Download IPVanish Chrome Extension: Setup & Install Guide

Download IPVanish Chrome Extension

Download IPVanish chrome extension and get the greatest security features. Get a secure internet connection with IPVanish for Chrome OS for easy and quick protection. So here is a complete guide to download or set up IPVainsh on Chrome extension. Keep reading this guide and easily add IPVanish to chrome extension.

What Is IPVanish Chrome Extension?

IPVanish chrome VPN is for chrome operating system that can be used with Chrome browser. For this, you have to download IPVanish app on your operating system and connect with IPVanish quickly.

IPVanish chrome app is not a chrome extension but it is more secure than that. If you use a chrome extension that will only make your browsing experience better but IPVanish chrome app will provide you with internet security.

IPVanish 2 year plan

Why Do I Need To Install IPVanish VPN Extension Chrome?

You must download IPVanish chrome extension because of the features mentioned below:

  • Safeguard On Public Wi-Fi: IPVanish VPN chrome extension keeps your online activities while using public wifi.
  • ISP Tracking: Project your network like a shield and keep it safe from ISP tracking and bandwidth throttling.
  • Online Restrictions: Can access any uncensored or inaccurate web restrictions.
  • Protection From Hackers & Cybercriminals: Chrome IPVanish VPN extension protects you against hackers and other cyber threats.

As we all know a VPN masks the real IP address that provides you the best online anonymity and freedom to perform any online activities.

IPVanish 2 year plan

How To Download IPVanish Chrome Extension?

You can simply follow the below-mentioned steps for IPVanish chrome extension download. 

  • Choose a suitable IPVanish plan and sign up for it.
  • Download IPVanish app on Chrome Web Store.
  • Now open IPVanish on Chrome and log in to your IPVanish account.
  • Choose a server location and then click on Connect button

That’s how you can easily get high-speed online privacy for safe online browsing. You can follow these simple steps and get the greatest online anonymity while surfing internet. Also, check out how to install IPVanish on Samsung Smart TV.

What Are IPVanish VPN Chrome Extension Specs?

To download IPVanish Chrome Extension you need some specs to enjoy its services.

  • Protocols: OpenVPN
  • Encryption: AES 128/ AES 256
  • Support OS: Chrome OS 11/ Android 5.1+

How Do I Add IPVanish Extension To Chrome?

Download IPVanish Chrome Extension

Here is a setup and install guide by which you can easily install IPVanish app extension chrome.

  • On your chrome OS device open Google Play store and search for IPVanish app.
  • Click on Install button to install IPVanish app and tap on Open button after installation gets completed.
  • After opening the IPVanish app log in to your account. Enter your username and password and click on Login button.
  • Then you will get a Begin Tutorial video to use IPVanish app, you can skip it if you are familiar with the app.
  • Now a Quick Connect screen will appear on your screen. Choose a preferred country, city, or server downside the Quick Connect Preferences and click on Connect button.
  • A connection request will pop up on which you’ve to tap OK.
  • Now you can see a connection status, IP address, Location, Time connected, or server which you’re connected with. You can also see a graph for connecting and disconnecting which also confirms that you connected with IPVanish server.

If still you face any difficulty to install IPVanish VPN extension chrome, then kindly contact the IPVanish customer support team. Along with this, you may also like to know how to install IPVanish on LG smart TV.

How Do I Enable IPVanish VPN Extensions In Chrome?

To enable IPVanish chrome extension you can follow these steps:

  • Select Settings 
  • Go to the Network section and choose Add Connection
  • Select Add next to OpenVPN/L2TP
  • After this, a box will appear on which you have to fill in – Service name, Provider Type, Server hostname, Username and password, OTP, Server CA certificate, or User Certificate.
  • At last, select Connect

If you are not satisfied with its VPN services then you can cancel IPVanish subscription and get a refund after 30 days.

Should I Use Free VPN For Chrome Extension?

As we always suggest to users that a free VPN is not as secure as the paid one. Also, it provides limited services and server connections. Other than this, the main factor to avoid free VPNs for chrome is they can record your sensitive data and sell it to a third party for their monetary benefits. 

So it is better to use a paid VPN instead of a free one. Get it at the lowest cost of $3.33 per month for IPVanish 2 year subscription. You can also use IP Vanish coupon codes to get an instant 70% discount on all its subscription plans.

IPVanish 2 year plan

Can I Add IPVanish Extension To Chrome On Android?

Yes, you can download IPVanish chrome extension on Android. For that, tap on + to open Chrome Web Store > Select IPVanish extension > click on Add to Chrome> launch the installation process. 

Does IPVanish Work With Chrome?

Yes, IPVanish works with chrome and even it is very easy to download IPVanish VPN chrome extension.

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