Zenmate VPN vs NordVPN 2021 – Features, Pricing & Speed Comparison

Zenmate VPN vs NordVPN Comparison

Choosing the best VPN based on features, prices, popularity, and quality of service can be a difficult task for many new users. Same as with ZenMate and NordVPN, Both are popular brands and provides quality of service. So, to help you out in selecting the best VPN service provider, We have brought out Zenmate VPN vs NordVPN Comparison 2021.

NordVPN vs ZenMate: Which is Best?


  • Unblocks Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and many more popular streaming services
  • Inexpensive
  • Offers good encryption security features
  • Fast enough for HD live streaming
  • Offers a 7-day free trial and 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Allows unlimited connections
  • Allows torrenting


  • High network speed servers
  • Great unblocking ability
  • Excellent security and privacy
  • Accepts cryptocurrency
  • No logs
  • Extremely fast
  • Works in China
  • Upto six simultaneous connections connectivity
  • Global server network
About ZenMate

About ZenMate VPN

ZenMate is an add-on extension for browsers like Chrome & Firefox, that encrypts and secures your information by making a private internet connection. ZenMate gives access to visit restricted region sites.

Their mission is to increase security, privacy, and simplify the world’s online activities.

They deliver great products with intuitive design, to allow the user to enjoy a secure and private internet connection over the web – regardless of who you are, or where you are in the world.

About NordVPN

About NordVPN

NordVPN helps companies to keep their networks and Internet connections secure. Their VPN service adds an extra layer of protection to secure your online activity.

They provide strong encryption to all incoming and outgoing traffic so that no third parties can access your confidential information.

Comparison Table Between Zenmate VPN and NordVPN

Zenmate NordVPN
Average Speed * 32 Mbps 115 Mbps
Encryption Type 256-bit AES 256-bit AES
Kill Switch Yes, Windows only Yes
Video Streaming Support 4K UHD 4K UHD
Allows Torrenting Yes Yes
Records Identifying Logs Unclear Zero logs
Works in China No Yes
Unblocks Netflix US Yes Yes
Unblocks Amazon Prime Yes Yes
Other Streaming Services Hulu, BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All 4 Hulu, BBC iPlayer, HBO Now
Protocols OpenVPN, IKEV2, and L2TP NordLynx, IKEv2, OpenVPN
Price Competitive price Expensive as compare to Zenmate
Money-back guarantee 30 days 30 days
Overall Rating 4.5 out of 5 4.7 out of 5
Website www.zenmate.com www.nordvpn.com

*Average speed is based on multiple global locations speed tests per day.

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Pricing and Discount Offer

While comparing ZenMate VPN with NordVPN, we find that Zenmate offers the best pricing plan. It gives the option to save upto 85% if you opt for 3 years. You can enter into the deal by using the ZenMate VPN Promo code and coupon code.

NordVPN also offers a 2-year plan with saving upto 68% with an extra 3 months free service to use. You can enter into the deal by using the NordVPN Coupon and coupon code.

The monthly price plan for ZenMate VPN is $10.99 where NordVPN starts from $11.95 per month.

They both give a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can try these VPNs and get a refund if you could not able to get service as per expectations.

You can decide which subscription plan should be taken based on your budget.

*Prices and discount offers may vary from time to time based on companies.

Which is better NordVPN or Zenmate?

Which is better NordVPN or Zenmate

Both ZenMate VPN & NordVPN have tough competition in providing the best VPN services. But, NordVPN offers a few more benefits when we compare it with Zenmate.

With excellent security, strong unblocking abilities, and high internet speed connectivity makes NordVPN conceivable to utilize. But ZenmMate gives the best value plan if you opt for a 3-year subscription by using the ZenMate VPN discount code.

So, In our opinion, NordVPN seems to offer a lot more value in terms of service.

Is NordVPN faster than Zenmate?

NordVPN is faster than Zenmate or Not

Whether it’s NordVPN, Zenmate, or any other VPN service provider, the Internet Speed depends on the Internet service provider. So, if you get better Internet Speed, the VPN service provider also offers you better Speed.

But it is also true that Internet Speed decreases after connecting with a VPN. Because VPN servers come between the Client and Server Communication.

So, here NordVPN supplies a high speed of internet connection as compared to the Zenmate VPN speed. Which helps in, to stream high-quality videos smoothly and faster. As we have mentioned in the above comparison table.


I am sure after reading this article you will be able to purchase ZenMate or NordVPN as per your need. Don’t think that NordVPN is the best and ZenMate is the worse. It is a totally wrong statement.

The comparison is based on their features, prices, and services they provide. On this basis, our team concludes that NordVPN offers a top service. But it is a little bit costly. If you want high security with high-speed video streaming without any barriers then you can simply go to use NordVPN. Otherwise, ZenMate is the best option if you don’t want to use it in China.

You can also apply a discount code and promo code to make your purchase cheaper.

Comment below which VPN will you going to purchase.