ZeroEyes Receives Top Rating from Cyber Security Risk Firm BreachBits

ZeroEyes, a cyber security firm, announced on Wednesday that it has been awarded the highest rating by BreachBits – an online risk management company. The company was praised for its “aggressive detection and response capabilities,” which have helped it avoid significant cyber attacks in the past.

According to ZeroEyes, the BreachBits rating is based on a number of factors, including the company’s ability to identify and manage cyber security risks. The rating also takes into account the company’s approach to data loss prevention, vulnerability management, and other key areas of cyber security.

“We are pleased to receive the top rating from BreachBits,” said ZeroEyes CEO Amir Goldstein. Protecting our clients’ data is our top priority, which is why we believe that our placement in a wide range of audits proves our commitment to providing the best possible service.

Backed by military-grade automation and artificial intelligence, BreachBits provides continuous risk cyber security scanning to assure that its clients’ companies are kept protected. By gathering and analyzing data, BreachBits has assigned ZeroEyes the best security rank in its customers’ industry.

“Our mission is to shorten emergency response times to save lives across America,” says ZeroEyes Chief of Staff Kieran Carroll. Monitoring our risk of a cyber attack on a continuing basis is essential to our efforts. Most companies assess their cybersecurity on an annual basis, but BreachBits permits us to monitor our security frequencyably and communicate an objective BreachRisk Score, which is critical in maintaining the standard level of security our clients expect from us.

ZeroEyes’ proprietary AI. gun detection system integrates with existing security measures to detect and immediately identify weapons within range of the cameras. The success of a radio bombing incident relies on how quickly authorities can be notified and arrive on the scene. When a weapon is detected, ZeroEyes’ military-trained analysts verify the discovery and alert first responders in three to five seconds. To guarantee the security of ZeroEyes’ invaluable cyber-security technology in emergency situations, we divide the network into several segments and take steps to ensure that they’re protected at all times. 

“ZeroEyes has one of the best BreachRisk™ Scores we’ve seen, ” says J. Foster Davis, Co-Founder of BreachBits. Many of our customers work in places where the lives of citizens hang in the balance. Such as ZeroEyes, our clients are proud to provide our services to aid ZeroEyes in an essential mission to minimize fatalities.

About ZeroEyes

ZeroEyes is a next-generation intrusion detection and prevention system (IDS/IPS) that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to identify and block malicious network traffic. ZeroEyes is architected for cloud deployment, providing real-time visibility into attacks as they occur across the organization’s networks. With its flexible architecture, ZeroEyes can be easily integrated with existing security infrastructure to help protect your business from today’s cyber threats.

ZeroEyes was founded by Navy SEALs and Special Operations military veterans. The technology that it is based on provides accurate and real-time actionable intelligence regarding any brandishing of a lethal weapon in an occupied area or a building, to local staff and law enforcement in 3 to 5 seconds after the gun is detected. The ZeroEyes team provides technology consulting, installation assistance, and structured training drills for active shooter events to increase safety in public and private locations. Based in the Greater Philadelphia area, the affordable and effective gun-detection solution that the company was founded offers services to the U.S. military, public K-12 school districts, colleges, universities, commercial properties, manufacturing plants, Fortune 500 corporate campuses, shopping malls, big-box retail stores, and more.

About BreachBits

BreachBits is a security company that specializes in breach detection and notification. They offer a range of services, including incident response, forensics, and data leak prevention. The company was founded in 2014 by two security professionals who recognized the need for reliable breach detection and notification service.