Top Nine Games To Play To Keep Your Mind Sharp

Check out the top free online games to play to keep your brain sharp. All of our recommended games are fun and extremely beneficial for keeping your mind sharp or active.

As one ages, the sharpened brain starts becoming dull and it’s a worrying thing. It is not necessary to start thinking about it once you get to a certain age; you should start right now.

Apart from everything else that you can do, playing Keep the mind sharp games can be a very good way to keep the brain healthy and working for a longer period. 

Moreover, you do not need a board, big spaces, or even a pen and pencil, all you need is a gadget and a stable and fast internet connection like CenturyLink Internet. None of your games will lag when you use such internet, which offers stable connectivity, super-fast speed, and amazing customer support all on easy packages. 

Furthermore, mental exercises with games are as important as physical exercises to increase the brain’s longevity and keep the mind healthy and in excellent condition.

There are so many games that can also be played offline. So you can play them anywhere and everywhere this Free Online Games to Play to Keep Your Mind Sharp.

Also, you can visit unblocked games 66 to play various free games and keep your mind sharp.

List Of Nine Free Online Games To Play To Keep Your Mind Sharp

Nine Online Games to Play to Keep Your Mind Sharp

Following is the list of the Top Nine Games to Play to Keep Your Mind Sharp that you should have to help keep your mind sharp games and healthy. However, if you are looking to earn money by playing the games then check Solitare Cash promo code and use these codes to earn real cash and rewards.

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Play mind sharp online games in Geo-restricted country with Surfshark VPN & get 83% off. Buy its service at just $2.49/mo & Play to Keep Your Mind Sharp. Show Less
  • Sudoku
  • Wordle
  • Elevate
  • Lumosity
  • CogniFit Brain Fitness
  • Mensa Brain Training
  • Happy Neuron
  • Crossword Puzzles
  • Tetris


If you want to work on your short-term memory, then start playing Sudoku today. It is an excellent game that you play while relying on your short-term memory and concentration as well.

In this number placement game, you have to follow a trail that connects to the previous moves. For example, if you have a 6 in this box, the next should be 8, and then 4, and so on.

Not only this game is available on a number of websites but is also available in apps for Android and iOS. You can also play Sudoku in the daily newspaper as well.

There are a number of difficulty levels of Sudoku in the online games for the brain version so not only do you use your memory but also gradually improve it as well. In addition, if you are playing on paper, we’d recommend using a pencil.


Training your brain to look for patterns, and clues and then working on them to make something has never been this easy. Wordle was introduced in 2022 by The New York Times and immediately became a favorite for the global audience. Since it was introduced, it has taken the world by storm and its popularity keeps on increasing by every day.

It is almost an addictive way to increase your vocabulary all while testing the ability to test your brain. It is very simple to play; the player gets six chances to guess a word and that’s it.

Nevertheless, it made for a satisfying mental workout because of the combination of the easy user interface and the problem-solving techniques that have to be applied.  

If you have played Hangman in childhood, playing Wordle will bring back some memories but in a better way. It is a modern take on Hangman in a more colorful manner and tests your imagination more. Another amazing thing about Wordle is that you can play it with friends online as well.


Elevate is a set of more than thirty games that can properly train your brain to sharp itself by increasing its cognitive thinking skills and problem-solving techniques.

Not only this, but these games also help in increasing your academic capabilities. The games are designed by experts and have a very user-friendly interface that allows easy navigation and choosing the game that you want to play. 

Playing one game a day means that you will be playing a new game every day for more than a month. This maintains refreshing vibes from the game all while improving your critical thinking, comprehension, and decision-making skills. Solitaire, one of the most famous online games for the brain is one of the first games that you may get to try at Elevate.


As claimed by the game, Lumosity is the online school for the mind so you can get an idea of what is in it for you. This fun game to make your mind sharp is available on iOS and Android platforms.

Short-term memory, processing speed, switching between tasks flexibly, problem-solving skills, attention control, spatial awareness, and even motor skills can be improved by playing different games at Lumosity. 

Give it a go with their free trial before subscribing to the paid versions if it works for you. Other than making the mind sharp game, Lumosity also has Lumosity Mind, which is a meditation and mindfulness app.

Lumosity has been giving mental health exercises since the past ten years and has been successful in doing so. They also offer a desktop version of the game and overall the game has over 100 million players. 

CogniFit Brain Fitness

When you start with CogniFit, you are asked to go through an initial assessment. The app then creates a program for you that suits your needs. Every user then has an individual experience with this platform as the programs are specially made for them.

