Surfshark Dedicated IP 2024 [Enhanced Security & Privacy]

Known complete details about Surfshark Dedicated IP feature. Get access to your internet activity is safe with this Surfshark VPN dedicated IP.

Surfshark VPN is the best and most popular VPN and from time to time Surfshark does launch new features for its users. Nowadays, it come with Surfshark dedicated IP

If you are curious to know all about dedicated IP Surfshark. This article will disclose the little to big things like how you can use Dedicated IP. Also, you will know its feature of Surfshark with dedicated IP. 

So, stay focused on this page and read carefully. After readout, you will don’t have any more confusion about the Surfshark Dedicated IP address.

What Is Surfshark Dedicated IP?

Surfshark dedicated IP is privately service of IP which means if any IP address is chosen by you then it’s only for you, no one can use yours same IP address.  Also, if you will have this feature once, you can stay safe on the internet while accessing any kind of type restricted sites you can access.

Surfshark Dedicated IP - Get 83%
Use Surfshark dedicated IP address to enhance privacy with 83% off and buy its service at just $2.49/mo.
Use Surfshark dedicated IP address to enhance privacy with 83% off and buy its service at just $2.49/mo. Show Less

This IP address can’t be shared with anyone, your internet activity is safe with this Surfshark IP address features totally after getting dedicated IP with Surfshark VPN.

Does Surfshark Give You A Dedicated IP?

Yes, Surfshark offers dedicated IP, and after getting this feature, no other user can use same IP as you. Surfshark assigned you for using dedicated IP and only you. That’s the reason Surfshark also gives you a dedicated IP address for use.

Additionally, With the help of dedicated IP Surfshark, you can be sure that your online activity is safe or not, during access any Geo-restricted sites. Because dedicated IP does not impact you by other users’ activity. it is known as private IP addresses and it protects you to use shared IP address Problems.

A dedicated IP can be very helpful for accessing Omegle with Surfshark and make your online activity safe and secure with the use of Surfshark dedicated IP.

Is Surfshark VPN Launches Dedicated IP Feature?

Yes, Surfshark launched a Dedicated IP feature and this news spread by  June 7, 2024, in the market. It means Surfshark also developed features to make secure its user’s sensitive data from the internet. Such as cybersecurity and online threats, etc.

Surfshark provides its dedicated IP service for using all types of operating systems you use such as Android, MacOS, Windows, iOS, and Linux devices, etc. Ping A Range Of IP Addresses, it is also a feature of Surfshark, you can avail this with its dedicated IP feature.

Surfshark has exclusive features like dedicated IP VPN, No-log policy, a kill switch, and unlimited device feature. It is also known as a high-speed VPN to access any blocked site in your current location with huge privacy. With dedicated servers it gets easier to use Surfshark for Apple TV in restricted countries like China.

Surfshark Dedicated IP Features

 Surfshark Dedicated IP Features

Here you will know all about the dedicated IP features in detail so we will also suggest you go through this list.

Surfshark Dedicated IP - Get 83%
Use Surfshark dedicated IP address to enhance privacy with 83% off and buy its service at just $2.49/mo.
Use Surfshark dedicated IP address to enhance privacy with 83% off and buy its service at just $2.49/mo. Show Less
  • Support to avail all Surfshark Protocols: Dedicated IP Surfshark  Support all protocols which mean if you avail the dedicated IP address and it supports all Surfshark protocol. Then you can use Surfshark service hassle-free because after using dedicated IP your privacy is boosted and you can safe your sensitive data with Surfshark service.
  • Protects Unlimited Devices: While using a dedicated IP address with Surfshark service. It is a chance to connect unlimited devices with Surfshark at once without taking stress about your data leakage stress.
  • Exclusive IP Address: Once you will buy the Surfshark service with dedicated IP after then you can’t share your IP with another one. Also, dedicated IP can protect you from other users who can not use your IP address and you can’t be affected by other users activity. So, it is truly a dedicated IP address most useful for everyone who uses the Surfshark service and wants to huge privacy whale accessing blocked sites to change IP address.
  • Multiple Locations: You can get multiple locations from the Surfshark server with the help of Surfshark dedicated IP, it supports every location which you get on their location list.
  • Avoivde the Captcha: After getting a dedicated IP address on Surfshark, you will don’t have a need to fill in the captcha so you can its service without wasting time to fill the captcha. Because Surfshark verifies you at one time when you purchase its service with a dedicated IP address.
  • Enhanced Security: Yes after availing its dedicated IP your security feature enhance and you can protect your data from leakage while you accessing restricted sites.

How To Set Up A Surfshark Dedicated IP 2024?

Pick the simple steps that we given bellow so  you should follow steps to get dedicated IP when you buy the Surfshark service with dedicated IP.

  • Subscribe & Download Surfshark VPN
  • Create Account & Log In Surfshark VPN.
  • Go to the Surfshark Setting & Get The Dedicated IP Feature
  • Fill the Request Form For Dedicated IP.
  • After Filling, Wait For Confirmation
  • Follow The Provided Instructions To Configure Your Device Or The App With The Dedicated IP.
  • Test The Connection To Ensure A Successful Setup.
  • After following you can get the dedicated IP address to enhance your privacy.

Can I Get surfshark VPN Dedicated IP Address list?

Yes, you can get Surfshark dedicated IP address list from the server location list. also, you can connect with Surfshark 24/7 customer support to avail of this Surfshark dedicated IP address after getting a Surfshark coupon code subscription.

Does Surfshark Have A Dedicated IP?

Yes, Surfshark does have a dedicated IP, if you want to get to access restricted sites with huge privacy features and private IP addresses. 

How To Change IP Address On Surfshark?

Know the steps that we have given below to change your IP address on Surfshark VPN. If you want to get dedicated IP then you should need to contact their customer support.

Surfshark Dedicated IP - Get 83%
Use Surfshark dedicated IP address to enhance privacy with 83% off and buy its service at just $2.49/mo.
Use Surfshark dedicated IP address to enhance privacy with 83% off and buy its service at just $2.49/mo. Show Less
  • Install the Surfshark app on your device to change your IP address
  • Open the Surfshark app and sign in to your account.
  • Select a server location in a country where you want to change your IP address.
  • Click the “Connect” button.
  • Your IP address will be changed to the IP address of the server you selected.

With these steps, you can use Surfshark for Russia, China or other countries to access blocked social media & streaming platforms.

Final Thought For Surfshark Dedicated IP Address 2024

As we discussed Surfshark dedicated IP is the most necessary thing if you want to access a Geo-restricted site by changing IP privately. Also, we discussed that after getting dedicated IP, no one can use the same IP as you use. 

If once buy a dedicated IP feature with Surfshark then you will notice that your privacy features boost as compared to before. So, know all little things related to the Surfshark feature of dedicated IP with this page on the above.