ExpressVPN Not Working With Disney+ [Guide To Fix]

Find out why ExpressVPN not work with Disney Plus in 2024. Get a complete guide to fix ExpressVPN not working on Disney+ and enjoy streaming your favorite movies and shows on Disney Plus without buffering.

Are you looking for the perfect solution for your ExpressVPN not working with Disney+? If yes, then you have come to the right place, in this blog we are going to provide an easy and perfect solution to get rid of the Disney+ not working issue with ExpressVPN.

Disney+ is an American subscription video-on-demand on the best and most popular streaming service owned by Disney Entertainment. It has a huge number of benefits including a standard subscription price and you can watch your favorite activities and shows.

Why Is ExpressVPN Not Working With Disney Plus In 2024?

If Disney Plus not working with ExpressVPN, there could be several reasons such as:

  • VPN Identification: When you access Disney+ with ExpressVPN, Disney actively detects that you are using a VPN to unblock it and then blocks it. Disney+ uses advanced methods to identify VPN servers and block their IP addresses instantly.
  • ExpressVPN, being a popular VPN service, some of its IP addresses may be detected and blocked by Disney+. So you can sometimes face Disney+ working with ExpressVPN error.
  • Server Load: Using ExpressVPN to access Disney+ can sometimes be overloaded and congested due to high demand. This may result in slow internet connection speeds because of which you suffer with ExpressVPN not working with Disney Plus error.
  • Outdated ExpressVPN Version: Verify that you are applying the most recent version of ExpressVPN. So update the version so that bug fixes and improvements can be made that can solve compatibility issues with Disney+.
  • Incompatible Servers: If the server you are connected to is not compatible then your ExpressVPN will not be able to work with Disney. So choose a server where Disney+ is available.

These are the common reasons for why Disney+ is not working with ExpressVPN issue happens.

How To Fix ExpressVPN Not Working with Disney+ Issue? [5 Fixes]

5 Ways To Fix ExpressVPN Disney Plus Not Working

If you are still facing issues then you should take a look at how to fix Disney Plus not working with ExpressVPN. You can try the following troubleshooting steps to fix the ExpressVPN not working with Disney Plus issue:

  • Connect to a Different Server: Terminate your VPN connection to the current server & pick a new server location to connect with. Sometimes a particular server may be blocked by Disney+ while others may still work.
  • Clear browser cache and cookies: Clearing your browser’s cookies and cache may help you resolve connectivity issues. Go to your browser settings > look for “Clear browsing data” > select Cookies and Cached Files. > Restart your browser and try connecting to Disney+ again
  • Use a Different Device: If you are facing the ExpressVPN not working with Disney Plus issues on a particular device then you should try different device to access Disney+ using ExpressVPN.
  • Update ExpressVPN: Ensure that the ExpressVPN app is running at the most recent version. This helps fix bugs and improve compatibility issues with Disney+ when you update.
  • Contact ExpressVPN support team: If after taking all the steps you are still having the same problems, you should contact ExpressVPN’s support team. They may provide more specific troubleshooting steps that may be helpful in accessing Disney+.

Disney+ is a streaming platform with largest content library but sometimes you face trouble while watching. Consider all the steps and get rid of Disney Plus not working with ExpressVPN problem.

How To Connect ExpressVPN With Disney+? [Quick Steps]

After analyzing why ExpressVPN not working with Disney+ we are sharing a brief guide on using ExpressVPN to watch Disney+.

Just follow the steps to properly setup ExpressVPN for streaming Disney+:

  • Subscribe to ExpressVPN (cause of its incredible speed and extensive network and it is the best Disney+ VPN)
  • Install ExpressVPN after downloading.
  • Start app & login ExpressVPN.
  • Open the Disney+ website and choose the US server.
  • Enjoy watching Disney+ with ExpressVPN.

Once you followed this procedure, Disney Plus is not working ExpressVPN issue will not arise again.

Why Is ExpressVPN Required For Disney+ Streaming Worldwide?

ExpressVPN has well-optimized servers for Disney+ streaming around the world. It is able to securely access all types of restricted content on Disney+ without getting detected with its regularly updated servers.

With ExpressVPN you can stream Disney+ in 4K video quality which gives a speed of around 25 Mbps. This means that you can stream your favorite movies and shows smoothly without any buffer and lag issues.

If you ever encounter ExpressVPN not working with Disney Plus problem, then you can try one of the methods given above to fix it.

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Using ExpressVPN To Watch Disney+

Below we have listed some of the advantages and disadvantages of using ExpressVPN to watch Disney+ without any buffering.


  • Fastest VPN for Disney+ streaming with minimal lag.
  • Logs are not kept.
  • For streaming services like Disney+, Netflix, and Hulu, the security is extremely high.
  • Live chat help is offered continuously.
  • High-speed 3000+ ExpressVPN servers in 94 countries.


  • High-pricing plan.

Getting ExpressVPN is a bit expensive but no worries we have the ExpressVPN Lifetime plan which helps you save with huge discounts at the time of purchase. Also, you get 24*7 live customer support if you get ExpressVPN not working with Disney+ issue.

So without thinking much just use this plan and improve your streaming experience with ExpressVPN.

Best ExpressVPN Server For Disney+ Streaming

If you connect to the best servers of ExpressVPN then you will never get any kind of buffering and glitch issues while watching Disney+.

Here we have listed some of the best and most reliable ExpressVPN servers for streaming Disney+:

  • US Servers
  • UK Servers
  • Japan Servers
  • France Servers
  • Canadian Servers

If you connect to these servers, you will never face issues like buffering and glitches. Neither you will see ExpressVPN not working with Disney Plus problem. So you can stream your favorite movies and shows with the fastest speed and best video quality.

Is ExpressVPN Safe To Use With Disney Plus?

Yes, it is. Using ExpressVPN to stream Disney+ is safe because it is trustworthy & highly rated service provoder. This means that you can stream your movies and shows without buffering and lag issues.

Why Is ExpressVPN Not Working With Disney+ In India?

As  ExpressVPN does not have Indian servers, it is obvious that Disney+ not working with ExpressVPN in India. But you can use Indian virtual location via Singapore & UK with ExpressVPN. 

Can ExpressVPN Be Used For Disney+?

Yes, using ExpressVPN with Disney Plus works really well. You will be able to watch your favorite films or TV series on Disney Plus in 1080p HD video quality thanks to 3000+ and extremely fast ExpressVPN servers.

Winding Up

As we discuss why ExpressVPN not working with Disney Plus, I hope you have found your solution. If you face the same issue, just follow the steps mentioned above for quick fix. Don’t compromise your favorite movies and shows streaming experience with just minor problems.

ExpressVPN is the best option to use with Disney+ but sometimes it does not work well and there can be many reasons. So follow the troubleshooting steps given by us to solve your Disney+ not working with ExpressVPN issue.