20+ Instagram Threads Statistics, Facts & Trends [Threads Stats 2024]

Instagram Threads is the hottest topic right now, which has been launched by Mark Zuckerberg on 6th July 2024 (Thursday). #Threads, an Instagram app under Meta Corporation is competing with Twitter’s threads. 

We’ve outlined interesting Instagram Threads facts & trends in 2024 in this article. Which will help you completely understand the influence of this feature.

So, continue reading to learn more about this new software that has many people buzzing online.

Quick Instagram Threads Facts 2024

Below we have mentioned all the interesting facts & trends of ig Threads 2024.

Name of the AppInstagram Thread App
IndustrySocial Media
FounderMark Zuckerberg
OwnerMeta Linc.
Head QuarterCalifornia, U.S
Threads Launch date6th July 2023
QR codethreads.net
Thread loginBy Instagram
Post lengthUp to 500 characters
MediaPhotos, videos, & links upto 5 minutes length
AccountLinked with Instagram accounts
Available country100 countries & 30 languages
Users10 million
FeaturesPhotos, videos, & links upto 5 minutes in length

20+ Instagram Threads Statistics & Facts In 2024

Here listed are the 20+ facts & statistics of Threads in 2024.

  • The Thread was live on the 6th of July, 2024.
  • Thread is available in over 100+ countries & 30+ languages.
  • Thread is not available in European countries due to legal issues so, if you want to access it in your region use VPN for Threads.
  • You can share your Threads on Insta story or as a link to any other platform.
  • On Threads, users can create upto 500 characters including photos, links & videos upto 5 minutes.
  • Within 4 hours of Instagram Threads launch, Threads got 5 million signups within 4 hours of its launch.
  • Threads had 1 million users in just 5 days leaving ChatGPT behind.
  • Users have shared over 95 million & engaged in over 190 million likes on Threads in less than 4 hours of launch.
  • Instagram Threads hold the top position in the application store.
  • According to officials, Threads has more than 100 million signups 5 days after its release.
  • Users who are under 18 years old will automatically have a private profile when they will join Threads.
  • To delete your Threads account, you must first cancel your Instagram account. Instead of removing Threads, you may deactivate them here since losing an Instagram account isn’t ideal.
  • Instagram Threads was downloaded on the day of its release in the following countries. India 22%. Brazil 16%, USA 14%, United Kingdom 20%.
  • The majority of people that signed up for the Threads App did it on iOS devices.
  • Threads App is claimed to be a competitor to Twitter, refer to our article Threads vs Twitter for a complete comparison between the two rivalry app.
  • Signing up for the Threads App takes less than 10 seconds.
  • Most of the users of Threads are from Gen Z.
  • Maximum users of Threads App are male 68%, with females only 32%.
  • According to reports, the majority of men, 28%, are between the ages of 25 and 23, while 11% of males and 5% of females are between the ages of 18 and 25.
  • Just 2% of females and 3% of males are above the age of 45.
  • To use Threads you must have an Instagram account.

What Is Thread On Instagram?

Thread is a new app where you can post anything such as text, links, images, or videos that will appear on your profile feed. With Instagram Thread you can have a real-time conversation with your friends or any other user on the platform. 

Note that if anyone replies to your Thread and you have deleted that specific Thread, then their reply won’t be deleted. Besides this, you can’t see the profile of any other user if you are not following that user or even if they have a private account. If you want to know more information read our comparison article on Threads vs Instagram.

Where Is Instagram Thread Available?

Instagram Thread is available in 100 countries and in more than 30 languages. Visit the Play Store for Android and App Store for iOS to download Threads on your device.

For signing up on Thread you can use your Instagram account or create a new account on Thread. Somehow, if you are not able to access then it might be caused by an Unmapped IG Error on Threads or any Technical issues.

What Are The Data Instagram Thread Is Using?

If you have created your profile on Threads, then it will connect with the Instagram account that you are using. By connecting, it will import the profile information & personalize the feed. 

Below mentioned are all the data that is used from your Instagram account on Threads:

  • Login Information of your Instagram.
  • The ID of the Instagram account.
  • Username and name of Instagram.
  • Instagram profile picture, bio & links.
  • All the Instagram followers.
  • The account you have followed on Instagram.

With so much information collected from Instagram many experts are worried about data leak on Threads app.

Do You Need Instagram For Threads?

Yes, you must have an Instagram account in order to start a Threads account. While it is a separate app, it is closely connected with Instagram, and all of your followers and followers on Threads will be the same as on Instagram.

What Data Do Threads Collect?

Instagram Thread collects data such as health, financial information, fitness data, diagnostics, sensitive info, etc.

How Many Users Are On Threads?

More than 100 million users have signup for Threads since it has been launched.