Windscribe VS SurfShark 2023 – Comparison Between

WindScribe Vs SurfShark

Among the multiple VPN service providers here we discuss Windscribe Vs SurfShark VPNs. They both are found to be the best VPN service provider at a budget cost. So most of the users find difficulty in choosing the best one. 

So to know about both of them let’s explore how they work and what is the difference between WindScribe and SurfShark, and which one is better than the other. Windscribe and SurfShark can easily be installed on any operating system.

VPN is a Virtual Private Network. It provides you with obedient quietness by building a personal network from a communal internet connection. It basically hides your Internet Protocol address, so that all your online operations are effectively unfindable. VPNs virtually underpass your data.

Basics Of WindScribe Vs SurfShark

Before getting familiar with the difference between Windscribe Vs SurfShark let’s find out their basic features of them. Choose the best services that work according to your needs and budget.

What Is WindScribe?

Windscribe Vs SurfShark

WindScribe is a desktop application and browser extension. You can use this VPN for Firefox, Chrome, and other browser extensions. The basic function is to block advertisements and bring back access to blocked content. It will help you to protect your privacy online. The services of WindScribe VPN are available in free and premium subscriptions. 

All versions include excellent streaming capabilities and WindScribe free is the best free VPN of 2023. Recently it suffered some security vulnerabilities although they have since been resolved. Windscribe offers both free and paid VPN services while the paid subscription plan offers a generous data allowance.

 Let’s see its pros and cons:

Pros Of Windscribe VPN:

  • Premium accounts unlock 32 Netflix libraries.
  • Safe and secure with a private logging policy.
  • It works mostly in all the sensored regions.
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections.
  • Free versions are the best free VPN.

Cons Of Windscribe VPN:

  • Slower long- distance speeds.
  • No human live chat.

Security Features:

Windscribes security is exactly what you would expect from a top-tier VPN. It has a plethora of extra features and customization options. It offers Perfect Forward secrecy, a standard we want more VPN providers to adopt. 

What Is SurfShark?

Surfshark features

SurfShark is a VPN that protects your privacy online from anyone who might want to snoop on you. This VPN makes it a lot harder for anyone to monitor the websites you access, files you download and services you use because all of your data is encrypted. Luckily, this VPN can bypass location restrictions easily and dive straight into the ocean of the internet.

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Pros Of SurfShark:

  • It provides you with magnificent speed.
  • Kill Switch
  • Multiple device connection
  • One’s Own and locked connection.
  • Enormous ever-growing server network.
  • Effortless streaming of location blocked content.

  Cons Of SurfShark:

  • Sometimes its speed is down-and-out on some servers.
  • Monthly price is lofty.

 Security features:

In the VPN world, its regard protocol is a new up-and-coming protocol. It boasts open source code, significantly faster speeds, and is safe and powerful as compared to other protocols. You might can also use the SurfShark promo code to get this VPN at the best price.

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Comparison Between Winscribe Vs SurfShark Features

Compare SurfShark And WindScribe
      Windscribe          SurfShark
Speed: The result of speed testing is manageable, not impressive.Speed: Its speed test results in an amazing performance.
Streaming: Windscribe has shown up in some of the best streaming lists.Streaming: Its powerful features make it best amongst the preferred VPNs for streaming and accessing restricted content.
Security and Privacy: Windscribe offers better security by providing an open VPN  on the condition that no loss in production.Security and Privacy: Its security and privacy are the strongest. It offers leading VPN protocols.
Pricing: Windscribe is very good when it comes to pricing and it provides you with the lowest plans.Pricing: It is certainly classed as one of the cheap VPNs in terms of price without scrimps on its features and offers great speed.
User friendly: Its user interface is very barebones. It fits into a small window that provides you with a drop-down menu to choose your server and it also has a power button to connect and disconnect.User friendly: Yes, it is a very easy-to-use interface and that is why it has become one of the most popular.

What Are The Similarities Of WindScribe And SurfShark?

Whether you are using a VPN for privacy, SurfShark Vs Windscribe will be considered to be one of the best options for that. SurfShark and Windscribe are on the list of the best VPNs you have ever used. Let’s learn more about both VPNs. Here are some interesting facts about these VPNs.

Now one of the thrilling facts is that whenever we are connected to the same server whether it was with Surfshark or with Windscribe it changes our IP address every time.

If we talk about compatibility, then both VPNs work with all of the major operating systems. Here is the list of the compatible devices and browsers extensions:

  • Android phones
  • Android Tv
  • MozillaFirefox
  • iOS
  • Linux
  • macOS
  • Opera
  • Windows
  • Google Chrome

Difference Between WindScribe Vs SurfShark Prices

Monthly PlansSurfSharkWindscribe
Free VPN30-day trial3 days
1 Month$12.95$9
6 Months$6.49n/a
1 Yearn/a$4.08
2 Years$2.49n/a

Finally, Surfshark provided us with 30 days after purchasing their VPN to obtain a complete refund, but the Windscribe refund period is just limited to three days.

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Conclusion: Windscribe VS SurfShark

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Surfshark Is A Better Choice If You Want The Following Features Like

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SurfShark has the lowest monthly cost with its 2-year plans, which breaks down to only $2.49 a month. It also provides you with special offers like bringing the monthly cost down to $2.21. One of the most eye-catching features is that it provides you with a longer money-back guarantee, Surfshark gives us 30 days after purchasing their VPN to get a full refund.

Can You Trust WindScibe?

Yes, Users can trust the services of WindScribe. It provides amazing military-grade encryption that protects your online activities from unwanted threats. This will make your online web browsing anonymous and entertaining.

Can You Use Surfshark Or WindScribe For Free?

SurfShark provides free services for 7 days only. On the other side, WindScibe is free to use for all the users with 10 country servers that might be good to use.

Does WindScribe Keep logs?

No, WindScribe doesn’t keep a log of the users. You are free to use its services without facing any kind of issues.

Does SurfShark Support Amazon Prime?

SurfShark is one of the best VPN for streaming and supports Amazon Prime.

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