Best Free VPN For Hotstar 2024 [Hotstar VPN Free]

Use the best free VPN for Hotstar in 2024. Get access to unblock geo-restricted content without any problems and enjoy streaming in Hotstar with a free VPN.

Most free VPNs reportedly compromise on security, connection speeds, unblocking capability, and server availability in target locations. But before losing all hope and buying a good premium VPN service, lend us some of your time to show you some good free VPNs to get your job done.

We tested a wide range of VPN service providers based on their features. We curated this list of the 5 best free VPN for Hotstar 2024.

Though, like a premium VPN service, you can’t expect a free VPN to offer all the features. Free VPNs offer some selected features while they cut down on other features. You have to choose the free VPN for Hotstar, one that offers your primary requirement. But before heading towards VPN for Hotstar free, let’s know the major limitations that a free VPN may have.

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What Is Often Missing From Hotstar Free VPNs?

For promoting their premium versions, free VPNs usually restrict features in free versions. The major limitations that you may find in a free VPN are:

  • Streaming: Free VPN doesn’t always let you access all sites and popular streaming platforms like Hotstar. While some VPNs can’t bypass the geo-restrictions to streaming your favorite movies or shows.
  • Resources: Being a free version, they don’t have enough resources to constantly mask your IP address and provide anonymity access to access Hotstar.
  • Security: Free VPN For Hotstar often show you ads before or while they let you use their features. Users don’t feel jumpy about it but the point here is that VPNs are using your data to tailor ads. This shows that your data is being sold to third parties.
  • Important features: Kill switches, DNS and IP leak protection, and no-log policies are rarely there in free VPN software. Hackers and ISPs can easily make use of such vulnerabilities and compromise your privacy.
  • Buffering and lags: There are limitations in speed and server locations if you use a free VPN for Hotstar 2024. You can connect to only a few countries so you often don’t get access to your targeted sites. Your internet speed gets affected and you may see occasional buffering and lags.

So, these are the major limitations linked to the use of a Hotstar VPN free. Below, we listed some of the important factors that you should look for before choosing a VPN for Hotstar free 2024.

Features To Look Out for Before Choosing Free VPN For Hotstar 2024

There are lots of features that one may find in various free VPNs. But the features that one should consider before choosing the best free VPN for Hotstar in 2024 are listed below:

  • The first and foremost point is whether the free VPN can get past geo-restriction now. Always make sure that the Hotstar VPN free, you are choosing, is capable of bypassing the restrictions and allowing a buffer-free Streaming of a target region.
  • Make sure the free VPN is not showing you annoying ads. Most often those ads are shown to you based on your online activity and site preference. This means your data is being stored and shared with a third-party organization.
  • Look out if there is a good range of servers, especially the ones that broadcast your target content. Also, the availability of a good number of servers means access to a greater amount of content.
  • Make sure the traffic from your device is encrypted while streaming your favorite movies or shows with Hotstar Free VPN.
  • Check if the free VPN limits which type of devices you are using. So it is worth checking if your preferred device is supported or not.

So, these are the features that you must look for before choosing the best VPN for Hotstar free. If you follow these above terms then you will be able to choose the best VPN to access Hotstar.

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5 Best Free VPN For Hotstar 2024

We have tested various free VPNs to watch Hotstar. Out of them, we have shortlisted the 5 best VPN for Hotstar free. Let’s have a look listed below to choose the best one according to your preference and needs.

