Threads Vs Twitter 2024 [Similarities And Differences]

The tech war between Instagram Threads vs Twitter is most a burning internet news of 2024. Users are perplexed which one of these social media apps are better to use.

With the launch of Meta Threads Mark Zuckerberg has challenged Twitter directly. Millions of Twitter users have migrated to Threads in just a day of its launch. Some are appreciating threads while some are putting allegations on Meta for copying twitter.

But no matter the controversies it is sure that Instagram threads is going to be a big competitor of Twitter. If you have started using Instagram threads maybe you have seen some of the similarities between it and Twitter.

Few users are claiming threads to be superior then Twitter. But is it really true? Is Instagram threads better then Twitter or is it just a failed try from Meta to copy twitter. In this Instagram Threads vs Twitter article we will take a look at all the similarities and differences between these text based social media applications.

Overview Of IG Threads And Twitter

Before we delve deep into the IG Threads vs Twitter, we need to know a little bit about both the applications.

Twitter Overview

Twitter is a social networking site launched in July 2006, that allows users to post and interact with short messages called Tweets. The app allows users to follow friends and celebrities to see their posts and also reply to those posts.

Twitter is used for many things, such as sharing news, information, and opinions; staying in touch with friends and family; and keeping up with businesses and celebrities.

Instagram Threads Overview

Instagram Threads is a new standalone application launched by Instagram on July 6, 2024. It has a similar feature to Twitter where you can follow celebrities and friends and can read their posts and reply to them. The post you do on IG Threads are not called Tweets instead they are called threads.

Threads have few similarities and differences compared to Twitter which we will discuss further in this article. Although IG threads was just launched it crossed 70 million downloads in just 2 days of its launch. Users are looking at it as an alternative to Twitter. But is it really worth that much praise? Let’s see.

Comparison Between Instagram Twitter vs Threads

If you are in a hurry, then here is a small Threads vs Twitter comparison table.

FeaturesTwitterInstagram Threads 
Character limit280 characters per tweet500 characters per thread
Video lengthUp to 2 minutes and 20 seconds for non-verified users, 10 minutes for verified usersUp to 5 minutes
AdsYesNo (currently)
AvailabilityAnyone can use TwitterOnly available to users who have an Instagram account
FeaturesAuto-verified if Instagram is verified.Comments, location sharing, disappearing mode, close friends mode, etc.
PurposeQuick, concise communicationSharing longer messages and stories
AudienceGeneral publicMore intimate and personal
Hastags YesNot (currently)
Downloads1 billion+90 million (still counting)
VerificationNeed To PayAuto verified if Instagram is verified.

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Twitter vs threads comparision

Now let us discuss all differences between Threads vs Twitter in detail:-

  • Character Limits:- Twitter gives a limit of 280 characters you cannot write a tweet more then that. But Threads is offering a character limit of 500 characters which is double of what Twitter is offering meaning users will have more freedom to express and share their thoughts.
  • Video Length:- There’s a huge difference in how long your videos can be on Twitter vs Threads. On Threads, you can upload videos up to 5 minutes long. However, on Twitter, it’s a bit different. If you’re not verified, you can upload videos up to 2 minutes and 20 seconds. But if you’re verified, you can upload videos up to 10 minutes long.
  • Availability:- This is the most distinctive feature between Threads vs Twitter. While Twitter is available for all users, Threads can be only used by people who already have an Instagram account. Threads are also not available everywhere as in some places people are using VPN for threads
  • Features:- Threads includes some basic features including comments, location sharing, vanishing mode, and close friends mode. Twitter has more functions, such as messaging, search, trending topics, polls, GIFs, live video, and so on. This means you’ll have more opportunities to communicate with your followers on Twitter.
  • Purpose:- Threads is designed to share long form of text content to a close grop of friends whereas Twitter is designed for quick communication with a wider range of audience.
  • Audience:- Twitter is more of a public platform where as Threads is a more intimate and personal platform.
  • Hashtags:- Hashtags are one of the key and most famous feature of Twitter that Threads currently doesn’t have.
  • Downloads:- Threads is growing at a very rapid rate with over 90 million downloads in just 3 days of its launch but twitter is still way ahead of it with more then a billion downloads.
  • Verification:- On twitter if you wish to get verified you need to pay a fixed amount but Threads doesn’t have any monitory requirement till now if your account is verified on Instagram you will be automatically get verified on Threads.

