Best VPN For All Devices 2023 – Which VPN is Best?

best vpn for all devices

There are two many VPN service providers in this technology world, but as we all know there are so many beginners of VPN who never know which are the Best VPN For All Devices. is a site where you get all types of VPN service providers available and we also recommended which VPN is best for which platform. 

A virtual private network (VPN) is a helpful platform for all people because there are too many users, privacy is their first priority and they can’t take any wrong step toward their online privacy.

VPN is the best way to save your online activity while searching on search engines. In this VPN market, many service providers are available to serve you security. But the main point you should need to remember all the time is that, so many VPN service providers claim that they are the best and secure your data from the outer attack at such a cheaper price and free of cost but not all the ability to stand on their wordings. 

In this article we come up with the “Best VPN For All The Devices” and these VPNs are the well know VPNs in the market. To know about the VPN for devices keep reading this article. 

Which VPN Is Best For All Devices? (iOS, Windows, Android)

which vpn best for all devices

As we already mention above that there are so many VPN service providers available in the market but given below the list we mention some selected and sone best. 

  1. SurfSfhark VPN –  Best vpn for all devices 
  1. NordVPN – Best VPN to support all the streaming devices 
  1. ExpressVPN – Best to unblock all the devices 
  1. CyberGhost VPN – Hide your IP address (Real Debrid VPN)
  1. IPVanish VPN –  Reasonable VPN for all devices 
  1. Proton VPN –  Protect all the devices 
  1. Windscribe VPN – Free best VPN for all devices 

This is the best VPN for devices like iOS, Windows, Android, Linux, and so on, it helps to secure your online data that is saved on your device with the outer attacks. now, we talk about each VPN briefly to make your decision easy to choose the best VPN for all devices. 

SurfShark VPN – Best vpn for all devices 

This VPN is the most reasonable VPN for all devices, not only for devices you can use VPN for the streaming platform. SurfShark is a great option for those who want to use a simple VPN service. 

SurfShark is a safe and incredible VPN to use, with trustworthy service and easy to use. It doesn’t leak any data and shares your personal details with anyone.

Surfsahrk is a VPN provider service located in Netherland, it is owned by Surfshark Ltd – in the year 2018. 

This is the best  VPN for Hulu and supports so many streaming sites also, Performance is everything to know about the VPN quality. Surfshark VPN comes with some advanced security features that make your VPN experience the best. Given below we mention features because this is the best VPN for all devices 

Features Of SurfShark VPN 

Surfshark comes with various features that provide you with high speed, its a cheap but performance-like premium service. Before using Surfshark look at once the features that are given below. 

  1. It has 1700+ servers in 63 countries
  2. Unlimited device connection 
  3. AES-256 GCM Encryption
  4. Strict no-log policy 
  5. 30 days money-back guarantee 
  6. Kill switch 
  7. DNS protection 
  8. Clean web 

NordVPN – Best VPN to support all the streaming devices 

VPN is a most important tool if your security is your priority, and must choose the best VPN. so, here we recommended NordVPN, it’s ranked at top of the VPN provider list. NordVPN is the most known and worth its VPN service.

NordVPN offers various features that most of its competitor doesn’t provide. The advanced security feature AES 256-bit encryption gives you complete safety from hackers & trackers.  

With the help of NordVPN, you can do any online activities easily by hiding your current location. NordVPN is the most famous and best VPN for all devices we always recommended in our all articles at the site. This VPN is maybe a little expensive if  you think then, but you can enjoy it without any worry about your money by the use of the NordVPN Promo Code

Features Of NordVPN 

Here we mention all the features NordVPN offers to its amazing users who choose NordVPN because their privacy is their priority. Take your eyes on the given list at least once time. 

  1. Secure device internet 
  2. Automatic kill switch 
  3. Unblock contents 
  4. Support streaming platforms 
  5. Block malware attacks/outer attacks 
  6. 5 device connection 
  7. 5500+ servers in 60 countries 
  8. Protect your data non-stop 

ExpressVPN – Best to unblock all the devices 

ExpressVPN is the second-best VPN provider in the market, you can say that after NordVPN ExpressVPN is the best, most secure, and most trustworthy VPN. you can easily trust him like blind trust. ExpressVPN has Lighway protocols that provide you with a lightning-speed connection. 

ExpressVPN has a huge network worldwide with so many countries’ options. ExpressVPN is launched in the year 2009 by Kape Technology. You can use ExpressVPN if you are a beginner also, this VPN service helps you to get a better experience. 