  • Windscribe VPN: Best Free VPN for Hotstar
  • ProtonVPN VPN: High-Speed VPN Connection with Hotstar
  • TunnelBear VPN: Unlimited Devices Connection With Hotstar
  • VPNBook VPN: Fast and Secure Connection With Hotstar
  • Whoer VPN: Get Multiple Device Access With Whoer VPN

Windscribe VPN – Best Free VPN for Hotstar

Windscribe VPN for hotstar

Windscribe is a Canada-based VPN service that provides and has been operating since 2015. It is known for providing amazing securing and streaming features. It is first on our list of Hotstar VPN free due to the following features: 

  • Windscribe offers 10 locations comprising the US, UK, and Canada. This can provide access to most favorite Hotstar libraries and provide the best Movies and shows for you.
  • Users can get a 10GB monthly data limit if they sign up with an email address. Your bandwidth will also get reset after the end of each month. The amount of bandwidth is great and can help you easily stream any web series on Netflix. 
  • This Hotstar free VPN uses AES 256-bit encryption that is very secure. There is also an auto kill switch feature along with a zero-logging policy.
  • Windscribe offers an ad blocker named R.O.B.E.R.T that can also restrict malware and trackers for NetFlix as well.
  • The speeds are quite good. Very little time is needed to load the NetFlix content and few lags or buffering are observed.
  • Using Windscribe VPN you can use Hotstar, HBO GO, YouTube, BBC iPlayer, etc, and also easily access NFL live streams of your favorite matches, movies, or shows.
  • It supports a wide range of devices including Windows, macOS, iOS, Linux, Android, browsers, etc. That’s why you can get access to Hotstar on any device.

ProtonVPN: High-Speed VPN Connection With Hotstar

Proton VPN for Hotstar

The next Hotstar VPN featured in this list of best free VPN is ProtonVPN. It is a Switzerland-based VPN service provider and is a product of Proton Technologies AG. It has been operating in this industry since 2014. The major benefits linked to the use of this best VPN for Hotstar free are:

  • This one is a private and secured VPN brand that you can entrust with your data. It is also based in Switzerland, which increases its trustworthiness to use VPN for Hotstar.
  • Uses a great encryption method i.e, AES-256-bit encryption, to secure your data while streaming Hotstar free VPN.
  • This free VPN for Hotstar doesn’t cap its usage bandwidth. ProtonVPN allows you to stream as many shows as you please without any restrictions. This makes it one of the best VPN for streaming.
  • ProtonVPN gives you access to 3 servers; the US, Japan, and Holland. This means you can unblock some of the popular series with this Hotstar free VPN.
  • It is supported with Windows, Android, Mac, Linux, and iOS. Due to this, some prefer to call ProtonVPN the best free VPN for Hotstar android.
  • There is an ad-blocker that is great to get past occasional interruptions and data peeking. Stream Hotstar without any lags or buffering videos. It also protects you against malware.
  • This Hotstar VPN is capable of unblocking Hotstar, Kodi, YouTube, and many other streaming services.
  • With the ProtonVPN free VPN version, you are provided with medium speed. This speed is enough to stream Hotstar at SD quality.
Enjoy Hotstar For Free With ProtonVPN
Get ProtonVPN and enjoy Hotstar for free at an affordable cost.Show More
Get ProtonVPN and enjoy Hotstar for free at an affordable cost. Show Less

TunnelBear: Unlimited Devices Connection With Hotstar

TunnelBear For Hotstar

Tunnelbear is one of the fastest-emerging VPN service providers in today’s world. It is considered one of the best VPN Android devices to access Hotstar on your phone. It is known for offering high-quality security and privacy features to its users. This VPN is based in Canada and has been operating in the VPN industry since 2011. The major features of this VPN that make it the best free VPN for Hotstar are:

  • TunnelBear is based in Canada and they have servers across 41 countries including India. So, Hotstar users from other countries can get access to the Hotstar India library easily. This also makes it one of the best free VPN for Hotstar outside India.
  • In terms of security, TunnelBear offers a lot of the best features to safely access Hotstar. It uses AES-256-bit encryption so all your data remains safe while streaming on Hotstar.
  • TunnelBear has a dedicated free version that gives a 500 MB data limit per month. By tweeting TunnelBear, you can get an additional 1GB, so the total will be 1.5GB of data limit per month. Though the bandwidth is quite low compared to other VPN providers.
  • It also operates with a strict no-log policy for users. This means TunnelBear will never keep your session logs when you stream your favorite movies or Shows on Hotstar with VPN.
  • Offers good speed when streaming Hotstar with it, not at par with that of NordVPN. But still, it is not of the kind you would complain about.
  • Compatibility with devices is great, as it is supported with Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Chrome, Firefox, etc.
  • TunnelBear VPN is capable of unblocking Hotstar. Besides Hotstar, it also works for Kodi, YouTube, HBO GO, etc.
Free TunnelBear VPN for Hotstar
Get this TunnelBear VPN and enjoy watching Hotstar without any restrictions.Show More
Get this TunnelBear VPN and enjoy watching Hotstar without any restrictions. Show Less