Similarities Between Instagram Threads Vs Twitter

Now that we have discussed the differences between Twitter vs Threads. Let’s look at some similarities between these apps.

  • Short messages:- Both the application allows short messages. Threads has a character limit of 500 words which double the character limit of twitter. But the character limit is still very less. so you can only write short messages in both of the apps.
  • Share Multimedia:- You can also share Photos, videos, on both of the applications. Although the length of video differs on both platforms.
  • Follow & unfollow:- You can follow and unfollow your friends or your favorite celebrity to see their tweets or threads.
  • Text Based platforms:- Both Threads and Twitter are text based platforms that are mainly developed to share text content. However as we told you can also share photos and videos on them.
  • Almost Similar Interface:- Both Twitter and Threads have similar interface both of them looks same have the option to like, comment, share and repost.
  • Verification:- Unlike Twitter, where account verification requires payment, Threads operates differently. While Threads itself doesn’t have a specific verification option, if your Instagram account is verified, your Threads account will be automatically verified. However, it’s worth noting that the verification process for Instagram does involve a payment.

7 Key Feature Differences Between Instagram Threads vs Twitter

Here are the key differences between Twitter and threads. These differences plays a huge role while choosing which one to use between Twitter vs Threads.

  • Spaces:- Twitter offers a special feature called space that allows users to have a live audio conversation that anyone can join.
  • The Search bar:- The Search bar in twitter allows you to search for a specific user, explore trendy topics and find trending videos whereas Threads only allows you to search for a person.
  • Engagement and Reaction icon:- On Twitter under the post section you can see the options to like, comment, retweet and share. You can also see the number of views, bookmark, and share that post has got. But on Threads you only have like, comment, repost, or share the link option.
  • Hamburger Button:- The Hamburger button on Twitter allows you to unfollow a user, add or remove a user from your list, add a user to your Twitter cycle, mute the user, block the user or report the tweet. But on Instagram Threads this button only allows you to unfollow, mute, hide or report a post or user.
  • Direct Chat Option:- One of the main differences between IG Threads vs Twitter is that Twitter has a direct chat option that allows users to chat privately but Threads do not have that option right now.
  • Login:- Anyone can create an account on Twitter and start using it but if a user wants to login Threads by Instagram he needs to have an Instagram account. However, this feature also raise question on threads data safety.
  • Hashtags:- On Twitter users can use hashtags to search a specific video or can see all trending videos. But on IG Threads there is no such feature.

Will Instagram Threads End Twitter?

We can’t say that Instagram Threads will put an end to Twitter. Threads is a very new service that has yet to achieve considerable popularity, whereas Twitter has a large and established user base that dates back over 15 years.

Although Threads may appeal to people looking for a more intimate social media experience, but its limited access to Instagram users make acquiring new users difficult.

While Threads has unique features like automatic captioning and status updates, it’s unclear whether it can compete with Twitter’s popularity. Threads’ success will be determined by a variety of things, including how Twitter adjusts to user needs and the broader popularity of social media in the future.

Only time will tell who will outperform whom in this dual of Threads vs Twitter. Threads is still an exciting app with a lot of potential, and its long-term performance will be fascinating to watch.

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Is Threads The Same As Twitter?

Twitter and Threads both are text based social media apps. They may have the same purpose, but they are distinctive in many ways. They both have different features, audiences, and purposes.

Which Is Better Threads vs Twitter?

Both Twitter and Threads have their own pros and cons. As for now the majority of people still prefer Twitter as it has more features compared to Threads. But Threads is also climbing up in popularity day by day.

Why Is Threads Better Than Twitter?

The main difference between Threads and Twitter is that Threads have a character limit of 500 while Twitter has 280. Meaning you can share longer content on threads than on Twitter.

Conclusion For Threads vs Twitter

Instagram Threads has gained massive popularity in just a few days of its launch. It is currently the most trending social media app on the internet.

Although Twitter vs Threads have many similarities, they also have many differences such as post Character limit, video length, availability and many more.

Therefore, the choice of which text-based social media app to use solely relies on your personal preferences.