This brain training app is based on the concept of neuroplasticity increases concentration, and mental focus, and improves memory. 

The games at CogniFit gets harder with every level so this is for those who like to challenge themselves. This also helps in improving cognitive skills as you face a new difficulty level.

Therefore, when you think you have mastered it all, there will be another level that will push your brain to come up with more solutions.

Mensa Brain Training

In order to enhance fluid intelligence, Mensa Brain Training is a good choice. The game creators also claim that fluid intelligence can be increased by regular brain training. Other abilities like reasoning, memory, concentration, agility, and perception can also be improved by playing this game.

Puzzle experts and professionals from high IQ society develop the game and the challenges included in their training program are highly effective.

The game interface is very colorful and easy to use for people of all ages although the challenges keep on getting difficult as one proceeds. Mensa Brain Training is currently only available on Apple App Store.  

Happy Neuron

There are five critical brain areas that are covered in this game; memory, language, attention, visual/spatial, and executive functions. All the games and activities planned in Happy Neuron are divided among these areas and help in the improvement of these functions.

You can have a customized version of the games that suit you and the area that you want improvement in. You can also keep a record of your performance in the activities to know how effective the program is for you and if there are areas that you need to focus on more.

All the activities and games in Happy Neuron are based on scientific studies and directly target the areas mentioned above.

The games can be played on websites and on Android apps both but require a subscription; there is however a free trial as well and this Free Online Games to Play to Keep Your Mind Sharp. Also, if want to many kind of games on one platform the and it is Unblocked Games 66 here you can get more enjoyment during playing.

Crossword Puzzles

Puzzles for sure are one of the most effective games to sharpen the brain and are a very healthy activity as well. For over two hundred years, crosswords have been around and are the most traditional way of healthy brain activity.

You can find crossword puzzles almost everywhere; in the morning newspaper, in weekly magazines, and now also online as well.

With technology advancing, you can also download specific crossword apps, which have different levels of difficulty. AppyNation is one of the most famous crossword puzzle games available and really takes these puzzles to a new level.

Learning new facts, improving brain activity, sharpening thinking skills, and improving mental health are some of the chief benefits of playing crosswords.


This video game is a heavy competitor of all brain training and sharpening games. It has been around 1984 and the premise of this game is to push players to make decisions in a chaotic environment, just like our real world.

Thus came the term Tetris Effect; the makers created situations like people packing their cars, organizing their shelves or loading their dishwashers, etc. which make them think strategically.

Studies conducted soon after the game was introduced told that playing it regularly made the brain cortex thicker and improved its efficiency as well. Early on there was also a hypothesis that playing this game can also improve spatial awareness, spatial visualization, mental rotation, etc.

Do I Need VPN To Play All These Free Online Mind Games?

Yes, You will need VPN to play for all these games to play to keep your mind sharp when you stay Geo-restricted country where any gaming sites does not allow to access due to government policy.

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Play mind sharp online games in Geo-restricted country with Surfshark VPN & get 83% off. Buy its service at just $2.49/mo & Play to Keep Your Mind Sharp. Show Less

Best VPN for gaming is Surfshark, by using this VPN you get 3200+ servers out of this server location list and after getting you can easily play with huge privacy features. Such as no-log policy, AES-256-GCM encryption, hiding IP address, etc.

You can play various online games by using a Surfshark VPN like Roblox, DraftKings, Apex Legends, and more games without facing lag-issue. If you want to play games in your school but hiding your real identity, you can Games Unblock On School Computer with the help of VPN.

Are There Any Free Brain Training Games?

Yes, there are many free brain training game such as Sudoku, Wordle, Elevate, Lumosity, CogniFit Brain Fitness, Mensa Brain Training, Happy Neuron, Crossword Puzzles etc. This games help you to keep your mind sharp and available on both Andriod and iOS.

What Is The Best Game To Keep Your Brain Active?

Skdoku is the best game to keep your mind active. With the number of difficulty levels of Sudoku, you will gradually improve brain power and increase your concentration power. You can even play Sudoku in the daily newspaper.

Is Lumosity Brain Games Free?

A Lumosity offer free basic membership means a free users can play three games per day. It has over 100 million users and give mental health exercises since the past ten years to its users. 

Concluding Lines For Online Games to Play To Keep Your Mind Sharp

Time to put these brain training and sharpening games to good use and keep mind sharp games and healthy starting today. These games are not just a way to improve the brain’s various activities but are also an amazing way to spend time doing healthy activities.

You can definitely rely on these because behind them are long scientific research. These are the games that will be helpful in the long run and your future self will be thankful to you for playing these.