Why Does My VPN Keep Disconnecting? – How To Fix It in 2024

Usually, VPN works very well & it’s an excellent security tool. But like any other software, VPNs sometimes have technical problems. So, why does my VPN keep disconnecting? 

In my verdict, if your VPN keeps disconnecting, then most probably the data packets are blocked or lost between your device & VPN server. This problem occurs due to your network connection, your router, or VPN client issue. 

So, what is the reason behind your VPN keep disconnecting & reconnecting frequently? To help you solve this most common issue with VPNs. I’ve compiled a complete guide on how to fix this issue. 

In Hurry? Here Are 5 Common Connection Issues & How To Fix Them

If you’re short on time then you can read the most common issue you’ll find in connection issues & how you can fix them. 

  • VPN connection has too much latency – The easiest way to fix this problem is to go for a premium VPN like ExpressVPN
  • Disconnection issue – You can fix this issue by using a different Wifi Network or by changing the DNS server. 
  • VPN won’t connect – This issue occurs due to login credentials &  try to disable your Firewall & Antivirus if you’re using them. 
  • VPNs keep crashing – You’ve to update or reinstall your VPN to the latest version. 
  • Software issue – Try to update your operating system or VPN software to solve this problem. 

10 Reasons Why My VPN Keeps Disconnecting 

Here’s a list of some common reasons why VPN disconnecting by itself & how you can fix all these issues have been also mentioned below.  

  • VPN connection has too much latency
  • Network Connection issue
  • You’ve reached your VPN’s device limit
  • VPN client is outdated
  • An issue with VPN protocol
  • Overcrowded VPN server
  • Your ISP blocking VPN traffic
  • Antivirus & Firewall is getting the way
  • The device’s Battery saving mode is enabled 
  • Other VPNs Installed on your device

VPN Connection Has Too Much Latency

vpn connection latency

VPN creates an encrypted tunnel between your device and VPN server. Basically, In every ten seconds, your device sends a message to the VPN server to maintain a connection. 

If the server takes more than 120 seconds to respond, then the VPN encrypted tunnel closed automatically, and your device will disconnect. Therefore, a slow connection caused the connection to drop. 

How To Fix My VPN Connection Latency Issue

Connect to a nearby VPN server to lower the latency. If your VPN has a quick connection feature then use it because it’ll automatically connect you to the fastest server. Or you can change your VPN also to the fastest VPN.

You can go for the 2-year plan of ExpressVPN to save upto 49% off. ExpressVPN is the fastest VPN along with you’ll get unique features. 

Network Connection Issue

The issue is related to your wifi network, broadband connection or your router. If you’ve got a weak internet connection to your wifi network or mobile data signal, then you’ll see the result in the VPN connection dropping. 

This problem occurs if your network doesn’t have bandwidth support & shared with lots of other people, which can make the VPN connection less stable & cause Network connection issues. 

How To Fix Network Connection Issue

Your VPN may disconnect and reconnect randomly if there is any fault in your network connection.  If your VPN has a kill switch enabled, it may also appear your VPN turning off your wifi. 

You can confirm if your VPN keeps disconnecting cause of network connection problems. 

  • Try to connect to a different device on the same network. Because if your VPN also disconnecting on other devices then the problem is with your network, not a VPN. 
  • Try connecting to a different network. On a mobile device, you try using a data connection instead of wifi or vice versa. If your VPN work on data and not on wifi then most probably the problem is with your network. 
  • Try connecting using a different server. If you’re using an ethernet cable connecting to the router then try a new or fresh cable. Because faulty cable cause network connection to drop. 

You’ve Reached Your VPN’s Device Limit

reached your vpn device limit

On average, VPN companies offers to use their subscription for upto 6 devices. So, if you’re trying to connect to one another additional device, then the VPN fails to connect. You’ll get the notification of “Connection limits reached”.

How To Fix VPN’s Device Limit

Disconnect one of your devices that you’re not using with your VPN account. You can disconnect it from the dashboard of your VPN normally. Either you can go with Surfshark VPN because this VPN provides unlimited connections. 

VPN Client Is Outdated

It’s a very common problem, if you’re using an outdated VPN client, you’ll likely get frequent disconnects. Because generally, outdated apps experience bugs and software issues that cause VPN disconnects. 

How To Fix Outdated VPN Client

The solution is actually pretty simple to update your VPN client to the latest version. You can update or you can download the newest version of the VPN client.

