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If you are looking Technology “Write for Us” + Tech News + guest post site where you can share your unique Idea niches of Technology, Tech business News, Gaming & Digital Marketing then you are on the right website. This is a good opportunity for you to share your unique article on our website which is good for us and for you also. Here vpnblade.com  offers a great chance for you to share any information, related content, new ideas anything that you want to share with us. You can easily make a guest post and post it on our website via Write For Us at vpnbladeguestpost@gmail.com.

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List of Top Categories You can write for us on VPNBlade site
  • Technology
  • Software (like VPN, Antivirus, Security)
  • Tech Business News
  • Online Security Business
  • Gaming
  • Software
  • VPN
  • Antivirus
  • Digital Marketing
  • Education
  • News
  • General
  • Internet Tech Security
  • Machine Tech Learning
  • Hi-Tech Artificial Intelligence
  • Privacy

We know it’s a good chance for you to share any particular post on our website but before posting you have to understand some of our guidelines which are important for you. This guideline is good for you and with the help of this, you can make your post very easy.

So if you want to become a regular author to make a guest post on our website first you have to read all these guidelines and then you can make a post as you want. You can post an article in different kinds of categories but one thing you always remember is that your post should always be related to our website. You can search us via the Software blog + Write For Us in Google.

Different Tech Business Blogs Write for us Categories

As you know that our website is an online website that offers technologies products like Internet Security, Secure VPN Connection Antivirus products. So that whenever you post an article on our website you have to post your article which is related to our website. So here are the categories on which you can make guest posts on our website at any time you want.

  1. Online technologies products
  2. Advanced level of internet security
  3. Different kinds of Antivirus
  4. Best and secure VPN Connections

So these are the only categories in which you can post your article on our website and share anything related to our website with us.

Important guidelines to Follow For Tech Write For us Guest post on our website

  1. Your content must be unique and related to our website
  2. Your article must contain minimum words of 1000 to 1500+.
  3. If you post any kind of spin or copy article then it will be removed from our side.
  4. Your article must be free of grammatical mistakes and errors.
  5. You have to give at least one feature image with your content.
  6. We always have to take 2 or more business days to post your article.
  7. When we published your article we will send a link to that article to you through the mail.
  8. You can also share that link on any social media accounts which you have.

So there are all the important guidelines that you should always remember before posting a guest post on our website.

Where you can add your links to your guest post?

We always provide two good places to add your link to your article. The first one is the content body and the second one is the Author bio. In the content body, you can easily put any of your links in the content body parts. The keyword of your link should be related to your article. And in the Author bio, you can also use the author bio to add your links by putting the keyword of your website and by the source of social media.

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How You can easily Become a Technology Write For Us Guest Posting Content Writer?

So if you completely agree with all the guidelines along with all the terms and conditions for posting a Guest blog on our website then you have to send a request to us on our Gmail which is vpnbladeguestpost@gmail.com surely contact you ASAP. We accept Tech Blog News + “Write for us” + Guest posts on software as well.