Unblocker YouTube 2024 [Unblocked YouTube Proxy]

Want to access restricted videos with Unblocker YouTube? Here you will get easy methods to use Unblocked YouTube proxy to watch videos.

With a massive catalog of video content, YouTube restricts access to some videos depending on the user’s location. Videos may be blocked or limited in certain countries and regions due to local laws and regulations. That’s why you need a proxy for YouTube to bypass regional restrictions.

So in this article, we are going to discuss how YouTube Unblocked proxy lets you stream videos in restricted countries.

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Stream unlimited YouTube videos in school & workplaces with NordVPN for just $3.17/mo only. Show Less

Why Do I Need Unblocker YouTube Proxy?

There are a few reasons why you have to use Unblocked YouTube proxy:

  • Proxy for YouTube lets you access blocked or restricted YouTube videos in certain countries. Some videos are only available in certain regions due to copyright or other restrictions.
  • With proxy YouTube, you can watch age-restricted videos without logging in. Some YouTube videos require you to login and verify your age to view them. After the login is successful, you can unblock YouTube music and videos from anywhere.
  • To access YouTube Unblocked site at school or work. YouTube is mostly blocked in many schools and workplaces. An unblocker can get around these network blocks easily. 
  • YouTube Unblocker helps you avoid internet censorship. In some countries, YouTube is censored or blocked by the government so Unblocker YouTube bypasses those censorship barriers.
  • Accessing YouTube on proxy hides your location and browsing. It works by routing your traffic through servers in other countries by masking your true location and browsing activity.
  • If you want to watch videos not available in your country, a YouTube proxy can help a lot. Sometimes video uploaders restrict videos to be viewable only in specific countries. Using an unblocker can make it appear like you are accessing YouTube from another country.
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Unblock YouTube In School - NordVPN
Stream unlimited YouTube videos in school & workplaces with NordVPN for just $3.17/mo only.
Stream unlimited YouTube videos in school & workplaces with NordVPN for just $3.17/mo only. Show Less

So the main reasons to use a Proxy for YouTube are to bypass geographic restrictions, age restrictions, network blocks, and censorship. It provides streaming freedom on YouTube by giving you access to videos with increased privacy.

9 Ways To Watch YouTube Unblocked On A School Computer

9 Ways To Watch YouTube Unblocked In School

Many schools block access to YouTube and other streaming platforms. It stops you from watching your favorite YouTube content or accessing videos on school Wi-Fi. There are still some ways that you can use Unblocker YouTube to bypass school Wi-Fi restrictions & watch videos.

Here is the list of 9 methods to use Unblocker For YouTube in School:

  • Use A VPN Service
  • Use A Proxy Server
  • Use Tor Browser
  • Use Google Translate
  • Use Browser Extension
  • Use Different DNS Server
  • URL Modification
  • Use Mobile Hotspot
  • Use Video Downloader

So you can either use VPN for YouTube or a Proxy for YouTube to access its video content on highly restricted school Wi-Fi. If you want, you can try any of these 9 ways to unblock YouTube at school. We have explained how to use Unblocked YouTube proxy and other methods below in detail.

Use A VPN Service: Best Unblocker YouTube For School

Here are the steps to use VPN to watch YouTube unblocked video in School:

  • Choose a reliable VPN service that is not blocked by your school. We recommend using NordVPN for YouTube in schools.
  • Download the VPN app for school on your device.
  • Create a new VPN account after installing it and sign in to it.
  • Select a server in a different country to bypass school restrictions.
  • Make sure to connect to the nearest server location.
  • Once connected, open up the YouTube app or website.
  • Now access YouTube without restrictions & enjoy streaming.
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Unblock YouTube In School - NordVPN
Stream unlimited YouTube videos in school & workplaces with NordVPN for just $3.17/mo only.
Stream unlimited YouTube videos in school & workplaces with NordVPN for just $3.17/mo only. Show Less

Make sure the VPN connection remains active whenever you use YouTube. The school firewall will block it again if the VPN disconnects. So VPN unblocks YouTube despite all the school restrictions as long as you are connected to its servers.

Use A Proxy Server: Proxy For YouTube Restriction Bypass

The steps to use a proxy server as Unblocker YouTube to watch restricted videos are given below:

  • Choose a free proxy site that works. HideMyAss, ProxFree & Hidester are popular proxy Unblocker for YouTube for school.
  • Now go to the proxy site on your school computer & scroll down to a box with the “Enter Website URL” text.
  • Type in “www. youtube. com” and hit enter or go.
  • It will connect you to YouTube through the proxy.
  • Now Unblocked YouTube Proxy will make it look like you’re accessing YouTube from the proxy’s location instead of your school.
  • Then test if you can play YouTube videos through the proxy. If it’s not working, try a different proxy site.

