What Is ExpressVPN Dedicated IP? [Enhanced Security & Privacy]

Use ExpressVPN Dedicated IP 2024 and have all the ExpressVPN features without sharing your IP with anyone or accessing geo restricted content.

ExpressVPN is one of the most popular VPN service providers and comes with a variety of features, such as fast speed, strong security, and a large server network. With the use of a Dedicated IP, you can protect your online privacy and keep yourself anonymous.

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ExpressVPN Dedicated IP is a premium service, which means you have your own private IP address. So that you can easily have access to all the geo restricted content and no one can track you. Mostly the Dedicated IP is used by businesses, streaming enthusiasts, or people who want to get unlimited privacy. 

So if you want to use ExpressVPN Dedicated IP with all its features, then keep reading the article. Here you will get to know about the Dedicated IP of ExpressVPN, whether it offers it or not. 

What Does ExpressVPN Dedicated IP Mean?

A Dedicated IP or static IP is used by only one user, which means whoever ExpressVPN servers you connect to, your IP will also be the same. A Dedicated IP is most often used by the people who use ExpressVPN for businesses to maintain a high level of security.

The Dedicated IP of ExpressVPN can give better security, so if you’re a business owner, you can go with Dedicated IP, but if you’re not and always want to be anonymous online, you should not use it.

Also dedicated IP is static and does not change location. If ExpressVPN does not change location you won’t be able to access different country’s content.

Does ExpressVPN Have Dedicated IP?

No, ExpressVPN does not offer a Dedicated IP. This is because you only have one dedicated IP which does not keep your anonymous online. Instead of providing the ExpressVPN Dedicated IP, it offers dynamic IP addresses. These IPs are tuned regularly by the users. 

This helps users protect their privacy and anonymity. With the use of an ExpressVPN Dedicated IP, you can access most of the geo restriction content in a specific country, but not all.

Why Do You Need ExpressVPN Dedicated IP?

Need of expressvpn dedicated IP

There are some of the most important benefits that you can get from a Dedicated IP with ExpressVPN. 

  • Improved Security: A Dedicated IP can give you an extra layer of security for your website or online services. so that it can make it more difficult for attackers and hackers to spy on your online activity and get access to your systems.
  • Increased Reliability: A Dedicated IP address also improves the reliability of your website or online service. It reduces the downtime risk caused by the shared IP address, which includes DDoS attacks or network congestion.
  • Better Performance: this can also improve the performance of your website and online service, which allows for more effective routing of traffic to your servers. So that you will not have to face the traffic issues that shared IPs face.
  • More Flexibility: A Dedicated IP address provides more flexibility to your online service and the website. So that you can use it to host a variety of applications that include email, VoIP, or file sharing.
  • Greater Control: A Dedicated IP will grove more control over your site and online services. It is because you are the online one who has access to the IP. This can be helpful for businesses that have to follow certain regulations, such as PCI DSS.

Disadvantages Of Using A Dedicated IP Address With ExpressVPN

Having an ExpressVPN Dedicated IP is not only beneficial but also has many disadvantages which you have to look at before picking it.

  • Increased Cost. You have to keep in your mind that Dedicated IPs are always more expensive than shared IPs. The reason is that you do not have to share your IP with anyone, which means tet VPN services provide more resources to each user.
  • Limited Availability. A Dedicated IP is not available all the time, on popular VP service providers. This is because there are only limited IPs available and there are in high demand.
  • Increased Security Risks. Dedicated IPs are more attractive to attackers and hackers than shared IPs. hos is because you only have one IP which is easy to detect and find online.
  • More Difficult To Set Up And Manage. Dedicated IP addresses are quite difficult to manage and set up than shared IP addresses.
  • Less Flexibility. It is less flexible than sharing an IP address which means if you want to change your location with Dedicated IP you cannot do it.
  • Less Scalability. Dedicated IP addresses are less scalable than shared IP this is because you cannot add more IP to your account if you want to grow. To grow you have to parches more Dedicated IPs.
  • Reduced Anonymity.  Dedicated IPs are easier for online activity to be traced back to you by the website or any third party than shared IPs.
  • Less Performance. A Dedicated IP address can lead to slower performance than shared IP addresses, especially during peak traffic times. 
  • Less Availability. Dedicated IP addresses are not available in most countries or regions.
  • Less Flexibility With Port Forwarding. Dedicated IP addresses do not provide the same flexibility for port forwarding as shared IP addresses.
  • No P2P Support: P2P file sharing is not available on a Dedicated IP address.

As you can see, the disadvantages of Dedicated IPs hence ExpressVPN does not offer them. To protect users’ identities and privacy, ExpressVPN offers dynamic IPs. It makes users anonymous online and unblocks access to all that geo-restricted content. 

Should I Get ExpressVPN Dedicated IP?

If you always want to be anonymous online, then I will not recommend you get a Dedicated IP. As you can see the disadvantage of using Dedicated IP that includes the risk of security, high cost, limited country geo-restricted content access, no pot forwarding, no P2P support, etc.

So if you do not want to limit yourself online and want all of these features, do not go with the Dedicated IP of ExpressVPN. With the use of a dynamic IP, you will get all the features and make yourself anonymous while using the internet.

How Many IPs Does ExpressVPN Have?

ExpressVPN does not provide the exact number of IPs it has, but ExpressVPN servers are located around the world, with 3000+ servers in 94 locations. On 3000+ servers, it has thousands of IPs, which means you have a large number of servers that you can pick from to improve your performance and security online.

So if you want to access multiple sites, such as streaming gaming sites or any other sites, you must be anonymous. By just changing the server or the IP.  

Benefited Of ExpressVPN 

There are many benefits that you can get with ExpressVPN without a Dedicated IP. If you do not get the Dedicated IP, you can look at these benefits, which you might not get with an ExpressVPN Dedicated IP.

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How To Get A Dedicated IP From ExpressVPN?

ExpressVPN does not offer Dedicated IP; however, if you want to get a Dedicated IP, you can talk to ExpressVPN support. They will help you get a Dedicated IP.

Is A Dedicated IP Address Necessary For Everyone?

No, a Dedicated IP is not necessary for everyone; however, a Dedicated IP can be a benefit for businesses and online services that provide it. Who wants to serve online only at a particular place?


Here we have discussed ExpressVPN’s Dedicated IP and found that it does not offer a Dedicated IP, This is because Dedicated IP has many disadvantages, including the risk of security, high cost, limited country, geo restricted content access, no pot forwarding, and no P2P support.

If you want all of the features, then you can go with the dynamic IP you will get the ExpressVPN 15 month of plan or another plan. Thai IP is regularly routed among users, so wherever you connect to any servers, you will receive a new and unique IP.