13 Best Free NFL Stream Sites In 2022

Free NFL Stream Sites

NFL (National Football League) is the most popular than any other sport in America. Not just Americans, but also several fans around the world enjoy the NFL throughout the season. You’ll find multiple cable channels telecasting NFL. You can stream it on paid streaming sites and on free streaming websites also. 

NFL is available everywhere form from TV channels to online platforms like (SlingTV & FuboTV) and there are many NFL free stream sites also available. 

However, NFL is only available for US viewers if you’re outside the country then you cannot stream it. To watch NFL you’ll need a US IP address. So, that means you’ve to use VPN to stream NFL outside the location. 

Basically, VPNs bypass geo-restricted sites securely & You’ll just have to connect with a US server that’s it. After that, you can easily stream NFL from anywhere. You can use best VPN for streaming NFL for buffer-free streaming.

Here, we will talk about free NFL stream sites only. Below is the list of high-quality (HD) and reliable free NFL stream sites. 

13 Best Free NFL Stream Sites in 2022 [Quick Overview]

Short time? Check out our list of the top 13 best NFL free stream sites. You can easily stream live matches or watch highlights on your device for free if you choose any of these.

  1. USTV GO
  2. Stream2Watch
  3. 123 TV
  4. Live Soccer TV
  5. Live TV
  6. StreamNFL
  7. CricFree TV
  8. NFLBites
  9. Hulu
  10. BuffStreams
  11. BossCast 
  12. CBS Sport
  13. ESPN

Let’s discuss each of them one by one. 


ustv go free NFL stream site

USTV GO is our first pick because it’s a user-friendly and reliable site to stream NFL. The streams open up on the website, so you don’t have to worry about pop-up ads. Its built-in media player quickly loads videos without buffering even if your internet connection were slow. 

USTV GO is a full site that carries above 93 channels of American TV, from TBS to USA Network & news channels like MSNBC. That means you can stream other professional sports from NBA Basketball to SEC Football and many more without any restrictions freely.  

This will be the best pick if you want to stream free NFL. 



If you are a sports enthusiast then you must have heard about this Stream2Watch website. It’s a most popular free NFL stream site, especially in recent years. The live-going matches can be easily found on the website also. 

The streaming links on Stream2Watch are quite reliable & high quality. To access them you just need to create a free account. The content on Stream2Watch is available in different qualities such as 720p and 1080p. You’ll also access football, basketball, soccer, and tennis as well. 

You may find annoying ads and broken links but the overall quality of this website is amazing. 

123 TV

123 tv free NFL stream sites

Another favorite free NFL stream site for sports enthusiasts. 123 TV provides an entire subpage dedicated to a free NFL live stream. Basically, its interface is pretty simple for users. It is organized in channels, not as programming. The benefit of this is you don’t have to know the station of the NFL broadcast. 

123 TV live stream for various channels like ESPN, ESPN 2, CBS Sports, FOX Sports 1, 2 NBC Sports, etc. Most important you are not bothered by ads and annoying redirection while loading. In my experience, it is pretty good and at least for once, you can try 123 TV.

Live Soccer TV

Live Soccer TV free NFL stream sites

This is another one of the best free NFL Stream sites that offer plenty of options along with NFL. When you go to the Free football TV page in the American Football section, then you’ll see they provide live streams through various providers. 

There are plenty of other options available like soccer, rugby, and cricket. The user interface of Live Soccer TV is also pretty good for newcomers. Live Soccer TV is well organized each section of the site breaks up into teams, matchups & channels.

Live TV

live tv free NFL stream sites

This Russian-based Live TV is one of the most reliable streaming sites on the web. It offers different languages to browse including English. Even you can chat with other users in a live match.

You can simply click on the sports of your choice. If users click on the soccer, boxing, or boxing icon for example. Then you’ll redirect to the larger page of the upcoming broadcast where you can select American football. There you can stream all NFL live games. 


streamnfl free NFL stream sites

As its name implies, StreamNFL you’ll easily understand it is made for streaming NFL. You don’t need an account to sign up, just click and go. When matches are about to play, links were uploaded for streaming by fans. 

StreamNFL has even a section on the site to organize games by the club. They also have a stream of WWE, MLB, and Nascar. 

But redirection to broken links, illegal streams, or sign-up is always a possibility. Pop-up ads also create a problem so, if you want to avoid these problems then you’ll need a VPN that blocks ads & third parties snooping. 