VPNBook: Fast and Secure Connection With Hotstar

VPNBook VPN for hotstar

The Second last VPN that we have included in this list of best free VPN for Hotstar in 2024 is VPNBook. It is a completely free VPN service provider and doesn’t come with any paid plan. This VPN is based in Switzerland and the major features linked to this Hotstar VPN free are:

  • It offers three location servers including the US, France, and Canada, though locations can’t be switched.
  • It offers high-end AES-256-bit encryption so your data and privacy are secured and you will be able to surf Hotstar safely.
  • Just like ProtonVPN, VPNBook also offers unlimited bandwidth. So, you can stream on Hotstar as much as you want.
  • Network failure protection provides reliability and secured connection while connected to a reliable VPN. Note that it has a partial logs policy.
  • VPNBook doesn’t degrade speed while streaming on Hotstar in any way and we also don’t observe any lagging issues.
  • Besides Hotstar, it allows Netflix, and BBC iPlayer to run without any hurdles. Therefore you can use the best free VPN for Hotstar without any doubt and enjoy your shows without any interruption.

So, these are the best free VPN for Hotstar that you can use for streaming purposes. All of these are tested by us and can help you in getting the utmost streaming experience in better ways. You can also use these VPN Ome TV to video chat on a strongly encrypted & superfast VPN connection in restricted regions.

Whoer VPN: Get Multiple Device Access

Using Whoer VPN gives you multiple access to watch the Hotstar on any type of device from one account. It provides the fastest and most reliable speeds of the network that’s why you can access Hotstar easily. Whoer VPN does not keep logs and does not track the user’s actions whenever anyone surfs the internet and streams Hotstar with Whoer VPN.

Whoer VPN for hotstar
Whoer VPN
Get Multiple Device Connection Whoer VPN
Whoer VPN provides multiple device connectivity with single account access with high security of access.
Whoer VPN provides multiple device connectivity with single account access with high security of access. Show Less

The major benefits to using WhoerVPN with Hotstar:

  • Ensure comfort to safe streaming
  • high speed of connection With Hotstar
  • Get multiple device connectivity with one account
  • Access blocked sites easily
  • Unblock Hotstar in any region
  • Kill switch
  • IP Address hiding and anonymity
  • High encryption and subscription with Hotstar

VPNs like Whoer VPN provide a high network of security whenever you browse the library of Hotstar. Therefore use WhoerVPN to stream Hotstar without any types of issues.

Winding Up: Free VPN for Hotstar 2024

Free VPNs might not give you the top-notch quality that you crave. But our list of the five best free VPN for Hotstar 2024 won’t let you worry. By using these VPNs, you can unblock all the major Hotstar libraries remotely. All of them offer good security and take care of online dreads.

Also, note that free VPNs are only short-term solutions. For your consistent needs, that too with quality features, you should opt for premium VPNs. For that also we have provided Various VPN deals that make in your budget like:

Which Is The Best VPN For Hotstar?

After testing each and every Hotstar free VPN, Our team found ProtonVPN is the best free VPN for Hotstar containing lots of security features.

How Can I Watch IPL On Hotstar Outside India for Free?

You may watch IPL on Hotstar outside India by using the free VPN for Hotstar. Just download and connect your device with VPN to stream Hotstar.

Is Free VPN To Watch Hotstar Safe?

Using free VPNs for Hotstar is usually not good in security, is low in speeds does not have stable internet connections. Therefore always use a premium VPN for Hotstar to use Hotstar in a great way.