ZoogVPN Review 2024 – Things To Look Before Buying

ZoogVPN is a VPN provider that is growing over time to fulfill more user needs and overcome internet restrictions as well as security threats. The US base server of this VPN unblocks geo-restricted content easily.

In this ZoogVPN review, you may find out you can stream high-definition video without buffering, the speed of the server is pretty good. ZoogVPN offers a basic VPN service with extra perks at an affordable price. It has dedicated bare-metal VPN servers with 1000s of IPs in 26 countries. But there are always pros and cons to everything so, the cons of ZoogVPN are security and connection drops. 

We tested this VPN’s overall performance and the result was different, which is unexpected. The result and review are discussed below: 

Features: ZoogVPN

ZoogVPN features

The company offers excellent features and even installing a ZoogVPN application is a piece of cake. ZoogVPN provides strict no-logs, which means you have the freedom to do anything they don’t track your data. Unblocking feature of this VPN is great but it doesn’t have a large server network. Some of the best features of ZoogVPN are listed below:

  • Bank-Grade Encryption
  • No logs policy
  • Advanced Leak Protection
  • Kill Switch
  • ZoogShadowing 
  • Torrent-friendly Servers

Bank-Grade Encryption

ZoogVPN offers one of the best encryption to protect data. This VPN company uses 256-bit encryption and 2048 bit hash key to protect you and your sensitive data. This kind of encryption comes under the most secure and it is used by a professional-grade security system to secure data. 

No Logs Policy

Some VPN provider companies keep your logs on their server but ZoogVPN doesn’t keep any logs. 

What is a log, Is it matter?

The answer is yes because logs contain your real IP address and the website you visit. So, it becomes important you should choose a VPN with a no-logs policy. 

Advanced Leak Protection

When you use ZoogVPN it will protect you from DNS leaks. Basically, your device sends a DNS request to identify the IP address of any website you visit. So, by using this VPN it doesn’t identify the IP address.

Kill Switch

Basically, a VPN kill switch is an advanced feature that protects your device from accessing unprotected internet. If the connection drops, the VPN kill switch block internet access for your device.


This is the great feature of ZoogVPN that allows using a VPN in heavily censored countries. Basically, when you use a VPN your ISP can understand that by analyzing the data packets transferred to their network. So, this feature is designed to bypass these kinds of blocks by changing the way how our VPN traffic looks.

Torrent Friendly Servers 

ZoogVPN offers dozens of torrent-friendly, fast, and unlimited P2P VPN servers. You have a fast and unlimited solution to download anything from torrent with fully protected and anonymous.

What Are The Pros of ZoogVPN? 

Before writing a ZoogVPN review, our team has done deep research on this VPN and found out the pros of ZoogVPN. The company provides one of the best features with affordable pricing in the VPN industry.

 Some advantages of this ZoogVPN are mentioned below:

  • Unblock content from anywhere like Netflix
  • ZoogVPN keeps you safe
  • Affordable pricing 
  • 24/7 support

What Are the Cons of ZoogVPN?

Yes, they provide service at an affordable price but there are always cons to anything.  

  • Slowdown connection speed
  • Sometimes connection drops too
  • Not a very large server network

The Pricing Plan of ZoogVPN 

ZoogVPN pricing

ZoogVPN offers affordable plans with risk-free 7 days money-back guarantee. Most of its competitor doesn’t provide value-for-money plans but ZoogVPN is providing. They have also free plans with amazing features.

The plans and pricing are listed below. 

  • ZoogVPN Free: This VPN has a free plan per device. So, obviously feature are limited and you can only connect with 3 servers. 
  • ZoogVPN 1 Month: The 1-month plan costs $9.99 per month. In this plan, you’ll get 256-bit encryption with full features and you can use it on unlimited devices. Here you are getting 23% off. 
  • ZoogVPN 1 Year: It will cost you $2.99 per month for a 1-year plan and you can get an instant 72% discount. The plan offers 20 Netflix regions with over 1000 IPs and 50 locations. 
  • ZoogVPN 2 Year: This one is the most popular plan for ZoogVPN. The 2-year plan will cost you $1.87 per month and you’ll get full features, full content access, with zero logs. You can get all the advantages of various plans. 

Alternatives of ZoogVPN

If you want an alternative to ZoogVPN in terms of pricing & discount then you should check the list of alternative VPN.

  • NordVPN: When we compare the plans of NordVPN with ZoogVPN, you cannot find much difference. In fact, NordVPN 3-year deal is on a 60% discount. So, You can try this VPN as an alternative.
  • ExpressVPN: Similarly, After using the ExpressVPN promo code you can get up to 35% discount which makes this VPN one of the best alternatives to ZoogVPN.
  • IPVanish: This VPN company is offering discounts upto 63% on its yearly plan when you use coupon for IPVanish & the IPVanish yearly plan will cost you $3.99 per month which is a great alternative to ZoogVPN 1 year plan.

Does ZoogVPN Allow Torrenting?

Yes, ZoogVPN allows torrenting in fact it is one of the best VPN for torrenting. ZoogVPN offers many VPN servers especially for torrenting and it’s fast as well. Every server offers unlimited bandwidth so that you can share and download any content without any restrictions or limitations. You don’t have to worry about the speed throttling while using ZoogVPN for torrenting. 

How Do I Use ZoogVPN?

ZoogVPN is a user-friendly VPN. You can follow these simple steps to use this VPN listed below.

  • Install ZoogVPN on your device
  • Signup and Log in
  • Choose the server you want to use 
  • Now, simply switch on the button & you are ready to use ZoogVPN

Is ZoogVPN Free?

It offers a free plan which means ZoogVPN is free. This VPN free plan is amazing, we have testest before providing this unbiased review, we were using its free plan for research and you know what it is good from many other VPN providers. Some of the great features are 10GB bandwidth, Zero logs, and 128-bit encryption, and some of the drawbacks of free plans we faced are only 3 VPN locations, limited P2P, and limited features. 

Is ZoogVPN Good?

When we talk about ZoogVPN it is a very good VPN to use. It provides a safe and secure VPN service so that you can surf the internet without any restrictions. ZoogVPN comes with 256-bit encryption, a zero logs policy & unlimited bandwidth which makes this VPN one of the best in the VPN industry. But you’ll find connection drops also which is one of the major drawbacks of ZoogVPN. 


At last of this ZoogVPN review, we can say it is best in terms of offering unblocking services like Netflix and also best for Torrenting. But the only error you may face i.e a limited server network which can result in a disturbance in the network which would rarely happen.

But no doubt within this price range ZoogVPN is worthy to buy.