Best ExpressVPN Alternatives 2024 [8 Alternatives Of ExpressVPN]

ExpressVPN is the best choice ever, we are recommended it so many times for most platforms. The reason behind to recommend it is the quality of their own features they offer you and all their service like a 30-day-cashback guarantee, 7 days free trial, 24 hours customer service and many more. 

But in a few days, we hear that consumers want ExpressVPN alternatives, so here we start our topic on different and best alternatives of Expressvpn. 

As you know if you are an ExpressVPN user that they offer so many features like an automatic kill switch, split tunneling, unlimited servers, support for all platforms, no activity logs, hiding current location, managing speed, 145+ servers in 3,000 server network covered 160 VPN location across 94 countries.

Just like ExpressVPN they all also provide you best features with their brilliant plans.

To know which one is the best ExpressVPN alternatives keep reading this article till the end. 

Why Need Expressvpn Alternatives? 

The reason why we need alternatives is that ExpressVPN is the best VPN but there are some issues that are faced by the users for a few days. If you are unsure whether to take it or not, consider the reason below to get an ExpressVPN alternative.

  1. Competitors pricing

The first point is competitors’ better pricing, as there are so many Virtual pirate network providers who have better and best pricing plans as compared to ExpressVPN service. The pricing means much less than the ExpressVPN service with the same features( pricing fluctuates from time to time, there is no constant price ).

  1. Simultaneous Device Connection

Does that mean the first thing you should notice is how many devices are connected at the same time with the ExpressVPN? ExpressVPN allows limited device connection ( only 5 Devices ) but on the other hand, if we compared ExpressVPN with other VPNs then they offer maximum device connection. 

  1. VPN Server Location

Now the third valid point why you need to get ExpressVPN alternatives is because there are so many VPN service providers that offer huge servers in many countries. Like if we focus on ExpressVPN servers so it has 145 + servers in 94 countries but some service provides more than ExpressVPN servers. 

Which VPN is the Best Alternative To ExpressVPN?

best alternatives to ExpressVPN

In this market, there are so many VPN service providers available, these VPN service providers are the best and most known VPNs in the market. Given below we mention the ExpressVPN alternatives, so you can compare these VPNs with ExpressVPN and choose your best.

Top 8 Alternatives Of ExpressVPN

  1. NordVPN 
  2. CyberGhost VPN
  3. Surfshark VPN 
  4. Ipvanish VPN 
  5. Open VPN 
  6. Proton VPN
  7. Windscribe VPN 
  8. Hotspot Sheild VPN 

Now, here we explain it in a brief discussion, it may help you to reach your destination. 


NordVPN is a well-known VPN after ExpressVPN, even if we talk about ExpressVPN alternatives on the top of the list not only us there are so many bloggers who mention NordVPN service providers. 

NordVPN offers a free trial service also like ExpressVPN, they give you 7 days to get a better experience. We recommended NordVPN to those who value both speed and privacy, need something inexpensive, and want something that unblocks all the geo-restricted apps and websites like Netflix, Pubg, etc. Even if you choose NordVPN 3 year plan then you can get upto 60% discount. But you’ve to use the NordVPN coupon code to avail of the offer. 

This VPN is easy to use and beginners also use it without having any issues and troubleshooting. Here we mention their features.

Features Of NordVPN

  • Automatic kill switch 
  • Support all the streaming sites 
  • Unblock contents 
  • 5000+ servers in 60 countries 
  • Connect 6 devices at the same time 
  • Strict-No-log policy 
  • Lightning speed 
  • Change IP address 

CyberGhost VPN 

CyberGhost features are just like everything you expect from a premium VPN service. Cyberghost consistently ranked among the VPN service around.

Cyberghost is a stand-out VPN for individuals, potential and small businesses. You can access customer support 24/7 through CyberGhost’s live chat function. 

Cyberghost is best in security, privacy, speeding, and pricing. It’s the best ExpressVPN alternative and a reasonable one, if you want to get it at a more reasonable price you need the ‘Cyberghost Coupon Code”  In short, I’m impressed by CyberGhost’s streaming, torrenting, and security features after extensive review. 

Features Of CyberGhost VPN

  • Unblock streaming 
  • Torrent anonymously 
  • High speed 
  • 24 hours services 
  • 6,000 + servers in 88 countries 
  • Connected 7 devices 
  • Change location 

Surfshark VPN

Surfshark VPN is the most reasonable VPN in the market, that is officially launched in the year 2018. Nowadays Surfshark is gaining more attention, in the test this VPN is putting up impressive test results with fast speed and advanced security features. 

Over the years, this VPN has grown in popularity by offering excellent features, secure apps, and great performance, all for a low price. Currently, you can get upto 81% discount on its 2 year plan but remember you’ve to use the Surfshark coupon to take benefits. 

