WireGuard Vs OpenVPN [Comparison Between]

In this digital generation, online privacy is getting a big concern day by day. There are many hackers and internet users who always try to get other people’s data. But to trick them you can use a VPN service that will hide your location and details. When it comes to VPN services both Wireguard and OpenVPN are top-notch choices.

So today’s in this comparison between Wireguard Vs OpenVPN post we will compare each and every aspect of both VPN services to help you out which one of best.

WireGuard VPN

WireGuard is a fast, and secure VPN. It is a kind of free open software that enforces an encrypted virtual private network.

WireGuard was mainly designed to accomplish some goals such as simple and easy use, great speed fulfillment, reducing cyber attacks, and many more.

It focuses on tremendous speed performance and more power than any tunneling protocol. It also passes traffic over user datagram protocol.


OpenVPN is one of among cyber security companies and a global private network for providing VPN services. You can control your network fully by installing OpenVPN. It provides secure access and network connectivity to its users. OpenVPN has a partnership with many reputed brands for creating a fully secured network. With the help of an OpenVPN, you can scale, connect and manage your team and clients.

Features Comparison Between WireGuard vs OpenVPN

On the basis of all the features of both VPNs, we will compare, which helps you to decide which one is better OpenVPN or WireGuard. So let’s begin the comparison from scratch of both VPNs.

features comparison of wireguard & openvpn


Both VPNs, WireGuard and OpenVPN are one of the simplest interface VPNs in the industry. They both provide simple uses and features so that anybody can easily take the benefit of them.

Easy To Use: WireGuard vs OpenVPN

WireGuard was absolutely designed for easy use so that everyone can use it simply. On the other side, we can say that OpenVPN is a bit difficult to access in comparison to WireGuard.

Wireguard vs OpenVPN Security On basic of Security

It matters a lot when we talk about VPNs so this point has been also considered while comparing both VPNs OpenVPN and WireGuard. When it comes to talking about the security of WireGuard it mainly focuses on minimal attack surface whereas OpenVPN provides good security and protects from attacks. Security of OpenVPN is totally based on SSL/TLS, IPSec ESP protocol.

Speed Performance – OpenVPN Vs Wireguard 

Wireguard provides high-speed performance to its users so that they do not face any glitches. On the contrary, OpenVPN gives the best possible speed performance to its users. So it is easy to see that WireGuard provides better performance than OpenVPN. 

In this speed performance, WireGurad VPN service provider wins in the comparison of WireGurad and OpenVPN.

Customer Service 

OpenVPN provides 24/7 customer support services to its users so that all the queries and issues can be resolved at any time. On the other side, if we talk about the WireGuard, it doesn’t provide any customer service support, you may contact them by their email, therefore, we can say that OpenVPN offers the best customer support service as compared to WireGuard.

WireGuard vs OpenVPN Pricing Comparison

OpenVPN gives three free connections but if you use more than three connections you will have to take membership or any subscription of  OpenVPN.

Pricing of OpenVPN

  • Monthly plan = $75 per connection
  • Yearly plan = $720 per connection 

*(charges Varies as per the connection)

You can also save at least a 20% discount on a yearly plan of OpenVPN.

Pricing of WireGuard VPN

On the contrary, WireGuard is a totally free open free software and communication protocol.

Wireguard vs OpenVPN Money-Back Guarantee Comparison

Openvpn refunds money on a purchase license key that has not been activated on a server and has not expired. On the opposite side, you don’t need to pay any amount for the membership of WireGuard because as we mentioned above is totally free for everybody.

Hope these features that we have discussed in the WireGuard VS OpenVPN comparison help you out to make a better purchase decision.

Advantages and Disadvantages Of OpenVPN & WireGuard VPN

Both VPNs have some Pros. and Cons. that become significant from the user’s point of view. Reading these pros and cons of WireGuard and OpenVPN will clear your doubt, about which is best to choose.

 Pros. of WireGuard  

  • Simple network interface 
  • Crypto key routing
  • Built-in roaming 
  • Ready for containers  

Cons. of WireGuard 

  • Stability issue 
  • No customer support 
  • Privacy concern 

Pros. of OpenVPN

  • Better security and protection 
  • Support all platforms
  • Three free connection 

Cons. of OpenVPN 

  • Complexity
  • Proxy issue
  • Lengthy setup

Which is the Best For Streaming WireGuard or OpenVPN?

If we just only talk about streaming, then WireGuard gives higher speed and performance as compared to OpenVPN. It is seen that WireGuard is much faster than OpenVPN. It also consumes less data so WireGuard can be the best option for streaming.

Conclusion – WireGuard vs OpenVPN

It was very difficult to compare both VPNs but in the end, we got to know that overall OpenVPN is far better than WireGuard. OpenVPN has more security features, is more reliable, and is simple with 24/7 customer service support therefore we can say that OpenVPN is best in comparison to wireguard.

Is Wireguard better than OpenVPN?

As we compare WireGuard VS OpenVPN in terms of speed, reliability, security & customer support, we got that WireGuard is the overall best VPN to use.

Is WireGuard Faster than OpenVPN?

WireGuard gives faster connectivity than OpenVPN along it also uses 20% fewer data as compared OpenVPN.

Is WireGuard less secure than OpenVPN?

As discussed in the OpenVPN WireGuard mainly works on the minimal attack surface but OpenVPN works on total security like SSL/TLS and IPSec ESP protocol.

Can WireGuard be hacked?

No, it cannot be hacked because it has security algorithms and ciphers. It also works on minimal attacks. surface