How To Watch Hulu In Greece 2024? [VPN To Acess Hulu From Greece]

Want to access Hulu in your region Greece? then consider using VPN to watch Hulu in Greece 2024. Access all shows, and series available on Hulu in Greece.

Hulu is a famous streaming platform in the US with great shows and movies. But it is also restricted to watch in the US only so that people outside of the US can’t access Hulu for Greece. But if you are so eager to know how to watch Hulu from Greece.

The only possible way to watch Hulu from Greece. Use a VPN service because only a VPN can help you to unblock Hulu without getting detected with a new US IP address. So, read this thoroughly for watching your favorite content on Hulu with the VPN. 

Why Do We Need A VPN To Watch Hulu In Greece? 

Due to the licensing agreement and copyright issue, Hulu is restricted to use in the region that comes under the united states. Only united states residents can access and watch the content of Hulu. If you try to use Hulu from Greece your IP address will be revealed. 

Due to this, you can’t access Hulu with a Greece IP address. Here, VPNs play a major role Due to their widespread presence in many locations. They can bypass the geo-restriction by connecting you to a US server with new IP. 

By connecting to a VPN US server it will look like you are accessing Hulu from the US rather than Greece. Apart from the Hiding IP VPN offers many other features like end-to-end encryption, no log, camouflage mode etc. 

Top VPN To Access Hulu In Greece 

Here, is a list of the Top 5 reliable VPNs you can use to unblock Hulu Greece from your Home. All the VPNs that are listed below are reputed and offer all the features that are important to be in VPN. So, read and check all the VPNs and find the right one for yourself. 

  • NordVPN: Unblock Hulu Greece with US Servers 
  • ExpressVPN: Premium VPN to Acess Hulu for Greece  
  • Surfshark VPN: Watch Hulu for Greece with Your Family
  • CyberGhost VPN: Beginner-friendly VPN to stream Hulu Greece  
  • IPVanish VPN: Affordable choice to watch Hulu From Greece 

NordVPN: Unblock Hulu In Greece With US Servers 

NordVPN is a reputed VPN with a great chain server of 5700 over the globe including US you can also access Hulu with NordVPN which works with Hulu very smoothly. It will be great to know that NordVPN offers more than 1900 servers in US only. Which makes it easy to bypass the geo-restriction with so many server options. 

No.1 Choice NordVPN
Get NordVPN To Unblock Hulu In Greece
Download now one of the best VPN to unblock Hulu from Greece.
Download now one of the best VPN to unblock Hulu from Greece. Show Less

You can use NordVPN to access global content not only of US but of any country. NordVPN is compatible to work with almost all devices whether it is Windows, Mac, iPhone etc. Not only Hulu you can unblock content like HBO, Netflix, Crackle etc. 

So, to access Hulu in Greece you can go for NordVPN freely. But geo-restriction is not the only feature of NordVPN. It offers many other features like 

ExpressVPN: Premium VPN To Acess Hulu For Greece

ExpressVPN comes under the category of premium VPN for accessing Hulu from Greece even without notice of anyone. It has a network of 3000+ servers in more than 90 countries including US. That helps you remove the geo restriction barrier as it offers servers in 25 locaties of US. You can stream content like HBO, Hulu, and other streaming sites as well.

Get ExpressVPN To Unblock Hulu Greece
Install now the ExpressVPN and stream your favourite shows without any restriction.
Install now the ExpressVPN and stream your favourite shows without any restriction. Show Less

The main advantage of using ExpressVPN for Greece is its masking ability no site can detect you with ExpressVPN. Apart from that it offers no log policy and 256 bit encryption so no can access your data. So, to access Hulu in Greece try ExpressVPN. 

Quick Overview of ExpressVPN Features 

Surfshark VPN: Watch Hulu In Greece With Your Family

Surfshark is the famous VPN and an only VPN that offers multiple device connections with this VPN you can also access Hulu in India. It offers 3200 servers in about 100 countries including US. As we know Hulu is restricted to use in US you can use Surfshark server for unblocking Hulu Greece even if you want it stream on a Mac. As Surfshark work on Mac also.

Get Surfshark VPN To Access Hulu From Greece
Get now one of the best VPN to access Hulu from Greece without IP ban.
Get now one of the best VPN to access Hulu from Greece without IP ban. Show Less

Apart from geo-restriction and multiple device connection, Surfshark offers many premium features like Camouflage mode, and wireguard tunneling protocol. You can also use surfshark to access Hulu in Australia or any other country from the world.

Quick Glance on the features of Surfshark 

  • Unlimited device connection
  • 256 bit encryption 
  • Camouflage Mode 
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • 24/7 chat support 
  • Camouflage mode 
  • High speed

CyberGhost VPN: Beginner-Friendly VPN To Stream Hulu In Greece  

CyberGhost VPN is a famous VPN for torrenting and streaming sites. CyberGhost offers 7 device connections simultaneously which makes it a good package for family. It is very affordable that costs only $2.9 only which increases the accessibility.

Get CyberGhost VPN To Access Hulu From Greece
Download and install now one of the best VPN to access Hulu in Greece to stream your favourite shows.
Download and install now one of the best VPN to access Hulu in Greece to stream your favourite shows. Show Less

It keeps no logs and enhances the privacy of users and offers 24/7 live chat support. You can use this VPN to access Hulu for Greece without getting detected. Also, check out if this is a good VPN for Qlink.

