Turbo VPN Review 2024 – Features, Pros & Cons

When it’s come to the VPN, we meant security, privacy, and trust. The money you are spending on a VPN should be worth spending. Turbo VPN is an app that is available on the play store. This app lets you browse the internet without showing your real IP address or location. With this app, you can get into any country which may have imposed restrictions. The uniqueness of this app is you don’t have to register on it or agree on any terms and conditions. It will start with just a tap. I will give you a complete review of the Turbo VPN and will tell you whether this Turbo VPN gives you full security as you want or is it able to fulfill all your meet.

About Turbo VPN

Is Turbo VPN China Based Service

Turbo VPN is a china based service. It is mainly used in mobile or we could also say that it is a mobile-only VPN. The VPN has been downloaded by around 50 million people. It provides free services to users without any limitations. This VPN does not work on desktop appliances. Turbo is very famous for Android and iOS.

What is a VPN?

A VPN is a virtual private network, which hides your IP address to prevent it from hacking and spamming. It creates a tunnel between your device and your internet connection which, encrypts all your data and traffic. With the help of some of the best VPN providers, you can browse anywhere across the country. It enables you to watch all online streaming that is restricted to your country. If you use the public free wi-fi there are many chances that your data, traffic, and your credentials.

Features of a Turbo VPN

  1. Turbo VPN provides the free server in 9 countries and paid or VIP servers in 16 countries
  2. it a mobile App VPN and works with Android and iOS
  3. it has OpenVPN, IPSec, or IKEv2 encryption protocols.
  4. Free VPN use is available.
  5. It unblocks the geo-restricted areas from the use of Netflix but with VIP subscriptions only.

Turbo VPN


Pros of a Turbo VPN

Like other free VPN Turbo VPN is much better. It provides more security than other Free VPNs and also has a good track on the free leak. It also provides some servers that work with Netflix Let have a look at the other features too.

  • Protocols and encryption- Turbo VPN uses AES-256 encryption which is reviewed as invincible. With this, you will also get the Open VPN and IPsec protocols. What else you will be needing. Open VPN is an industry-standard protocol that offers great security and speed. we could say that turbo VPN is the more secure VPN for the use of mobile.
  • No leaks detected- There are two types of major leaks DNS leak and webRTC leak. The DNS leaks exposed your original IP address to the internet service provider. webRTC leak makes your public IP address discoverable. Turbo VPN has passed all the tests there is no leak detection. It means it is safe and secure.
  • Netflix use- Some of the turbo VPN’s server works with Netflix. To watch Netflix there is a limitation with turbo VPN that you have to take a VIP service. it is not available with free servers. A VPN lets you watch all the online streaming which may have been blocked or restricted for your country.
  • No torrenting censorship- Turbo VPN helps you to protect from cybercriminals. It does not divert you from torrenting while using its service and it does not gag your bandwidth. Torrenting makes a bridge to take you to the other users to download the large files fastly and easily but it is very risky. Torrenting’s literal meaning is that you are opening your system to other users but, not all the people share the same intentions as yours. A VPN prevents you from these things.
Turbo VPn for Netflix

Cons of Turbo VPN

  • The logging policy of the Turbo VPN is questionable. They do not take the mich information about you. But, they also plan to sell your information to a third-party service which is not good for you. Logging is always an obstruction.
  • Turbo VPN comes under Chinese jurisdiction. It follows the 14- Eye alliance. This deal permits the countries around the world to keep an eye on each other users and then share the finding with the half evolved world.
  • Turbo VPN slows down the speed of your internet connection. Every VPN slows down your internet connection cause that’s the part of it but how much that matters. Turbo VPN slows your internet connection more than the other VPN
  • Turbo VPN has a very small server park and no-kill switch. If you are a paid or VIP member of a turbo VPN you can choose between the 26 servers. which is not bad or not great either as its cost equal to the nordVPN and it has over 5000 networks. It also does not [rovidec kill switch to its users.
Is Turbo VPN Good
Customer support

This VPN service has no resources, it does not provide any useful information. It has no live chat support and there is no medium to contact them directly. It does not provide any fixing guide to get the VPN working and it has no information on how the consumer can unblock content.

Turbo VPN performance

So, now have the basic knowledge of this Turbo VPN it is clear that it is for mobile use only. After testing its speed performance on the online tools what I found is, it slows down the speed of your internet connection to half.

Pricing plans

This VPN provides free service and also a 7days free trial of a VIP service. They offer $11.99 per month or get a yearly subscription of $2.99 per month for the same.

Is turbo VPN support macOS, Windows, iOS, and Android?

Yes, Turbo VPN supports macOS, Windows, iOS, and android however there is no official release for the PC system. But, there is an easy trick by that you can run the app on your PC system.

Steps to download the Turno VPN for Windows PC

  • At first, download the Bluestack emulator from their official website.
  • Install the emulator and open it.
  • Then log in to your google play account from the emulator’s interface.
  • Now open the play store and search for Turbo VPN.
  • Download and install the VPN.
  • As the installation completes, the VPN will ready to use.

Conclusion – Turbo VPN Review 2024

After reviewing all of it, what I found is, as a free service this VPN is really good and useful. It unblocks the content. This VPN does not target your browsing habits. But, it has a limitation as well as its privacy policy clearly states that the advertiser can insert the cookies into your browser to collect your data. The other things about this VPN are amazing which you cannot ignore at all.

But, due to its poor performance and poor customer support, I can not refer to its paid subscription. Yes if you want to unblock some blocked content this VPN may become very useful for you.


Is Turbo VPN trustworthy?

As it clearly states that in its privacy policy the advertiser can insert the cookies in your browser to collect the data. This could be a little risk-taking as it keeps an eye on your browsing behavior and their customer support isn’t that good so trusting this turbo VPN is doubtful.