Best VPN For Viber 2024 [Use Top 7 Viber VPN]

The best VPN for Viber will be covered in this post so you can use it in places like China, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and the UAE that block access to it.

With over 250 million users spread across 193 countries, Viber is a well-known messaging software. The software was one of the first messengers to include the now-ubiquitous free call feature, and people use it to stay in touch with friends and family all around the world.

However, several nations impose restrictions on people who attempt to access Viber VPN. The service is completely prohibited in China, for instance. Other nations just restrict VoIP capability, particularly those in the Middle East. We’ll show you how to get around them in this article so you can utilise VPN Viber to its maximum potential.

By employing a Virtual Private Network, geo-restricted access can be evaded most effectively (VPN). All internet traffic going to and from your device is encrypted by VPN before being tunnelled through a remote server outside of your present location. By doing this, your identity is concealed, making it exceedingly difficult for curious hackers or surveillance authorities to track your online activities.

What Features Should Have Best VPN For Viber?

Viber may be accessed by changing your IP address with a VPN. You might give the impression that you are somewhere else that Viber is permitted. In addition to the end-to-end encryption utilised by Viber, you also gain access to the Viber VPN encryption, making your connection even more secure and safeguarding your data and devices from malware, viruses, and government spying.

Using WiFi and other shared connections lessens their risk because a VPN encrypts not just your home connection but also the connections on your mobile devices.

However, not every VPN can provide you with secure access to a VoIP service. What you should search for in VPN for Viber to unlock restricted content.

Strict No-Logging Policy:- If your VPN keeps your data on file and distributes it with anyone including ISPs your data is in danger. Government authorities have the authority to order VPN providers to turn up their logs, but some do so more gladly than others. Choosing a supplier who doesn’t store any logs is the safest move because they have nothing to share.

Good Speeds:- Your connection will safe if you use a Viber VPN apk. The encryption procedure is mostly to blame for the performance decrease. However, a decrease in speed could impact the clarity of your Viber conversations. The top VPN for Viber address this and other performance issues, offering quick download and upload times without sacrificing security and privacy.

Excellent Server Network:- You are more likely to receive a better connection with more servers. It is also crucial that the Viber VPN has servers in nations where Viber usage is not restricted.

No Bandwidth Or Traffic Restrictions:- The quality of your Viber connection and the amount of time you can stay connected are impacted by speed caps and bandwidth limitations. Search for a Viber VPN provider that does not cap traffic at any time.

Mobile Device Compatibility:- Viber can be used on a wide range of platforms and gadgets, but mobile devices are where it is most frequently utilised. You require a VPN that works with your mobile devices if you want to safeguard your connection anywhere.

There are main points that you should check before selecting VPN for Viber. So that you don’t face any issues when using Viber on your device. Generally, VPN follows law of the nation in which they provide their service. But using it, you should check whether VPN is reliable or not.

Brief Information About Best VPN For Viber

Here is list of Viber VPN APK and there are information about their numbers of severs, monthly cost, and more. 

VPN For ViberNumber Of ServersMonthly CostAccess Viber
ExpressVPN500+ $6.67Yes
IPVanish2,000+ $10.99Yes

Best 7 VPN Viber To Have Safe Conversation

7 best VPN for Viber

There are lots of VPN in the market but few of can only access Viber. These VPN will provide you safe and fast connection. You can also use these VPN for Phone Calls which are:

  • ExpressVPN – Best VPN For Viber
  • NordVPN – Larger Server Network VPN Viber 
  • ProtonVPN – Reliable VPN For Viber 
  • Surfshark – Secured Viber VPN Download
  • CyberGhost – Versatile Viber VPN
  • IPVanish – Flexible VPN For Viber Calls
  • VyprVPN – Safe Viber VPN Download  

ExpressVPN – Best VPN For Viber

ExpressVPN provides flawless standards, a steadfast dedication to privacy and security, and quick speeds. It’s a great option for both experienced and new users because to its clean, user-friendly layout and simplicity of setup.

The 1500+ servers scattered over 94 countries will provide subscribers with an abundance of options. All servers employ the OpenVPN protocol, 256-bit AES encryption, 4,096-bit RSA keys with complete forward secrecy, and SHA512 authentication. These encryption requirements are also very strict.

The business has a stated policy that it will not save any traffic logs at all. The service connection date (not time), location, and total bandwidth used are the only minimal metadata that are retained. Your specific IP address won’t be kept on file.