Overview of the CyberGhost Features 

  • Cyberghost Unlimited device connection 
  • Kill Switch and No log 
  • No log policy 
  • 45-day money back guarantee

IPVanish VPN: Affordable Choice To Watch Hulu From Greece 

It is a recommended VPN to watch Hulu in Greece at an extremely affordable price. IPVanish is a reputed VPN service provider with many servers over the globe and helps you access Hulu from Greece. 

Stream Hulu In Greece

IPVanish maintains the user’s privacy with no log policy and encryption policies. The fast server and malware protection enhance the watching experience of users. 

IPVanish logo
Get IPVanish VPN To Use Hulu From Greece
Get this VPN to unblock and access Hulu in Greece to watch live tv.
Get this VPN to unblock and access Hulu in Greece to watch live tv. Show Less

Glance on the IPVanish Features  

  • Offers servers in 75 localities
  • No log policy
  • Advance Encryption Option 
  • Follow WireGuard Tunneling Protocol 
  • Encrypts data

At this point in the blog, you have explored the top-rated VPNs that you can use for access Hulu in Greece. So, choose the right one for yourself but remember that you can use VPN for a new IP but you need US method for buying the Hulu subscription. 

How To Purchase Hulu Subscription? 

As you already know that Hulu is accessible in the US only so even if you are using a VPN. To purchasing a subscription plan of Hulu you need US-based payment like using US-based credit card, US Paypal account, US iTunes, Gift card, etc. 

Steps to buy Hulu Subscription: follow the given steps for buying a buying a Hulu subscription from Greece. But before that first buy and install a reliable VPN like NordVPN or Surfshark VPN in Your Device. 

Using US Based Credit Card

It’s great thing if you have a US based credit card otherwise you have to ask someone known to you. Who is living in US may be they will buy Hulu Subscription on your behalf. After that you can watch hulu for Greece.

But if you have US based Credit Card follow the given steps

  • Download VPN on your Device and Hulu
  • Sign up hulu and buy click on subscription plan
  • Choose the right plan for yourself
  • Create account on Hulu and fill all the details
  • Pay bill by using credit card
  • Enter US ZIP code and submit and watch Hulu in Greece

Using a Gift Card

To purchase the Gift Card visit Gift Card supply and buy it by using any internationally accepted payment method. After that follow the below steps 

  • Connect with US VPN Server
  • Visit
  • After that fill the gift card code
  • Click on redeem
  • Choose the subscription plan of your choice
  • Create account and fill details
  • Continue and watch Hulu for Greece

Using Pay Pal

  • The last available option to pay for Hulu is using PayPal method.
  • Create PayPal Account
  • Connect with US server by using VPN
  • Visit Hulu and Sign Up
  • For Payment use PayPal and continue

Using US iTunes

  • Visit iTunes website and Create Account
  • Connect US VPN server
  • Buy iTunes Gift card
  • Visit Hulu and enjoy watching Hulu for Greece

How Much Hulu Cost In Greece?

Hulu is the US based streaming site and primarily available only in US. So, the payment method it offers in dollars. You can look on the below table to get info related to plan and pricing of Hulu.

HuluHulu (No ads)Hulu+Live

Is It legal To Use Hulu In Greece With VPN?

Using a VPN to unblock Hulu Greece is not illegal if it is not violating any rule and regulation. But if use VPN to access and watch illegal sites then you have to pay penalty for watching illegal stream. Although, it is completely ok to use Hulu for bypassing geo restriction if the streaming service like Hulu and Netflix not available in your region.

But before using a VPN for accessing Hulu from Greece do one thing carefully look and read all the rules, regulation and consequence. After that go for VPN service if you want to watch Hulu Greece. Also, you can watch The Hate You Give On Hulu with the use of VPN.

Why I Can’t Watch Hulu In Greece?

Hulu is a primarily a US based streaming service and primarily available for US audience. Due to licencing and copy wright issue Hulu cannot access Hulu outside US. So, if you want to use Hulu for Greece using VPN is better choice for bypassing geo restriction.

Can I Access Hulu For Greece With Free VPN? 

No, you should use Free VPN for unblocking Hulu Greece as it do not guarantee safety. Free VPN usually have slow internet speed and limited bandwidth. Apart from that free VPN offers very few servers. So, it is not recommended to use Free VPN for watching Hulu for Greece because Hulu requires high speed network and consumes too much data. 

Why Hulu Is Not Working In Greece? 

The straight forward answer is Hulu is restricted to use in any country except US. So, normally only US audience can watch Hulu. But if you want to access Hulu Greece try to use alternate method like unblocking Hulu with VPN like ExpressVPN or Surfshark VPN. 

Is Hulu Available In Greece?

No, Hulu is not officially available in Greece and limited to US audience only. But if you want to unblock Hulu from Greece you can use premium VPN like NordVPN or ExpressVPN. 

Can I use Hulu In Greece Without Using A VPN? 

No, you can’t use Hulu Greece as it is not officially available in Greece and limited to US only. So, use a Premium VPN like NordVPN and ExpressVPN to access Hulu for Greece. 

Is It Safe To Use A VPN For Hulu Greece?

Yes, it is safe to use a VPN to stream Hulu Greece and watch your favourite TV shows and live channels without any restrictions.


If you want to know how to watch Hulu for Greece then the straight forward answer is use VPN. 5 top VPNs are listed you can any of them according to your choice for unblocking Hulu in Grrece. However, if you want a premium qualities go for NordVPN and ExpressVPN.

If you think the cost of them is high then you can use affordable VPN Surfshark and IPVanish like VPN with which you can use Hulu even at cheap price.