CricFree TV

crickfree tv free NFL stream sites

It is also one of the free NFL stream sites that broadcast other sports as well. Actually, CricFree mostly streams Cricket. However, you can also stream football, soccer, golf, rugby, etc. 

With CricFree TV you will face annoying pop-up ads problem. Since this website doesn’t host its content, you’ll be redirected to geo-restricted live streams of games or different sites. This might be possible you’ll face even more pop-up ads. Other than that you’ll get complete NFL coverage


nflbite free NFL stream sites

The founder of subreddit r/NFL Streams created this free site NFLBites. Basically, this site provides a table of reliable streams half an hour before kickoff. You can choose any one of them if one is cut out then you have got a variety of backup options

However, this site doesn’t guarantee your online safety and security. So, you have to use VPN to secure your online privacy. The advantage you’re getting is that NFLBites is dedicated to NFL


Hulu free NFL stream sites

The function of Hulu is the combination of Netflix and Sling TV, providing Shows & Live TV both. NFL sports basically live on Fox, ESPN,  NBC, CBS, FS1, and regional sports channels. 

This one is paid but you just have to pay $5.99 per month the minimum amount and you can get the benefits of Hulu and stream NFL along with many other sports. Even if you’re facing a problem accessing Hulu cause of geo-blockage then don’t worry, there are many VPN for Hulu available. 


Buffstreams free NFL stream sites

BuffStreams is a straightforward & one of the best free NFL stream sites. On the homepage you can on the Live Now button and click what games are happening. You can click on the upcoming matches and see what’s on the schedule for the day. 

You can stream standard definition mode but if you want to access HD, then you’ll be redirected to sign up and register

This site is well organized and you can stream NFL in high quality without any buffering. 


Bosscast free NFL stream sites

For National Football League fans BossCast is another solid choice. Here you’ll get total access to channels like ESPN, FOX, NFL Network, and many more. These channels cover local markets and primetime NFL games

BossCast covers plenty of other options for NBA and NHL games. Even streams of all sports channels to access the UK market. You can search anything by games or channels. Easy to use interface helps you a lot but aggressive pop-up ads maybe redirect you to different irrelevant sites. 

CBS Sport

CBS sports free NFL stream sites

CBS Sport is not just for streaming NFL but it also offers news and videos related to sporting events or sports. It is easy to download for users and you just need to register or sign up to watch content on this website. 

CBS Sport offers NHA, NFL, NBA, NCAA, MLB, MMA, FOOTBALL, NGO, etc. You can enjoy a high-quality stream without buffering with CBS Sport. You’ll get Sport-related information, highlights, results, and many more interesting sports trivia. 


Espn free NFL stream sites

On this platform, you can watch almost any ongoing sports match which makes ESPN the best free NFL Stream site. ESPN provides a high-quality streaming experience through internet providers like Sling TV, Cox, Hulu, etc. 

ESPN also provides up-to-date services like scores, news, highlights, and many more. For football, basketball & tennis fans it is the best free platform. So, you should definitely try ESPN. 

How To Stream NFL Games Safely For Free?

Actually, all free NFL Stream sites are not totally secure. Sites claim to pull their broadcast from the public domain, but there is no guarantee where they originated from. 

You have to deal with pop-up ads and cookies if you stream from free stream sites of NFL. So, I would suggest you use VPN before visiting these free NFL stream sites to protect your data. Because VPN gives you online security and privacy and protects you from hackers. 

Can I Stream NFL Games For Free?

Yes, of course, you can stream NFL with the help of free NFL stream sites like USTV GO

Stream2Watch, 123 TV, Live Soccer TV, and many more. We have already mentioned the list of best NFL free streaming sites. 

Since they are not approved by NFL, so you might be at risk of accessing the NFL illegally

But there is a solution you can use a good VPN that comes with a no-log policy and complete IP masking to stream NFL. Because it hides your location and doesn’t track your activity. 

Let’s Wrap Up

If you want to watch NFL then plenty of options are available. Whether you’re trying to access the American Platform from anywhere or want to explore the free option to stream NFL. You can check out the list of the 13 best free NFL sites above that we’ve already discussed. 

You’ll need a VPN to unblock or stream these free NFL stream sites for a secure and buffer-free internet connection. By using VPN you’ll be anonymous and keeps you safe from third-party snoops.