NordVPN Review

NordVPN Review 2023 – Is NordVPN Worthy To Use?

NordVPN is one of the most popular and powerful VPN providers. The company is well known for offering strong protocol with excellent security measures. NordVPN provides high-speed connection and access to geo-restricted content without any restrictions and limitations.  It is one of the best VPN providers that offers an extreme level of security features.  The NordVPN company provides VPN for both individuals and business purposes. They have taken their security features to the next level by providing features like OpenVPN, Kill Switch, and Tunneling Protocols Technologies. So without wasting any time let’s get started and get other information or this VPN in this NordVPN review.

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NordVPN is the best VPN provider that has achieved huge success in very few years. The company was founded in 2012 by four childhood friends. NordVPN has launched its VPN services that are compatible with every device like Android, iOS, Mac, Windows. You will also get its google Chrome Browser Extension that also has lots of amazing features. 

NordVPN offers excellent features that will make you completely anonymous. You can browse, stream, or surf anything anonymously without any risk. The company makes sure that you are completely anonymous and can not be tracked by anyone. In this NordVPN review, I will give you a detailed overview of this excellent VPN provider.

What Are The Features of NordVPN?

NordVPN Features

We have researched and conducted this NordVPN review in detail. I found that it offers several excellent features and benefits but at some points, it drops down. So let’s see in the review of NordVPN- Do they offer what they claim? NordVPN is one of the strongest VPN companies all over the world. The company is very famous for delivering amazing security features & strong protocols.

  • Next-generation encryption.
  • Hides IP Address
  • Allows simultaneous 6 connections
  • Strict no-logs policy.
  • CyberSec.
  • Access Netflix
  • DoubleVPN.
  • Automatic Kill Switch.
  • DNS leak protection.
  • Onion Over VPN.
  • Streaming support.

Kill Switch

NordVPN provides a Kill Switch that will block all the traffic that will leave your device if your connection drops. It simply means that in any case if your VPN connection will drop then it will prevent your IP address from getting leaked. So make sure that you have switched on your Kill Switch so that your IP Address will be secure and hidden.

Split Tunneling

The Split Tunneling feature will let you use banking apps or online shopping apps while streaming Netflix or torrenting. If you are streaming Netflix and Mid While you want to do any banking transaction then you do not have to disconnect your VPN connection you can remove your banking app and other apps that you do not want to use with VPN.

High-Speed VPN Connection

NordVPN High Speed Connection

NordVPN gives high speed when you connect to the local server. You can surf and browse without slowing down your device while connecting to the local server. You can easily stream Netflix without facing any trouble while connecting with the local server. NordVPN offers high-speed connections if you are connected to the local servers.

Extreme Level of Security

NordVPN provides an extreme level of security to its users. If you will connect with the NordVPN VPN program then it will make you completely anonymous. The NordVPN helps you to give a high-speed VPN connection that improves the quality of your streaming and browsing & Your IP address will be securely hidden. NordVPN allows 256-bit AES encryption which makes NordVPN one of the most secure VPN providers worldwide.

No DNS Leaks

While choosing a VPN make sure that you are using a VPN that has the DNS Leak protection feature. DNS Leak Protection feature will help you to protect your DNS or IP address from getting leaked. This DNS leak protection will help you to stop every exposure that can happen due to software lacks or browser lacks. You will not face any leaks while connecting to many servers. If you are streaming and you will open an IPv6-compatible site then you will expose but NordVPN blocks IPv6-compatible.

Strict No Login Policy

NordVPN No Login Policy

NordVPN follows a strict no login policy that means the company does not ask about any detail of its users. They will not ask for any personal details of their users so there is no risk of the exposure of any confidential information. NordVPN follows a Strict No Login Policy that will help you to prevent your information from getting tracked.

NordVPN $89 Deal | Save Your Bucks with VPN
Grab the exclusive deal of NordVPN, get the premium membership for $89, and save your money Read More...
Grab the exclusive deal of NordVPN, get the premium membership for $89, and save your money Read More... Show Less

What Are The Pros & Cons of NordVPN

NordVPN Pricing
NordVPN ProsNordVPN Cons
Excellent Privacy & Security FeaturesTorrenting only supported on some servers
Double Data VPNOpenVPN configuration is not user-friendly
High-Speed Connection
More than 5,000 servers in 59 countries
Connect Simultaneous 6 connections
Automatic Kill Switch
Huge Discount Offer
Allows Torrenting & Unblocks Netflix

How Much Does NordVPN Cost? – NordVPN Review of Pricing

NordVPN Pros & Cons

The company is delivering excellent resources at a very low price. You do not have to spend a huge amount of dollars to get this outstanding VPN service. You can also use the NordVPN coupon code to get up to 66% off on its plans and pricing. Also, one of the best things is that NordVPN Black Friday is on its way which can help you to save the maximum amount of money on your purchase.

