Best Free VPN India 2024 [Free India VPN]

Know about the best free VPNs in India in 2024. You can access restricted content and secure your data connection with this VPN. Use free India VPN for a great experience in gaming, streaming, or surfing.

Don’t you think it is a quite fascinating discussion about the best free VPN India? Most internet users put their efforts to find out the free VPN for India but sadly some of them are highly confused and have no knowledge about it. So we are going to resolve all the doubts and talk about some free VPN to connect to India.

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Free Best VPN For India To Use In 2024

All best free VPN in India are available that can be used and have a great experience in gaming, streaming or in surfing. So let’s understand their main specifications and how you can use them without paying even a single penny.

  • ProtonVPN -Best India Free VPN For Android
  • Hotspot Shield – Free India VPN For Torrenting
  • TunnelBear – Fastest VPN In India Free
  • HideMe – Best Free VPN India For Android 
  • HolaVPN – Free VPN For India
Free VPN For India To Use

ProtonVPN (Best India Free VPN For Android)

ProtonVPN is the first best Indian free VPN on our list. ProtonVPN is the most reputed and reliable VPN service provider that can provide you best free VPN service in India. When it comes to speed performance you can get a higher speed than other free VPN services.

ProtonVPN does not collect any information like IP address, the physical location of a user, websites, and apps you visited. This VPN service is available almost on every platform and supports Windows, macOS, iOS, Linux, and Android. ProtonVPN can be used easily because it is very easy and simple.

ProtonVPN free features

  • 24 servers in 3 countries
  • 1 VPN connection
  • Medium speed
  • Strict No log policy
  • Access blocked content

Advantages and Disadvantages of Free ProtonVPN

ProtonVPN ProsProtonVPN Cons.
Limitless bandwidth3 server locations
Kill switchBlock torrenting traffic
Average speedNo live chat support
Payment details are not requiredNo bypass Chinese censorship

If you want to get rid of the disadvantages of ProtonVPN we advise you to take a paid subscription of ProtonVPN. With the paid subscription plan you get many additional and useful features of ProtonVPN.

Hotspot Shield (Free India VPN For Torrenting)

When we talk about streaming, no free VPN can be better than a Hotspot shield. The protection with military-grade encryption, access sites, and innumerable streaming content around the world makes it one of the best free VPN India. There are multiple platforms on which a user can easily access the Hotspot Shield like Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Chrome.

Hotspot Shield Free VPN Specifications 

  • Military-grade encryption
  • Hydra, IPSec, and OpenVPN protocols
  • 500 MB per day
  • 2 Mbps speed
  • Support Center 

Advantages and disadvantages of Hotspot Shield 

Hotspot Shield Pros.Hotspot Shield Cons.
Multi-platform supportLimited data
No browsing device logOnly one device connection
Privacy firstSlow connection speed
Risk-freeNo malware and scans protection

TunnelBear (Fastest VPN In India Free)

People are engaged in using Tunnelbear because it offers many options to hide traffic, and unlocks most streaming services. With TunnelBear login, you get great speed on local servers, and strong security features to keep your identity private and this is one of the reasons why we include it in our list of free VPN India.TunnelBear is suitable for clients to use simply and in the easiest way.

It is one of the fastest and most consistent servers in the area of providing VPN services. It best India free VPN for gaming as well.

Features of the free plan of TunnelBear

  • Fast upload speed
  • 500 Mb of secure browsing 
  • Secure 
  • Closest tunnel

Advantages and disadvantages of TunnelBear

TunnelBear Pros.TunnelBear Cons.
Easy and simple Work great only with local servers 
Wide network Ads and PopUps 
Good speedNot compatible with long servers
Block options The obstacle for some users
Great design 

HideMe – Best Free VPN India For Android 

If anybody wants a safe, and fast there is no VPN that is better than Hideme. It is totally risk-free and secure service for all VPN users. Hideme VPN is used by millions of people in India for free with a good experience and satisfaction.

Hideme doesn’t compromise with the No log policy and security features even with its free version. If you are using Hideme you may get many additional features with it. It is one of the reliable VPNs in the area of VPN service providers therefore it is the best free VPN India.

HideMe free plan specifications

  • 10 GB per month data traffic 
  • 5 locations 
  • One connection
  • Apps for all devices 
  • Privacy protection 
  • Secure VPN protocols

Advantages and disadvantages of HideMe

HideMe Pros.HideMe Cons.
Zero lagApp crashes sometimes
Privacy-friendlyFaulty kill switch 
Advanced securitySlow connections 
Support IPv6

HolaVPN – Free VPN For India

When we tested HolaVPN we found that it is just an average VPN provider but Hola VPN is a fun, fast, free VPN India and easily accessible for worldwide content. With the Hola VPN, you get endless entertainment on one gateway. Hola VPN works on your protection to enhance your online privacy, and internet safely and anonymously.

There are thousands of users who are using HolaVPN to take a benefit of free VPN services in India but we would like to recommend you to use other VPNs because you will get better performance than Hola VPN.

HolaVPN free specifications 

  • Servers in 195 cities in 40 countries 
  • Easy to use on Androids and Windows 
  • Average speed 
  • Email customer support 

Advantages and disadvantages of HolaVPN

HolaVPN Pros.HolaVPN Cons.
Simple to setup No encryption 
Unblock some sites Monitors your online activity 
No torrenting 
Extension removed from chrome

Which Free VPN Is Best In India?

According to our research team, ProtonVPN is the best free VPN India for Android & IOS users as well. You can trust these VPN services without having any worries about your privacy and online security. However, it completely depends on you which VPN you will choose as your best free VPN for Android in India. 

Which Is the No 1 VPN India?

ExpressVPN is the No 1 VPN service that you should use in India. It has many servers in different countries that allow users to connect with any server they want. But when it comes to free Indian VPN, ExpressVPN can not be the right choice. However, if you buy the paid plan of this VPN then there is no doubt you will be able to use the best VPN service provided in India.

Is Free VPN Safe To Use In India?

No, free VPN services are not safe to use in India 2024. It may be possible to use a free VPN as a safe option but we would like to advise you to use paid subscription plan for your digital privacy and online security. Some of the free VPN services sell their customer’s data which can be a major problem for users’ privacy and security.

What Is The Best India VPN For Free?

ProtonVPN is the best free VPN India for VPN users. It has great online security features and speedy servers to make its user experience better.

Is Using VPN Illegal In India?

No, it is not illegal to use VPN in India and there is no law related to being anonymous or hidden while browsing.

Is Free VPN Available In India?

Yes, there are many free VPN for India that can be taken by anybody to enjoy virtual private network services.

Is There Any 100% Free VPN Available In India?

Yes, you can use many free VPNs like  Hola VPN, ProtonVPN, for which you don’t even have to pay a single penny.