Another aspect is the service’s standard inclusion of DNS servers and DNS leak protection. There is also an internet kill switch that, in the event that the connection dies unexpectedly, will momentarily stop all traffic. It offers desktop support for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux as well as apps for both Android and iOS (command line).

One of our top VPN Viber Dubai suggestions for folks in Dubai or elsewhere in the UAE is ExpressVPN, which is also one of the few VPN that can be used in China. If you want to use Viber safely in US then you need to use VPN for USA.

Quickly Switch To Conversations With ExpressVPN For Viber
Get a good experience with ExpressVPN while talking to friends on Viber. Buy it at an affordable price now.
Get a good experience with ExpressVPN while talking to friends on Viber. Buy it at an affordable price now. Show Less

Pros And Cons Of ExpressVPN

Here are some key features of VPN for Viber and cons as well.

Pros Of ExpressVPNCons Of ExpressVPN
Reliably unblocks Viber in countries where it is restricted.Only 3 devices can be connected at the same time
Extremely fast servers are great for downloading and streaming.
Hard to beat on privacy and security
Access geo-restricted content from almost anywhere
Live customer support around the clock

NordVPN – Larger Server Network VPN Viber

Although NordVPN’s user interface may not be the most visually appealing, you shouldn’t let that detract from the fact that it does a good job with its main offering. There are quick speeds and strict encryption. The fact that the business has been operating for more than ten years is proof of the high caliber of the product it provides.

In that it still adheres to a zero-logs policy, NordVPN is comparable to IPVanish. This indicates that it doesn’t save any data on user sessions, traffic, or timestamps. With its 5400+ servers, you can access Viber in countries like Mexico, Iran, China, and other countries without any restrictions.

This strategy has helped it in the past when government authorities have asked for customer data, but there was nothing on the servers that could implicate users. Middle Eastern users might sigh with relief.

There are a whopping 1094 server options available, dispersed throughout 61 countries, which is more than enough to find one that would unblock with VPN Viber. You can use NordVPN’s premium subscription for many purposes because it is compatible with a wide variety of online streaming services, such as Netflix, Hulu, and BBC iPlayer. If you want to watch FIFA then Use VPN for FIFA world cup Qatar.

Top-notch encryption standards are used. The business employs 2,048-bit SSL keys and 256-bit AES protocol by default. The DNS leak protection feature is activated.

No.1 Choice NordVPN
Get Big Server Network With NordVPN Viber
Connect to any corner of the world safely with NordVPN and good conversation on Viber. Buy NordVPN as soon as possible and secure you connection.
Connect to any corner of the world safely with NordVPN and good conversation on Viber. Buy NordVPN as soon as possible and secure you connection. Show Less

Pros And Cons Of NordVPN

There are some advantages and disadvantages of the best VPN for Viber.

Pros Of NordVPNCons Of NordVPN 
Great value option that has no issues accessing ViberBeginners may find the user interface cumbersome
Also a great option for downloading and torrenting
Strong emphasis on security and privacy
Unblocks most streaming services with ease

ProtonVPN – Reliable VPN For Viber

Since ProtonVPN is a VPN service situated in Switzerland, it is subject to some of the strictest data privacy regulations of any VoIP provider. It’s also simple to set up, and after that, all it takes is one click to establish a safe connection and remove geo-restrictions for blocked apps like Viber.

Additionally, ProtonVPN takes fantastic care of you if you’re concerned about having a server close to your own country.You can use its 1500+ servers and connect to any of the 63 countries on the list. Not as many as CyberGhost, but not bad either!

To guarantee that no one can observe your internet data, it features AES-256 bit encryption and another encryption algorithm, ChaCha20.

You’ll be as secure as Fort Knox if you add this to solid DNS leak protection, IP leak protection, and Wi-Fi protection. The kill switch is an additional cool security feature that you should be aware of. With ProtonVPN’s handy kill switch, you can quickly disconnect everything and remove all traces if necessary.

In other words, ProtonVPN offers the discretion and variety of choices required to use VPN for Viber in any nation where it is restricted. But does ProtonVPN keep any records? Nope.

It altered its infrastructure to stop logging data, but even if it did, it wouldn’t divulge your information! Because independent specialists checked its code to see if its servers are secure, you may be certain of this!

ProtonVPN Viber offers blazingly fast speeds (up to 10 Gbps) as well! Making calls on Viber requires a lot of bandwidth and speed. image of proton vpn speed Viber advertising are yet another annoying problem. Fortunately, ProtonVPN disables them using its exclusive NetShield technology.