NordVPN renewal discount is also available which helps you to save the maximum amount of money on the NordVPN plan of renewal. If you still feel the prices of NordVPN are quite high then check out IP Vanish sale that offers highest discount on its yearly sibscription.

NordVPN $89 Deal | Save Your Bucks with VPN
Grab the exclusive deal of NordVPN, get the premium membership for $89, and save your money Read More...
Grab the exclusive deal of NordVPN, get the premium membership for $89, and save your money Read More... Show Less

Does NordVPN Allow Torrenting?

Yes, NordVPN allows Torrenting. NordVPN has P2P-optimized servers. Every server offers unlimited bandwidth and data so you can share any data or file without any restrictions and limitations. You can do more faster speed while torrenting with it. NordVPN is good for gaming also due to its fast speed. You will get exceptional P2P support, torrenting features, and excellent high speed. 

Is NordVPN Good For Netflix?

Yes, NordVPN works with Netflix. It includes a Smartplay feature that helps you to unblock the geo-restricted content and also keep you safe and secure at the same time. You will easily access Netflix US without facing any problems. With Netflix, you can also stream some other streaming sites. You will not face any issue while unlocking BBC iPlayer, Hulu, ESPN, Amazon Prime Video, HBO GO, or Hotstar with NordVPN. Its SmartPlay feature works very smoothly and with this feature you can easily unblock any streaming site without any trouble. You can also unblock many other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many others.

NordVPN Customer Support

NordVPN provides excellent 24/7 customer support to its users. If you will face any issue then you can directly contact their expert team. Their team is 24/7 available for solving your problem. They are 365 days available for solving your issue. If you will face any problem regarding your VPN connection then you can contact their expert team. They will surely help you. You can connect with them via live chat or you can also check their FAQs and knowledge base so that you will not face any issues. 

NordVPN Review 2023 – Conclusion

In this Review of NordVPN, we have covered all the points and factors of this VPN provider. The company provides a solid and fast VPN connection and can unblock every geo-restricted content without any restrictions. If you want an ultra-speed VPN with lots of amazing features and benefits then this is the solid choice for you. You can get this amazing VPN at a very low cost. Hope this NordVPN Review 2023 helps you to get an overview of this amazing VPN provider.

Is NordVPN a Chinese Company?

No, NordVPN is not a Chinese company, it is a Panama-based VPN provider providing virtual private network services for a long time. This company is providing its services since 2012 and now it gets counted in the list of top VPN companies in the world. NordVPN is a growing company having millions of users and a better customer care service as you can read above in this NordVPN review.

Does NordVPN Work With Amazon Prime?

Yes, NordVPN works with Amazon Prime perfectly you can easily access other countries’ content in your restricted country with the help of a VPN.

Is NordVPN Trustworthy?

NordVPN is an old company that has been providing its services since 2012 to million of users. the pricing of these VPN services is so affordable as compared to their features and services. NordVPN is reliable and secure to use to access any kind of content from OTT platforms or websites.

Is NordVPN Safe 2023?

According to our research team and this NordVPN review, this VPN service is completely legal to use. NordVPN is one of the safest premium VPN (virtual private networks) services with a strong no-log policy that includes completely protects your personal data. So if you are using NordVPN services then you do not have to worry about your privacy and personal data.

What Can I Do With NordVPN?

Using NordVPN you can visit any website which got banned in your region or company. You can also watch Netflix and other OTT platform shows of different countries by connecting to different Netflix servers. using VPN services also hides your identity over the internet by covering your real IP address with the fake one. So if someone tries to locate the location of your identity then the only thing he will get is a VPN IP address.

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Is NordVPN Worth The Money?

Yes, NordVPN is worth your money as it provides high-speed servers & affordable pricing to its customers.

What Company Owns NordVPN?

NordVPN is owned by Tefincom – a company based in Panama, having all rights and most of the shares of this company.

Does NordVPN Sell My Data?

NordVPN includes a no-log policy that enables full privacy to your data and identity. So neither NordVPN nor your ISP can reach your data or location.

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