Surfshark doesn’t keep logs that could identify a user or their activities online. Surfshark VPN is a safe VPN service to use for everyone, especially beginners who have a great choice to get a better experience of VPN services. 

Features Of Surfshark VPN

  • Great prices 
  • Unlimited device connection 
  • Unblock geo-restricted content 
  • Available on many platforms 
  • 3rd best ExpressVPN alternatives
  • 3,200 servers in65 countries 

IPvanish VPN

There are so many VPN service providers that claim for the best VPN in the market, but IPvanish VPN proved it not by claiming but by its performance and user’s great experiences. 

You can also” install Ipvanish on firestick” because they support all the streaming platforms also with their exciting features. Ipvanish works in most countries. 

IPVanish VPN servers in more than 75 locations in around 55 countries. It gives you unlimited VPN data and devices, making it stand out from most competitors. IPVanish does not offer a free option but yes there is a coupon code for IPVanish by which you can grab a huge discount on it subscription plans. However, if you sign up for an annual subscription plan, you can get your money back by requesting a refund within 30 days.

Features Of IPvanish VPN

  • Unlimited devices connection 
  • Servers in 75 + locations 
  • High-speed surfing 
  • Secure media access 
  • Verified no logs 
  • Automatic startup 
  • DNS leak protection 

Open VPN

Open-VPN has a user-friendly interface, that is easy to navigate. It is compatible with various operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android. It is an Open-source which means, it has the largest amount of documentation and tutorials online if you are ever facing troubles.

Open VPN is a simple and easy-to-use VPN server, it is also a free server. offers flexible VPN solutions to secure your online data. It can be deployed on-premises using standard servers or virtual appliances, or on the cloud to reduce the security risk by providing encryption.

Features Of Open VPN

  • Strong privacy 
  • Kill switch 
  • Free downloader 
  • Community support 
  • Firewall compatibility 
  • Reliability 

Proton VPN

ProtonVPN is a Switzerland-based VPN and it’s a secure, premium VPN for users who are serious about their privacy & security. It was officially launched in the year 2017.

This VPN provider has a solid understanding of what makes a VPN so important to protect your data and identity, and they go to great lengths to ensure they are following through witty their promises. Proton VPN streaming service is amazing therefore it’s the best VPN for Voot, Netflix, etc. 

Proton VPN boasts about its Swiss base, touting some of the strongest privacy laws in the world, along with a no-log policy aimed at protecting against snooping by governments and others. It has more than 1,700 servers in 63 countries.

Features Of ProtonVPN

  • Streaming service support 
  • Access blocked content 
  • P2P torrent support 
  • Good speed 
  • 1,700 servers in 63 countries 
  • Up to 10 devices connected 

Windscribe VPN 

It offers users the best services, Windscribe is a company that aims to offer the best encryption as well as access to various different streaming platforms at a low price.

You can find out exactly what you can expect from the service that a company offers. This is something that we are going to explore in-depth in this article. 

We are going to be taking a look at all of the different features that Windscribe has to offer, as well as how it really performs, what its security is like its unblocking capabilities and speeds, and more.

Features Of Windscribe VPN

  • No identifying logs 
  • Strongest encryption 
  • Use for free 
  • Split tunneling 
  • Secure Hotspot 
  • Flexible connectivity 
  • 500 servers in 60 countries
  • Unlimited devices 

Hotspot Sheild VPN

Hotspot shield is a popular VPN with just enough interesting and exciting features to help it stand out from the crowd. 

Hotspot Shield’s range starts with free plan which is very restrictive,  it has a 2Mbps speed limit, only one location (US), and a 500MB daily data allowance.

If you think, Hotspot shield offers you both free and paid plans so you can enjoy the free version and premium version.  

Features Of Hotspot Shield VPN

  • Premium VPN server 
  • Unlimited content access 
  • Unlimited bandwidth 
  • Personal data security 
  • 1,800 servers in countries 
  • 5 device connection 


In this guide we will discuss ExpressVPN alternatives, there are so many VPNs are there in the market. The reason why we need alternatives to ExpressVPN? Because there are some issues are there, so we mention the above. 

Is NordVPN offers features like ExpressVPN?

Yes, NordVPN offers the same features as ExpressVPN like an Automatic kill switch, Support for all the streaming sites, Unblock contents, 5000+ servers in 60 countries, Connect 6 devices at the same time, Strict-No-log policy, etc. 

Is there a free VPN for the ExpressVPN alternative?

If you are searching for a free VPN for the ExpressVPN alternatives then yes, there are some best VPNs like Windscribe, TunnelBear, and Hotspot Shield.