Do you have any concerns about using ProtonVPN on numerous devices? Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and Linux all support ProtonVPN. As a result, it functions on every platform that Viber does.

Price is the main criticism of ProtonVPN, however, in my opinion, the service is worth every penny.

Get Reliable Connection With ProtonVPN On Viber
Use ProtonVPN with Viber to have safe connectivity. It is available at affordable price so buy now.
Use ProtonVPN with Viber to have safe connectivity. It is available at affordable price so buy now. Show Less

Pros And Cons Of ProtonVPN

Know some of the key points about this Viber VPN APK so that you can choose the right one.

Pros Of ProtonVPNCons Of ProtonVPN
Super-fast speeds for HQ Viber callsNot as many servers as other VPNs
Up to 10 VPN connectionsExpensive
Toggleable Kill Switch to stop IP leaks if VPN disconnects while calling on Viber
Premium security for safe Viber interactions

Surfshark – Secured Viber VPN Download

Another excellent VPN for Viber is Surfshark. See why, will we? To ensure that none of the data travelling from your device to its servers can be read by hackers or your ISP, it employs industry-standard AES-256-GCM encryption.

Your choice of the WireGuard, IKEv2, or OpenVPN protocols is used to carry that communication. Speaking of speed, Surfshark offers blazing-fast rates of up to 10 Gbps per second. And those lightning-quick speeds are offered by 3200+ servers spread over 65 different nations.

When utilising Viber, we want to have the best possible call quality, thus this speed and flexibility are crucial. For instance, performance significantly improved when I used servers in the same area as the Viber VPN servers call I just made. 

Surfshark’s NoBorders mode allows you to access services that are blocked if you’re in a nation with limited internet access. Although it will lower your speeds, NoBorders mode is useful if you reside in one of the nations that prohibit VoIP applications, such as China or the United Arab Emirates.

A stringent no-logs policy on the VPN also ensures that no one may access your data or observe what you do there. In addition, Surfshark’s secret DNS servers and leak prevention will prevent your real IP from being revealed when you browse the internet.

Now, the built-in kill switch of Surfshark is one of my favourite features. The kill switch is essential so that you cannot accidentally reveal your personal information if your connection stops.

Surfshark offers two VPNs simultaneously in addition to a kill switch to increase your protection (MultiHop). You can browse the internet as quickly as possible when combined with an ad blocker, tracker blocker, and cookie blocker.

Viber customers need high speed as well because they don’t want choppy calls or slow video. You might be wondering how users can confirm that Surfshark’s security measures are as is effective as claimed. After all, marketing divisions frequently say whatever the target audience wants to hear.

In order to independently audit Surfshark’s technology and security procedures, external pen-testers independently audit the company. External audits are quite important for VPN users, especially when it comes to private communications.

Additionally, this VPN supports Windows, iOS, Android, macOS, Firefox, Chrome, and Linux, just like Viber does.

Surfshark Viber For Secure Connection
For having safe conversation use VPN for Viber as Surfshark. Buy it as soon as possible and secure your connection.Show More
For having safe conversation use VPN for Viber as Surfshark. Buy it as soon as possible and secure your connection. Show Less

Pros And Cons Of Surfshark

Here we have mentioned few of key features of this VPN for Viber.  

Pros Of SurfsharkCons Of Surfshark
10 Gbps connections (more than enough for call quality on Viber!)NoBorders can slow speeds
Built-in kill switch
65 countries with 3200 servers
Affordable prices
Obfuscation features
Cancel Surfshark subscription if you do not like its services

CyberGhost – Versatile Viber VPN

Just over 9,283 servers spread across 91 nations make up CyberGhost. There are certain gaps in its coverage, though, including those in China, Russia, and other nations where using a VPN is either prohibited or subject to rigorous regulations. As a result, although CyberGhost can be used to access Viber, it is not an option in nations that also forbid VPN use.

However, for those nations that do permit VPNs, CyberGhost is an efficient and useful option – a position that is reflected by its many satisfied users – because to its user-friendly interface, ability to access geo-restricted services, and constant speeds.

With 256-bit encryption, an automatic kill switch, OpenVPN protocol, and DNS and IP leak protection, CyberGhost makes sure your connection is private and secure.