An Issue with VPN Protocol

Basically, VPN protocol is a set of rules that determines the establishment of a VPN connection. VPN protocols like OpenVPN, and Lightway might cause conflicts with a VPN protocol. 

So, your VPN keeps disconnecting and connecting if you’ve any problem related to the protocol.  

How To Fix VPN Protocol Issue

Choose different secure VPN protocols, if you use a high-quality VPN service then you’ll get a secure VPN protocol. 

Here’s the list of secure protocols that you should use to avoid connection problems. 

  • OpenVPN TCP – OpenVPN is the leading VPN protocol in the industry. It’s best for security & speed. 
  • WireGuard – It’s a modern protocol that’s supported by many top-rated VPNs. If you’re using in a mobile phone then WireGuard is better than OpenVPN.
  • Lightway TCP or UDP – This protocol is owned by ExpressVPN only. 
  • IKEv2/IPSec – This protocol is mostly used in mobile VPN apps because it’ll be easy `to switch between wifi & mobile data. 
  • L2TP/IPSec – Basically, it’s based on UDP. 

Overcrowded VPN Server

Because of too many active users connected to same location server this issue occurs. When you connect to the overcrowded server, the speed of the connection becomes very slow & VPN keeps disconnecting. 

How To Fix Overcrowded VPN Server

It’s actually pretty simple, You just have to connect to a different VPN server, ideally, you should connect to the low server load. For the best results, I recommend aiming for 30-40% or less. 

Your ISP Blocking VPN Traffic

Some countries have very strict rules on the use of VPN services. Countries such as North Korea, Iraq, and Belarus, have outlawed VPN completely, while countries like China & Russia limit the usage of VPNs. 

If you’re using VPN in countries like China which is actually a highly censored country, then it’s possible ISP (Internet Service Provider) blocks VPN traffic. 

How To Fix ISP Blocking VPN Traffic 

To solve this issue, you need to use VPN that has a build feature to hide VPN traffic, called “Obfuscation” or “Stealth mode”. This stops the censor from identifying your VPN traffic and reduces the chance of blocking. 

Antivirus & Firewall Is Getting The Way 

Antivirus & Firewall interfere with VPN connection. If these security tools scan VPN connections too much then they automatically down the speed very frequently

How To Fix Antivirus & Firewall Issue

This one is the easiest fix you just have to whitelist the VPN program inside Antivirus & Firewall software. Remember not to disable Firewall & Antivirus at a security risk. Most people disable Antivirus at security risk but you don’t have to do it instead of that you can whitelist VPNs. 

The Device’s Battery Saving Mode Is Enabled

Some devices have battery saving mode that interferes in connection that’s why VPN keep disconnecting. For example, sometimes the devices forcefully shut down VPN apps or connections when your battery is down. 

How To Fix Battery Saving Mode

First, turn off your device’s battery-saving mode. By turning off your battery-saving mode you can fix this issue. 

Other VPNs Installed On Your Device

If you’ve installed multiple VPN apps on your device then it might cause a network driver issue. If that happens, you’ll not able to connect to the server or VPN will automatically disconnect every few minutes. 

How To Fix Multiple VPN Issues?

You’ve to uninstall all the other VPNs that you’re not using and keep one VPN that you’re going to use. NordVPN will be the best VPN for multiple devices. So, uninstall unused VPN apps and try premium VPN to fix the problem. 

3 Best VPN For Relaible Connection In 2024

3 best vpn for relaible connection

I’ve mentioned the top 3 VPNs for reliable connection that will avoid my VPN keep disconnecting & reconnecting problems. 

  • ExpressVPN
  • NordVPN
  • CyberGhost

ExpressVPN – #1 VPN For Fast Connection

ExpressVPN is one of the fastest VPNs available in the VPN industry. ExpressVPN has more than 3000+ servers in 94+ countries. I’ve used this VPN to steam Deadpool on Netflix & this VPN performs really well with high-quality video. 

Generally, the plans of ExpressVPN are expensive but they’ll be worth buying. You can go for an ExpressVPN coupon code to get an instant 49% discount. 

  • Fast speed server 
  • AES 256-bit encryption
  • Strict No-logs 
  • 5 simultaneous device connection 

NordVPN – Best For Stable Connection

NordVPN will be the best VPN if you’re looking for a VPN that provides a stable connection. NordVPN offers 5500+ servers in around 59+ countries so, it’ll be easy for you to connect to a nearby server for a stable connection. 

