What Is NordVpn Error 500 & How to Fix it

NordVPN Error 500 often signals a server-side issue with the NordVPN network architecture. When you are unable to connect from the VPN Server then the response code of status shows as nordvpn error 500. If you want to resolve this issue, then you must change the connection portal for connecting to the internet. If there is any malfunctioning happening to the website programming it means that the general website is facing server issues which Nord VPN causes. The services are used to secure your privacy and provide security to you online. It’s commonly known as VPN which stands for virtual private network.

The best service for better speed for internet use is provided by nordVPN. All over 60 countries are using the nordVPN by the 5900 servers.

Why is NordVPN not working?

There can be uncountable and common reasons for not working with NordVPN. If you do not have proper access to a better connection of VPN or the internet so it can arise this type of context which shows NordVpn Error 500 on your web page.

Also, we conclude these reasons like the faulty VPN connection or the software having an antivirus. The most common reason for not working is VPN is the firewall.

VPN Connection may be disabled by the firewall or make the service unusable by the extension which can cause the error of not working nordVPN. 

If you do not give the main access to the nordVPN app. Then this could also be the reason for the improper working of nordVPN.

How to Fix NordVPN Error 500

How to Fix NordVPN Error 500?

NordVPN Error 500 arises for many reasons here are some ways by which you can fix it.

First of all, check your network connection and then also check the local network server.

PAGE RELOAD: If the web page that you have opened shows the Nord Vpn Error 500 on the page then you can fix this problem of error by refreshing or reloading the page.

Refreshing the web page by using the F5 key or ctrl+R or use which is suitable to your device.

CLEAR THE CACHE: Removing all the web browser cache on Chrome and then restarting your web page can also fix this error. Either you can wait for some time then try again.

DISABLING FIREFOX: Deactivating the Firefox application on your device can resolve the problem of vpn error 500. firefox can be the most common reason for this error500 which you are experiencing on your web page.

REINISTALLING WORDPRESS CORE: If you want to get rid of this problem of NordVPN error 500 which is showing on your webpage. Then first of all uninstall the WordPress core then install its updated latest version of this software for connecting again to the internet.

REINISTALLING VPN SOFTWARE: Refresh the VPN app and then re-install the software to take advantage of some new updates of the latest version on the app This also can reduce your error problems on your web page.

CHANGING THE CONNECTION PORTAL: If you change the connection portal of the VPN network for connecting to the internet. It can help fix the error of VPN issues.

PHP VERSION: Changing the PHP version and also increasing the PHP memory limit. Or resetting the file and folder access permissions can resolve this nordVPN error of 500.

DISABLE THE KILL SWITCH: Kill switches are used for emergency stoppage. If this is enabled in your devices then this can also cause certain issues of this type.

UPDATE THE NORDVPN APPLICATION: Usually, people turn off the option of auto-update. Which causes the app not to receive any updates regarding the latest version of VPN. This mistake of not updating the Nordvpn application is according to upcoming version updates. Thus make these connecting issues. So enable the auto updates option by which you will fix these connectivity issues.

REMOVE THE ANTIVIRUS: Antivirus software can cause some issues on your device by removing the antivirus. You can fix your error with the Nord VPN 500.

These are some ways that help to get rid of errors that are showing on your web page. 

Steps To Change The Connection Portal

NordVPN is Connected But Does Not Show the Internet

Sometimes we face these types of problems on our portals. The reasons are listed below to figure out the causes of  Nord Vpn Error 500 to fix it.

  • Check your connectivity status. If there is poor connectivity to the internet then it can’t work properly.
  • Using the old version of the VPN application. Your VPN software does not update with the latest version of the VPN.
  • If your dead man switches which is commonly known as a kill switch. That is used for emergencies stop or shut down your device. If this kill switch is working in on-mode, on your VPN software, it will not show the internet connection to your device.
  • Ensure that your details on VPN software are filled with the correct information as your username or password. a simple wrong detail that is mentioned on the VPN can be the reason for not showing an internet connection.
  • VPN services use generally these main ports for providing internet connection. One is  UDP for 500 ports the other is TCP for 443.
  • Check your VPN setting if the ISP of the application has blocked your ports or closed your network connection so you may be acquainted with the poor connectivity issues.

What Are The Steps To Change The Connection Portal For Connecting To The Internet?

Now, we will see the steps to change the connection portal because you are experiencing the Nord VPN error 500 to your portal. So you want to change the connection portal.

Here are the steps given below which you follow to connect to the internet by changing your network connection portal:

  • Go to your web browser on Chrome.
  • Find the Address bar and then mention your router IP address in it.
  • Fill your credentials with the right and valid details like the router username and password.
  • Open the normal Setting.
  • Go to the wireless setting or security.
  • Change your username and password. After then save and apply.

If you follow all these steps, step by step then you have successfully changed your connection portal. Sometimes people can not find their router IP Address. So they can find the IP address of the router on the manual of the user or label on the router.

Generally, people who use this IP address are “” or ““. 

How Do I Enable The Internet On A VPN?

VPN works only whenever it has another internet connection. Because it does not provide any free service for using the internet. So you have to enable the internet on a VPN.By the process of navigating the sites of VPN. Then after right-clicking on any network site for the option of properties. Go further by switching the reference tab. Based on the newly created VPN you have to give access to the site for policy.


VPNs are used all across countries and it is legal in most countries of them. It is not available for free use because it provides safety and privacy to your internet connection.

All major operating systems can use NordVPN including as like Android, Windows, iOS, Linus, and macOS.A respected IT security institute, AVTEST Test has declared that the fastest service of VPN connection is provided by NordVPN.