What Should You Do if Antivirus Prevents a Website From Loading

Use Of Kaspersky Internet Security To Prevent Website From Loading

As we know that antivirus is the best solution to remove any kind of virus and online threats that harm our device or website. There are many kinds of antivirus that provide the best protection from viruses. It gives the best security to devices and antivirus protection is also important for any kind of website or online business. But there is a bad question that sometimes the problem is rising that what we do if antivirus prevents a website from loading? Well, there are many big antivirus companies and internet security companies that are there who provide the best solution to this problem.

So you have to choose it one of the best one and if you confused then we suggest you go with Kaspersky internet security.  Kaspersky is one of the best antivirus companies. They provide the fastest and most secured antivirus protection to you which is best for any kind of virus. Here Kaspersky internet security provides a great solution to this problem. In the next part, you will get to know what you should do if antivirus prevents a website from loading.

Use of Kaspersky internet security to finish preventing a website from loading

If you use an antivirus solution on your website sometimes the problem creates about some preventing a website from loading. But you don’t have to worry about this our Kaspersky internet security is here to provide the best use of some applications which gives some relief from this problem. So when you are using Kaspersky internet security you had to add some application to exclusions in this security. Here are some steps which you will use after this.

  • You have to open the setting of Kaspersky internet security and choose additional > Threats and Exclusions.
  • Select Manage exclusions or specify trusted applications.
  • Then you can select the file to exclude from the scan scope through Kaspersky internet security.
  • After that, you have to open the exclusion window and click on the Add
  • Then in the new extension window, you can click on the browse and select the folder of your file.
  • In the object, option enter the name of the threats as according to antivirus
  • Then in the box of the protection components select the checkboxes for the components.
  • That, you have to select one option from two of these which is active or inactive.
  • Then the last one is you have to click add new exclusion and it will ready for you.

Final Verdict

So this is the complete process for adding a new exclusion in your Kaspersky internet security and finish a preventing which you face in your website loading. This is the best and most simple way of doing this. So the use of Kaspersky antivirus or Kaspersky internet security is always best for you. You can go with this for any kind of problem if you are facing related to antivirus protection or virus threats.