It offers so many features to its customers, this service provider’s main goal is user’s privacy and to protect them from outer attacks. If you want to know more about this VPN you can go with the ExpressVPN review, it is a trusted server technology 

Features Of ExpressVPN

Before purchasing any product and using an online service you must need to read its features, to clarify why you need to choose the ExpressVPN service. 

  1. 3000+ servers in 94 countries 
  2. No log policy 
  3. Easy to install 
  4. IP address masking 
  5. Split tunneling 
  6. Unblock content 
  7. No activity logs
  8. Encrypt your data 

CyberGhost VPN – Hide your IP address 

Cyberghost is another best-known VPN service provider, the most affordable one. There are so many users whose reviews are amazing towards CyberGhost VPN, they have a great experience with this service. 

CyberGhost is founded in the year 2011 in Romania, by Kape Technologies. It unblocks 35+ streaming platforms, including Netflix and Hulu, CyberGhost also has optimized servers specifically set up for streaming. 

If you are looking for the best and most affordable VPN for your security, you can go with the CyberGhost VPN service provider. The reason why you should need to choose it is that first, it’s reasonable and second with good features quality. 

Features Of CyberGhost VPN 

Given below we mention features of the best VPN for all devices – students can also enjoy the CyberGhost service because they get the best discount on the CyberGhost Student code

  1. Support all devices 
  2. Support streaming platform 
  3. 3,700 servers 
  4. Unlimited bandwidth and traffic 
  5. High-speed VPN 
  6. DNS leak protection 
  7. IP change 
  8. P2P sharing 

IPVanish VPN – Reasonable VPN for all devices 

IPVanish VPN offers you to connect with unlimited devices with one account at the same time. It has an app for Windows, iOs, Android, and other devices to support. It easily unblocked all the content and applications like Netflix, geo-blocked youtube videos, etc. 

There are three plans available – a monthly, a quarterly, and a yearly, it also offers a 30-day free trial to its customers. VPN providers offer you free trials because they want you guys to test all their features and continue your membership with them.

IPVanish VPN is founded in the year 2012 by Mudhook Media, just like another VPN this VPN also offers premium service with advanced features.

Features Of IPVanish VPN 

Features they offers are the best with the best pricing, given below the list as you can see here are mentioned with the features.

  1. 1,400 + servers in 57 countries 
  2. No data leaks 
  3. 84Mbps speed 
  4. Cheapest prices 
  5. Live chat support 
  6. 30 days cashback guarantee 
  7. Secure access 
  8. Anonymity 

You can use IPVanish discount code 2023 and get all these features at low prices.

Proton VPN –  Protect all the devices 

If you are searching VPN for a long time but, you wait for reasonable service and knowing VPN. you can go with the Proton VPN service provider. It has a free plan with unlimited data and unblocks all the geo-restricted content.

Now Proton VPN networks offer 1,700 servers in 63 countries, these most servers are available in Europe and North America but there are also locations in Australia, Brazil, Columbia, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, and South Africa, South Korea and more.

Features Of Proton VPN

Features are the main thing that describes the product or service quality. Proton VPN will take payment via card, PayPal, Bitcoin, Paytm, and more options available.

  1. DNS leak protection 
  2. No data logging 
  3. Up to 10 devices connected 
  4. Strict no-log policy 
  5. High-speed connection 
  6. Strong encryption 
  7. Strong protocols 
  8. Open Source 

Windscribe VPN – Free best VPN for all devices 

Windscribe VPN is owned by Windscribe limited company in the year April 16, 2016. Windscribe claims that it has amazing service and the best price for its users, so these all claims are true. 

Windscribe is an interesting VPN service based in Canada, it does not stand at the top of the VPN service provider list but it provides you the great service. You are also impressed by their features.

Windscribe provides both free and paid versions, this one is also the best VPN for all devices its supports and connects with multiple devices.

Features Of Windscribe VPN

  1. Large networks 
  2. Strongest encryption 
  3. Config generators 
  4. Simple clients 
  5. Hide IP 
  6. Split tunneling 
  7. Automatic kill switch 


I would recommend NordVPN and ExpressVPN which is the best choice even if you have no worry about money, which means you are in front of your priority nothing is matter. And if you are going with a limited budget VPN service “Surfshark” is the best. 

Is NordVPN Work With All Devices?

Yes, you can use NordVPN with all the devices and even it supports streaming sides also like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Mx, and more. 

Which Is the Best VPN For All Devices?

NordVPN, ExpressVPN, CyberGhost VPN, Windscribe VPN, IPvanish VPN, and Proton VPN – are the best VPN providers. All the information on these VPNs has been mentioned above.