Importify vs Oberlo – Which is the Better Dropshipping Tool?

Which is better? Importify vs Oberlo is one of the confusing questions among importers and sellers. In this article, we are going to discuss in depth which one is better Importify or Oberlo so let’s get started and clear your confusion.


Oberlo is mainly a dropshipping application by which you can do a lot of activities such as import products to the Shopify store, edit the product list, and place orders. Oberlo assists millions of entrepreneurs all over the world. 

Oberlo is owned by Shopify, with the help of Oberlo dropshipping products can be sold and imported from Aliexpress to your Shopify store.

Additionally, During selling & purchasing you should use VPN services from the best VPN provider because it’s a matter of security & privacy.

It is very easy and simple for you if are using Oberlo to find and customize products, add them to the online store, and start marketing to your buyers by using Oberlo.


  • 30 days free trial 
  • Secure platform 
  • High-quality application 
  • Good customer support 
  • User-friendly 


  • Few products are restricted 
  • Not suitable for a standalone website 


Importify is the application with which you can easily import most selling products and automate all the dropshipping processes with one click. 

Importify is a suitable application for the biggest wholesaler and is totally integrated with Shopify, Woocommerce, Wix, Jumpseller, etc. 

By using Importify choose your desired platform and begin the dropshipping business. You can also find products for selling, driving traffic, and automating your business.


  • Easy to use 
  • Easy integration with Shopify 
  • Huge choice of eCommerce retailers


  • Only one day trial
  • No free trial  

Which One Is Best? Importify vs Oberlo Comparison

Both platforms have different and various features, after understanding the features we can get to know that you should use Importify or Oberlo.


Firstly take Oberlo, it is only supported or owned by Shopify and no other platform supports Oberlo so if you don’t have a store on Shopify you will not be able to take the benefit of Oberlo.

On the other hand, if you use Importify there are three platforms supported such as Shopify, Woo-Commerce, and Jumpseller. If you are using Importify you can easily access these three platforms as well.

Import And Fast Search 

This is a very important term for you to save time as a drop shipper. Importify provides an option to one-click save to add products to your store. Both platforms permit you to import and search the products from different popular platforms. Both tools provide you the option to edit the product description such as editing title, tags, category, wights, and many more things.

Free Trial 

Impofitfy only gives 24 hours to take a trail of all the features but if we see on the other side you can take a 30 days trial of Oberlo, after taking a trial of 30 days if you don’t like the services or the features of the Oberlo so you can cancel the membership of Oberlo.

Available Suppliers 

For Oberlo only Aliexpress is the only supplier but on the other side Importify, there are many suppliers supported like Aliexpress, Amazon, Alibaba, Walmart, and many Chinese and US suppliers. So if you are comfortable with only one supplier you can choose Oberlo otherwise you need to select Improtify.

Limits Of Product

On the Oberlo platform, selling and importing products limits totally depend on the membership plan. For example – three plans are there 

  • Starter plans – 500 products  
  • Basic plans – 10,000 products 
  • Pro plans – 30,000 products 

On the contrary, on Importify you can import innumerable products to your store.

Pricing Comparison Between Oberlo Or Importify 

There are various plans that are offered by both companies.

Pricing plans of Oberlo 

  • Basic plan – $14.95/mo
  • Premium plan – $27.95/mo
  • Gold plan – $37.95/mo 

Pricing plans of Importify

  • Starter plan – $4.90 per month 
  • Basic plan – $29.90 per month 
  • Pro plan – $79.90 per month  

Detail Table Comparison Between Importify vs Oberlo

comparing Importify vs Oberlo

All the details that are important and matter a lot from a drop shipper’s point of view are given in the below table. 

Learn to dropship One-click import products 
Start for free Pricing rules 
Find products to sell Product research 
Free chrome extensionProduct customization 
24/7 customer support Easy supplier change 
Customize your listing Auto-assign collections 
Real-time order trackingShopify to Shopify importer 
Variant mapping Split variants 
Overall rating 4.3Automate orders 


In the light of this evidence, I guess the discussion of Importify vs Oberlo must be cleared now. if not so in clear words we can say that Importify is the best choice than Oberlo. For convenience, the customer’s Importify provides more facilities and features than Oberlo like more platforms, more suppliers, innumerable importing and selling products limits, and many more things.

Importify VS Oberlo which dropshipping app gives a trial?

Oberlo offers 30 day free trial but on the flip side, importify gives 24 hours free trial to test its services.

Which platform gives more flexibility in pricing plans?

I believe both tools offer different pricing plans, it is up to you which one is required of you.