Cisco VPN Not Connecting Could Not Connect To Server

Fix Cisco VPN not connecting issue by clearing cache data, reconnecting to server, update cisco VPN version or reinstall it on your windows & android devices.

Nowadays, many users are facing Cisco anyconnect not working problem in 2024, if you are also one of them. Then it might be a helpful post for you because here we provide all the solutions to fix Cisco VPN is not connecting issues. 

As you know Cisco VPN is a technology that allows users to establish a secure connection to a private Network over the Internet.There is no need to worry just connect with us till the end of the blog for more valuable information. 

Why Is Cisco VPN Not Connecting In 2024?

There are a few reasons that might happen when Cisco anyconnect VPN not working. Below you will see all causes. We can understand if Cisco VPN fails to connect then it can be frustrating.

  • Network Connectivity issue – A good internet connection is good for establishing a VPN connection. When your internet connection is unstable then it can prevent the VPN from connecting. So check your internet connection and try again.
  • Wrong Credentials – One of the common reasons for a failed connection is filled incorrect login credentials. So make sure that you have entered the right username and password provided by the right administrator.
  • Firewall and Antivirus Interference – Sometimes firewalls and Antivirus are also the reasons for Cisco anyconnect not connecting issues. There are a lot of chances that a Firewall and Antivirus can block the VPN connection.
  • Blocked VPN Ports – Specific VPN ports or protocols may be blocked by some networks or internet service providers (ISPs). If you are unsure whether your ISP or network administrator is restricting any VPN-related traffic, check with them.
  • VPN Server Issues – The VPN server itself may be the reason behind Cisco VPN failed connection issue. Connections may be disrupted by server maintenance windows or technical issues. To ascertain whether the VPN server is running, get in touch with your network administrator.
  • Incorrect VPN Configuration – If you are using an older version of the VPN client software. It could not work with the VPN server. Install the most recent version of Cisco’s VPN client software after checking for updates.
  • Incompatible Network Setup – Cisco VPN not working problems might result from specific network settings like double NAT (Network Address Translation) or overlapping IP address ranges. To remedy any compatibility issues, speak with your network administrator.

How To Fix Cisco VPN Not Connecting Issues 2024?

Here we have written a few methods that you can use to fix Cisco VPN not connection problems. So just follow the all steps to enjoy Cisco VPN for your online privacy & security.

  • Repair the Cisco VPN Installation
  • Perform A Clean Cisco VPN Reinstallation, If Not Connecting
  • Allow Cisco VPN To Freely Communicate Through a Firewall
  • Tweak The Registry

Repair The Cisco VPN Installation

  • In the Window search bar, Enter Control and Open Control Panel.
  • Click Uninstall a Programm in the bottom left corner
  • Press on the Cisco system VPN Client & Select Repair
  • Follow the Instruction until the installation is repaired.
  • Perform a Clean Installation.
  • Allow VPN Through Firewall.
  • Tweak the Registry.

First, let’s fix the installation. Many third-party programs frequently stop working when a significant upgrade is applied. Therefore, it is usually advised to reinstall them following the installation of the update.

Even better, uninstalling is an option if you wish to prevent one of the many update/upgrade issues.

Instead of installing Cisco VPN again, consider fixing the current installation if you did not uninstall it before the upgrade.

Use the preceding instructions if you’re unsure how to fix Cisco anyconnect VPN not working.

Perform A Clean Cisco VPN Reinstallation, If Not Connecting

  • Go to the Control panel and open Uninstall a program
  • Search and choose the Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client
  • Uninstall the Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client
  • Open up the file manager by typing it in the window search bar
  • Visit the following path: C:/ProgramData/Cisco. The Program Data folder may be hidden so click view at the top-left > Check Hidden items.
  • Eliminate the Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client folder.
  • Restart Your PC.
  • Install the Cisco VPN Client.
  • Install the Client and try running it.

If none of the previous solutions got Cisco VPN to work. The only leftover solution we can prefer is clean reinstallation. 

You can follow the above-noted steps to perform a clean reinstallation.

Allow Cisco VPN To Freely Communicate Through a Firewall

  • In the window search bar, Type Allow a VPN and Open Allow an app through the Windows firewall.
  • Press on Change Settings
  • You have to make sure that Cisco VPN is on the list, and that it is permitted to communicate through the Windows firewall.
  • If that’s not the case, press allows another app and add it.
  • Check both private and public wrong> Network boxes.
  • Confirm changes and open the Cisco VPN.