CyberGhost Versatile VPN For Viber
Get safe connection with CyberGhost while having conversation on Viber. Purchase Viber VPN now and keep your data private.
Get safe connection with CyberGhost while having conversation on Viber. Purchase Viber VPN now and keep your data private. Show Less

Pros And Cons Of CyberGhost 

Pros Of CyberGhostCons Of CyberGhost
91 countries to choose fromNo independent audits of the company
No Logs
Premium security
Support for many devices
Blazing-fast server speeds for HQ Viber calls

IPVanish – Flexible VPN For Viber Calls

Another expensive VPN that doesn’t compromise on security, privacy, or encryption requirements is IPVanish. It is dependable and enables anonymous signups for individuals who are hesitant to provide personal information.

The fact that it doesn’t save any user information at all will please privacy activists. When an account is registered for the first time, that is the one and only time there is any retention. After that, the cloud is cleaned of all data.

Strong encryption standards are used by IPVanish, which by default uses SHA512 authentication, DHE-RSA 2,048 key exchange, and 256-bit encryption using the OpenVPN protocol. There is also a kill switch for the internet.

A suitable connection is always available thanks to our network of over 850 servers in 60 different locations.

Along with desktop support for Windows and MacOS, there are apps for both iOS and Android. If you want to get safe connection then use VPN for router so that you don’t need to worry about security everytime.

Because they can download the Android APK directly to their device, many users find it to be a great Kodi option. For Kodi devices without a keyboard and mouse, the interface is also remote-control friendly.

IPVanish logo
IPVanish Flexible VPN For Viber Calls
Use on every device Viber with IPVanish and get safe conversation. Call free to your friends without safety issue.Show More
Use on every device Viber with IPVanish and get safe conversation. Call free to your friends without safety issue. Show Less

To make massive savings on its subscription plans use the IPVanish discount code. This will reduce the actual cost of any IPVanish subscription and let you save more.

Pros And Cons Of IPVanish

There are some disadvantages and advantages of Viber VPN APK.

Pros Of IPVanishCons Of IPVanish
Strict no-logs policyNot independently audited
Low price with a 30-day money-back guaranteeNo double VPN
Secure 256-bit AES encryption
2000+ servers in 75+ countries
Unthrottled and unmetered connection

VyprVPN – Safe Viber VPN Download

Users who like strong encryption algorithms give VyprVPN high marks because of its cutting-edge proprietary technology. The business has been around for a while and is a somewhat experienced service, lending it some credibility. One of the few services that can get across China’s Great Firewall is this one.

The OpenVPN protocol, 256-bit AES encryption, 2,048-bit RSA keys without perfect forward secrecy. And SHA256 authentication are the encryption standards that VyprVPN uses to safeguard communication with Viber VPN. A default internet stop switch is present.

There are more than 700 servers available worldwide. Both iOS and Android have apps, and Windows and MacOS have desktop support.

VyprVPN To Download Safe Viber
Get Safe connection with VyprVPN to start group chats and calls. Use VPN for Viber to have secure connection.
Get Safe connection with VyprVPN to start group chats and calls. Use VPN for Viber to have secure connection. Show Less

Pros And Cons Of VyprVPN

There are some of main features of this VPN for Viber that are mentioned below.

Pros Of VyprVPNCons Of VyprVPN
Provides a secure, encrypted connection that works well with ViberSlightly pricier than other VPNs
Speeds are fast and stable


Here we have mentioned the best 7 VPN for Viber that you can use to get safe to connect. You can choose any VPN Viber so that you don’t get hacked by anyone. 

We would suggest you use ExpressVPN and NordVPN because they provide encrypted connections. You can use Viber from anywhere because these Viber VPN servers in all over the world. 

Should I Use Free VPN For Viber?

The possibility of using a free VPN may intrigue some users, but these only provide a small portion of the same standards as commercial alternatives.

Because most of these services are freemium, they will want you to sign up for the full plan (which requires a credit card or some other form of payment). Even if a VPN is completely free, it won’t spend money on reliable encryption standards and high-quality servers. Additionally, it may unethically place tracking cookies, harvest your data, and sell it in order to monetise by bombarding you with intrusive adverts.

Simply said, free VPN services typically impose data limits, and bandwidth limiting, and only have one or two server locations. Text messaging may be possible but forget about quick file transfers or audio calls.

Can I Use Viber With VPN?

Yes, you need to use VPN for Viber if it is restricted in your location. You can not have access Viber in China, Brazil, Mexico, and Saudi Arabia without using Viber VPN.

Which VPN Is Safe For Viber?

As there are many VPN in the market but only some of best VPN for Viber such as ExpressVPN. It has advanced VPN features so that you get safe connectivity.