You can check this VPN for streaming purposes is it stable or not? But in my opinion, if your VPN keeps disconnecting, NordVPN is best in providing stability for your connection. Even if you go for NordVPN 3-year plan, then it’ll cost you just  $2.89/month

  • AES 256-bit Encryption 
  • Lightning fast server 
  • Support torrenting & P2P 
  • 6 simultaneous connection 

CyberGhost – Easy To Use With Reliable Connection  

CyberGhost is an intuitive app, it’s easy to install & use. For new users, CyberGhost will be the best in reliable connection along with easy to use interface. CyberGhost server network of 9500+ servers in 91 countries which makes this VPN one of the largest service providers. 

When we talk about the plans of CyberGhost, you can get upto 82% discount on CyberGhost 2 year plan which is actually a huge discount. 

  • Superfast speed 
  • Huge server base
  • 7 simultaneous device connection 
  • Strict No-log with Kill switch feature

How To Fix “Why Does My VPN Keep Disconnecting Android”?

You can try below mentioned quick steps to fix your VPN disconnecting problem on Android. 

Update Your VPN Software 

  • First, open Google play store on Android
  • Tap on the Profile icon
  • Now, tap on Manage apps & devices 
  • Find your VPN app & update to the latest version. 
  • Test your VPN & check whether your issue resolved

Reinstall Your VPN Software

  • Open the Google play store app 
  • Tap profile icon
  • Tap Manage apps & devices.
  • Then, tap on Manage 
  • Tap your VPN app & uninstall it. 
  • Come to the Google play store & search your VPN app & reinstall it. 
  • Reinstalling the app will reset its setting you’ll need to log in again
  • Make sure the kill switch enabled
  • Now, check your VPN is the issue resolved or not? 

Clear VPN Application Cache

  • Go to Settings 
  • Tap on the Apps & notifications
  • Tap on See all apps
  • Find the VPN app and select the app
  • Select storage & cache
  • Select clear cache
  • Then, Select Clear Data
  • Test your VPN to check issue is resolved or not

Power Saving Disable

Sometimes power saving features interfere with the VPN connection. You can try to disable power saving mode but remember battery charge will not last long. 

  • Open the Settings 
  • Select the Battery
  • Turn off Low Power Mode
  • Go back to Settings by tapping in the top left
  • Select General
  • Select Background App Refresh
  • Turn it off
  • Test your VPN to see whether the issue is resolved

Reset Device Network Settings 

  • Go to Settings
  • Find System at the bottom
  • Tap Reset options, If it’s not shown, select advance option
  • Select Wi-Fi reset, mobile & Bluetooth
  • Tap Reset Settings

How To Fix “Why Does My VPN Keep Disconnecting On iPhone”?

The fix VPN disconnecting & reconnecting on iPhone will be the same as on Android mostly. So, you can follow above-mentioned steps and fix your VPN connection. 

  • Update your VPN software
  • Reinstall your VPN software
  • Clear VPN application cache
  • Power saving disable
  • Reset device network settings 

How Do I Stop My VPN Disconnecting & Reconnecting?

It actually depends on your VPN, and why your VPN isn’t connecting. I’ve created a list of why VPN keep disconnecting. For example, If you’re trying to connect a VPN in a country where a strict internet firewall exists like China, the VPN wouldn’t work. 
Other than that there are plenty of reasons that you can stop the VPN disconnecting problem which is mentioned above. 

What can I do to Fix a VPN that won’t connect?

If your VPN is not connecting, then there is an issue with either your network or with the VPN software itself. First, test your network connection & make sure it can support the VPN connection. If you find any problem, you can connect to an alternative network.
If your internet connection is Ok, Then, you’ve to check your VPN software like is it updated or not. If not you’ve to update to the latest version or you can also reinstall your VPN app. By that, you can fix your VPN software and allow VPN to connect smoothly. 

Why Does My VPN Keep Disconnecting? – Bottom Line

There are many reasons why is my VPN disconnecting. Some of the most common ones include an outdated VPN client & VPN connection latency. 

I’ve covered most of the reasons why does my VPN keeps disconnecting & how to fix all of these issues. You should consider to use good vpn service provider to fix this VPN disconnecting  issue. I hope you’ll get all the information related to this question.