prevention that you only get with some paid versions. 

unclear rules and regualtion

No clear rules and regulation

Free VPN providers do not offer any clear rules and privacy policy etc. This is how you are never sure about the service you are getting involved in. The rules and regulations depend on the country. Each country has different policies regarding privacy and other rules. In this matter Switzerland is the best because it has some of the strongest privacy policies. Moreover, it does not come under the jurisdiction of fourteen eyes. 

If you are looking for clear rules and regulation then you have to get a paid version of VPN. One of the best is ProtonVPN and NordVPN in terms of customer policies. 

avoid a free vpn

Poor Servers & Bad Connections

If you want high-quality servers and a good connection then you can get it but you will have to purchase a VPN service. With the free version, you can not enjoy the servers you want. It just automatically connects you with any services available. But when you have a premium VPN plan then you can manually choose the servers and location of the IP address. 

It is also common that you lose connection frequently thus your online security is compromised. Let’s say you are making an important online payment and your VPN connection crashes. That is why you need a good quality VPN no matter if you have to pay for that. Because your online security is the first priority. 

Final Thoughts 

So these are some key reasons why you should always avoid a free VPN service. You get less security and more risks with a no-cost VPN. Your privacy, digital protection, online data, social media accounts, bank details, etc all are at risk with a free VPN service. That is why you should always go for a strong and affordable secure VPN. For example, Kaspersky’s Secure VPN, ProtonVPN, PureVPN, Cyberlink, etc.