The default values for the system settings and preferences can be changed by system upgrades rather regularly. Of course, this wrongdoing may also have an impact on Windows Defender settings.

If that’s the case, many third-party applications that require unrestricted traffic over the Firewall are likely to malfunction. the Cisco VPN client, among others.

Tweak The Registry

  • Press the right-click on the start button to open the device manager.
  • Expand network adapter.
  • After that, right-click on the Virtual Adapter to update it.
  • Restart your PC or device.

The first thing you need to check when Cisco VPN not connecting check the virtual adapter driver in the device manager.

If it doesn’t work then you can try a registry tweak which seems to address it completely. This needs administrative permission, in order to make changes to the registry.

Follow The Noted Steps To Fix The Cisco VPN Connection

  1. Type regedit in the Windows search bar and open the registry editor.
  2. Copy-paste the following path into the address bar.(HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SYSTEM/Current/Control/SetServices/CVirtA).
  3. Choose to modify after the right click on the display name registry entry.
  4. Make sure that the Cisco system VPN adapter is the only text that remains in the value data area.
  5. Save changes and try running Cisco VPN again. 

Cisco VPN Not Connecting In Android: Quick Fixes

Fix Cisco VPN Not Connecting Issue in Android

If Cisco VPN failed to connect in Android then here you get the quick fixes that help you to enjoy Cisco VPN Android. 

  • Check your Cisco VPN App permissions.
  • Clear Cache data
  • Update Cisco VPN
  • Try Another Server
  • Reinstall the app

Check your Cisco VPN App Permissions

The first time you open your Cisco VPN software, you are prompted to grant it permission. In the absence of this, the service is unable to connect to its servers and create a VPN tunnel. As a result, you should let the Cisco VPN provider’s program establish connections across virtual private networks.

Clear Cache data

As you know all mobile application store information in the form of cache data. For example Cisco VPN app remembers your recent server connection data on the cache. 

But sometimes this data get infected then you can clean everything by clearing cache data to solve the issue. 

To Clear Cache Data In Android, You Have To Follow Simple Steps

  • Visit the settings menu on the Android phone.
  • Find the Cisco VPN app.
  • Press on storage.
  • After that, choose clear cache under the clear data menu.

Update Cisco VPN

When Cisco VPN needs an update then it may be unable to work properly. Whenever you open an Android app, you often receive a notification about any outstanding updates. You might also utilize the Google Play Store and start the upgrade from there.

To do this, open the Google Play Store, and select the Manage Apps & Device option by clicking on your Google Account symbol in the top-right corner. You can check to see if there are any updates.

Try Another Server

If Cisco VPN not connecting then try another server because sometimes the server you trying is undergoing maintenance. Maybe the IP is banned that you used. So try to connect with another server. 

On the other hand, you can try the alternative of Cisco VPN which we mentioned in this part. 

Reinstall The App

Another solution to fix Cisco VPN failed connection issue is reinstalling the app. 

If these methods still not working then we also give alternative methods which make it easy for you to fix this issue. 

Contact Customer Support To Fix Cisco VPN Not Working Issues

You can contact Cisco VPN live chat support system. Even you can use the Cisco VPN or 1800-121-3117 number to contact Cisco VPN. 

Alternative Of Cisco VPN

  • NordVPN
  • ExpressVPN

If all methods don’t work for you then you can go with the use of the Alternative of Cisco VPN. Below we will mention the top-rated best VPN that gives you secure features.

  • NordVPN – NordVPN is the #1 VPN and it gives you complete privacy with unlimited features like Kill Switch, AES-256-Bit encryption, and Strict-no logs policy. If you are a new user, then NordVPN 3-month plan is the right choice for you so, try this VPN without paying extra money.
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What Should You Do If Cisco VPN Still Not Connecting In Windows 11 And Android?

If Cisco VPN not connecting to Windows 11 & Android then you can take use of Cisco VPN live chat support which is always available to solve users’ queries about Cisco VPN features. 

Hopefully, you get the appropriate information according to your queries about Cisco VPN is not connecting in Windows & Android. So just follow the above-noted steps to fix Cisco VPN anyconnect not connecting issues.

After using Cisco VPN if you are not completely satisfied with the service or features of it then you can use the alternative. If you are confused about the mentioned VPN then I Recommend you to go with the use of NordVPN