How Can You Play DayZ Skillfully?

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Some Vital Features Of DayZ

How Can You Play DayZ Skillfully

Some vital features of DayZ are:

  • Players do not get any saves or checkpoints. Hence, if they die, they lose everything, and they start their journey from the start.
  • Players also find some genuine and complex survival mechanics that include crafting, resource management, hunting, and preservation of health.
  • They also find a massive 230 km2 map that has lots of breathtaking landmarks and landscapes according to real-life locations.
  • Players can make emotional and unpredictable interactions with other players. This way, they can make an endless spectrum of developing gameplay.
  • While playing DayZ, players will find lots of environmental threats, and they will examine their capabilities.
  • Nearly sixty players strive to survive while playing DayZ by all possible means.

Play Skillfully

Every game needs particular skills to play. If you play BGMI or other FPS games then playing DayZ will be a little easier for you as all FPS games have similar concepts. While playing DayZ, players can kickstart their journey when they get some water and food. However, if they get a working firearm, it turns out to be sufficiently good. But a player will require more if he wants to survive in this game. When you are a newbie, you should learn lots of tricks and tips so that you can survive your adventure in Chernarus.

Importance Of Chlorine Tablets

While playing DayZ, you will require water. Hence, it would be a good decision to carry a container, a canteen, a cooking pot, and a bottle on hand. Players should know that if they become dehydrated, it will affect their blood regeneration. Hence, they should be careful with water. If a player has chlorine tablets, he can remain assured that he will find a water supply close to the map anywhere. Players can get water from streams, ponds, and rivers without being affected by Cholera. 

Locate Food

Most players find it tough to get accustomed to the start of this game due to the shortage of food. Players might be provided a plum or a measly pear if they brood, but this way, their thirst and hunger gauges will decline and will be seen in the yellow color. The finest bet for a player would be to take down zombies, as they most often drop canned meat and spreads. 

Don’t Forget To Disinfect

Players should be mindful of disinfecting healing items before using them. No player loves to be bitten by a zombie and witness his session end. It happens as players use a dirty rag to cover the wound, and this way, they become sick. Players form bandages from clothing, and they should be mindful of disinfecting the damaged bandages, too.

Take Very Good Care Of Your Insulation And Clothing

Every player passes nights that are full of terrors and long. Players fear everything from bears and wolves to zombies. But they don’t want to become affected by the flu and spend their days sneezing and coughing. When a player has the ideal clothing, he does not have to bother about the cold. If they choose hunter garments, they will provide the finest insulation. Again, players can also get help from hats, ski masks, and gloves. However, they should be in good condition as even the best-insulated items turn ineffective if they become damaged.

Do Not Go Near The Military Bases

While playing DayZ, players can explore lots of locations. Again, they can pick up lots of loot, too. When players begin to play initially, they feel like sprinting towards a military base or a city to get hold of good stuff. But they should avert military bases in all conditions because they are the playground of the snipers. 

Do Not Hoard Everything, But Form A Stash

Players find lots of available loot on Chernarus, and they become tempted to collect them all. They should opt to travel light as this way, they will intake less food and also drink less to keep themselves sustained. While collecting things, players should discover a highly secluded place besides forming a stash. It would be the best practice to use low-population parts or bury their loot at places they are aware of.


DayZ introduces players to an immersive and unforgiving online open-world game. While playing, all players follow only one mission. They have to survive using every possible means. These types of survival games keep the mind sharp because you have to think and make strategies to survive. However, if you are a newbie, you should follow some factors to make yourself a winner and enjoy this game to the fullest.