MX Player Not Available In Your Region

MX Player not available in your region is one of the commonly asked queries when users travel abroad and can’t access MX Player.

If you are one of them then, here we will guide you how to fix MX Player not available in your country error.

At first, let’s start with a quick introduction to MX Player & its availability.

In Which Country Mx Player App Is Available?

MX Player is an Indian entertainment platform that offers a huge variety of entertainment shows online only in a few countries. Here are some of the countries where MX Player is available:

  • India
  • USA
  • Nepal
  • Bangladesh
  • Canada
  • New Zealand
  • Australia
  • The UK

Why Mx Player Is Currently Not Available In Your Region?

MX player is only available in a few countries you should VPN to fix this issue.

Top 5 VPN To Use When Mx Player Not Available In Your Region 2024

If you are facing the issue of MX Player not available in your region then there are 5 VPN mentioned below that will help you to stream entertainment shows in MX Player apk without any restriction: 

NordVPN – #1 Trusted

NordVPN is one of the top choices to watch MX player in any geo-restricted area. It offers more than 5500+ ultra-fast servers all across the world making it very fast to stream in any area without any lag and buffering. NordVPN offers a vast range of premium customised servers that also provide an extra layer of security to its subscribers. 

Streaming Lag And Buffer-Free ExperienceCan’t prevent the smartphone from theft.
Offers great privacy protection
More Than 5,500 Servers All Across The World
Works best with MX Player and Netflix
Support available 24/7


Surfshark is also one of the best VPNs due to its fast providing speed for streaming videos in 4k quality. Its server network has grown rapidly over the years by reaching a good number of about 3100+ servers in more than 60+ countries and from it, you can able to access services like MX Player in geo-restricted regions.

Gives 4k quality while streaming in MX PlayerMore expensive than other VPNs
Offers an extra layer of encryption to its servers
Users can connect many devices 
Live chat and email support are available 24-hour 


ExpressVPN is very different and unique from most VPNs due to its large number of server networks and highest video quality given in MX Player apk without any lagging and buffering.

It’s also the best compatible option to securely access MX player or other streaming services without any geo-restriction. ExpressVPN also offers 24/7 live chat and email support to its subscribers.

Compatible with MX PlayerStreaming servers are not marked.
Offers 90+ servers all around the worldMore expensive than other VPNs
Personal data has not been saved of its users’
Unlimited bandwidth with Fast server speeds 
Most comfortable accessing VPN with wireless routers


CyberGhost offers fast servers in 90+ countries for consistently accessing high-quality streaming of video services in MX Player. Its fast speed and unlimited internet connection provide a seamless streaming experience and its capacity to support up to seven devices continuously makes it a family-friendly choice.

Support up to 7+ devices at onceNo option to allow local network
Stream unlimited from its unlimited bandwidthUnable to access the Great Firewall of China
Offers 7,000+ servers in more than 90 countries
Including an extra layer to its server
Live chat and email support 24/7


PrivateVPN fast servers are available in more than 60 countries, making it highly suitable for streaming videos of high quality and accessing MX player apk services when in a geo-restricted area. PrivateVPN also works with many popular streaming services and provides secure access. 

Offer a pretty fast speed server as well as boundless bandwidthLive chat support isn’t available 24/7
No-logs policy serves to protect your privacyA smaller network of just around 200 servers
Easy-to-use apps for desktop and mobile operating systems
Compatible with MX Player

How To Fix Mx Player Not Working In Your Region On Android?

If you are facing a problem with MX Player not working on Android then don’t worry.

Here are the couple of solutions mentioned below that will help to fix your problem:

  • Restart the Device
  • Check for Updates on Google Play Store or App Store
  • Clear MX Player cache data
  • Update your device software
  • Allow app permissions
  • Check your internet
  • Uninstall and reinstall the app
  • Contact customer support

How To Fix Video Not Available On Mx Player In Your Region?

Here are the steps to fix the video playback issue on MX player:

  • Open the MX Player apk.
  • Navigate to top left corner of the screen showing the three horizontal lines button.
  • Click on the Settings button shown in the drop-down menu.
  • Go to Local Player under Settings.
  • Click on the Player key under the Settings window.
  • Unselect the Play Alone option from the listed choices.

Why Mx Player Is Not Working With VPN In Your Region?

If your MX player is not working while using a VPN then don’t worry here are the steps that you can follow to fix this problem:

  • Clear your browser cache
  • Change the VPN server
  • Allow your VPN through the Firewall
  • Change your DNS settings
  • Change your VPN provider

How Do I Activate Mx Player On My Tv With VPN In Your Region?

  • Open the Home screen of your Smart TV and search for any secure VPN in the Google Play Store and download it.
  • Next, search for the MX Player app on the store with the on-screen keyboard and install the app.
  • Now first launch the secure VPN and connect to its server it will take some seconds to connect 
  • Now launch the MX player and enjoy watching your favourite entertainment show online 

Is Mx Player Available In The USA?

Yes, MX player is available in the Usa. For Android you can install it from the playstore and for iOS you can download it from the app store.

Is Mx Player Legal In The US?

Yes. MX player is completely legal in the us if the user is following government laws & regulations policy then there is no problem.

Is It Safe To Use VPN For Mx Player In Your Country?

Yes, if the user is following government laws & regulations policy then there is no problem while using MX Player with VPN.