Apple Music Not Working With VPN 2024 [Fix Issue Apple Music]

Struggling with Apple Music not working with VPN? You’re not alone many people are facing this same issue. One is the possibility that your VPN setup is not correct Don’t worry. Our complete guide offers you a quick and easy solution to get your music streaming back on track.

In this article, we are here to fix your issue so Continue reading this article with us and explore the reason why Apple Music not working with VPN. We guide you step by step on how to fix this issue. You can also choose NordVPN for the best music experience.

Why Is Apple Music Not Working With VPN?

With the use of VPN Apple Music app runs very smoothly. Sometimes many users face Apple Music not working with a VPN. there are some reasons behind this error here are some of the most common reasons.

  • You might be using the outdated version of Apple Music or the VPN.
  • Your IP address got blocked due to various reasons.
  • It might be the server issue with Apple Music VPN.
  • Your connection is not very stable.
  • DNS server error.

Here are some major issues behind Apple Music not working with VPN on your device. Easily you can fix this error by following these simple step

How To Fix Apple Music Not Working With VPN?

How To Fix Apple Music Not Working With VPN?

Apple Music uses blackout restrictions and geo-blocking, so a VPN will often not work. 

  • Disable your VPN and test if Apple Music works normally without it.
  • Clear cache/cookies in your browser and app.
  • Connect to a VPN server located in the same Apple Music region as your Apple ID account.
  • Try different VPN protocols like WireGuard Or OpenVPN for faster speeds.
  • Ensure your VPN app is updated to the latest version.
  • Contact Apple Music customer support if the issue persists for help.
  • Use a reliable VPN service designed to bypass geo-blocks.
  • As a last resort, subscribe to the international version of Apple Music International which removes blackout restrictions.

Choosing a VPN server in your Apple Music viewing region with fast speeds to avoid detection. Apple Music is active in blocking many VPNs so a dedicated sports streaming VPN is ideal.

5 Easy Ways To Fix Apple Music Not Working With VPN?

Here are 5 Easy Ways To Fix Apple Music Not Working With VPN. You can fix this error by following these simple steps.

  • Check your Internet
  • Update the VPN
  • Clear browser cache
  • Open Apple Music in a Private Window
  • Reinstall the VPN
  • Contact customer support

Check Your Internet

First, You can check your internet connection if your internet not working properly that’s why your Apple Music Not Working With VPN. Switch your Wi-Fi internet to mobile internet this can fix your issue most of the time bad internet is the reason for all the errors you face.

Update the VPN

You can Update the VPN sometimes users do not buy a paid version of the VPN this is one of the reasons your Apple Music not working with VPN. Because the free version of VPN is not good enough to provide the best internet speed.

Clear Browser Cache

Clear the Browser cache and VPN cache then your VPN will be reset. When you clear your Browser and VPN cache all saved data has been removed from your browser. After clearing the cache reopen the VPN this is how you can fix Apple Music not working with VPN.

Open Apple Music In A Private Window

You can open Apple Music in a private window and check whether Apple Music running or not. because sometimes you can’t open some sites in a normal window. If you want to fix Apple Music not working with VPN then open it in a Private window and your data also not be saved.

Reinstall The VPN

If a VPN Creates an issue on Apple Music not working then you can uninstall or reinstall again the VPN. these steps may help you out from Apple Music not working with VPN.

Contact Customer Support

After following all the steps if Apple Music not working with VPN you can contact customer support they will definitely help you out about why your VPN Not working with Apple Music.

By simply following these steps you can easily Fix Apple Music Not Working With VPN and enjoy your listening on Apple Music.

Which Is The Best VPN For Apple Music?

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  • Browser proxy extension

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How Can I Change My Apple Music Region To Match My VPN?

You can easily change your Apple Music Country by updating your account information and billing address. You can only switch countries once a year 

Can I Be Banned From Apple Music For Using A VPN?

No, Apple does not ban accounts directly for VPN usage. If you break some guidelines and Violate terms apple sends you a notice in your email, then your access to content or account may be disabled.

Are Some Apple Music Songs Not Available In Certain Countries?

Yes, you can access different regional libraries on Apple Music with a VPN. Licensing deals find out which songs or albums are available in each country.

Is It Illegal To Use A VPN To Access Other Apple Music Regions?

No. It is not illegal to use a VPN to access other Apple Music regions. But if you break any type of guidelines of the Apple service apple defiantly blocks your music app.