So this is how you can watch YouTube on proxy website while you are using school Wi-Fi. Make sure to close the proxy YouTube and clear your browsing history to leave no record of accessing restricted sites. You can also use VPN proxy master for PC & mobile for safe streaming.

Use Tor Browser: Free Unblocker For YouTube With Privacy

Tor browser re-routes your traffic from a series of servers that make your traffic undetectable by the school firewall. So it works as the perfect Unblocker YouTube that changes your location from school to another country.

Here’s how Tor Browser unblocks YouTube in School:

  • Download & install the Tor browser on your device.
  • Launch Tor and establish a connection with the Tor network.
  • Now type in YouTube in the address bar.
  • From search results open YouTube and watch videos in school.

So this is how you can use Tor Browser as a proxy for YouTube to unblock your favorite content on school Wi-Fi. By doing this, you can access videos in blocked countries like you can stream YouTube in Iran, China & many other regions.

Use Google Translate: Unblock YouTube via Translation

Google Translate is also used sometimes to bypass blocked YouTube videos. With this process, it translates the website to another language to bypass restrictions in school. The steps to use Google Translate as Unblocker YouTube are given below:

  • Go to Google Translate and paste the URL of the blocked YouTube video into the left text box.
  • Then choose any language in the right box for translation.
  • Just hit the ‘Translate’ button now.
  • The link will be translated now to another language.
  • Now click the translated link and start streaming YouTube.

Though you can’t use this method every time because it doesn’t work for all video links. So it is better to use a Unblocked YouTube proxy when this method fails.

Use Browser Extension: YouTube Unblocked Live In School

The simple way to use a browser extension as an Unblocker for YouTube is given below:

  • Install a trusted VPN extension like Nord VPN Chrome extension in your browser.
  • Now open the Unblocker YouTube extension’s settings in the browser.
  • Disable all less useful options, like peer-to-peer networking.
  • Then click on the extension icon to change your virtual location.
  • Choose a server from another country & connect to it.
  • Now visit YouTube and start streaming the blocked video.
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NordVPN Extension For YouTube Unblock
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Get NordVPN subscription at $3.17/mo for Unblocking YouTube videos with NordVPN browser extension. Show Less

You can test different countries and servers until you find one that successfully unblocks YouTube in your school. This method is more effective than an Unblocked YouTube proxy because a VPN extension adds an extra layer of privacy & security.

Use Different DNS Server: Unblocker YouTube For All Devices

Here are the steps to use a different DNS server for YouTube Unblocked site in schools:

  • Find and select a third-party DNS server that works with YouTube.
  • Change your DNS servers on your device from settings.
    • Windows users go to Network Settings > Change Adapter Options > DNS.
    • Mac users go to System Preferences > Network > Advanced > DNS.
    • iPhone users go to Settings > Wi-Fi > tap the “i” > DNS.
    • Android users go to Settings > Network & Internet> Advanced > DNS.
  • Now input the IP addresses of the alternative DNS server.
  • Save your DNS changes.
  • Then disconnect & reconnect your internet or mobile data.
  • You can stream YouTube from anywhere now.
  • If YouTube is still blocked, repeat the steps and try a different third-party DNS option until you find one that works.

The different DNS servers circumvent all geo-blocks & unblocks YouTube for streaming. So you can even access YouTube TV while traveling to another country. 

URL Modification: Bypass YouTube Blocks In School

You can use this method of modifying the YouTube URL to access blocked content on your school’s Wi-Fi network. However, the working chances of this Unblocker YouTube trick are low if your school is using an advanced internet firewall.

Firstly, you can try to change the “http” protocol to “https” in the YouTube URL. For example, use “https:// www. youtube. com” instead of “http” in the URL. HTTPS establishes an encrypted connection, which some firewalls or networks may not block as it is more secure than HTTP.

You can also modify the top-level domain “.com” to “.ru”. It is possible that “www. youtube. ru” may work as “ru” belongs to Russia and it might not be filtered by school firewalls. So, you can use this solution instead of Unblocked YouTube proxy to bypass restrictions.

Use Mobile Hotspot: Access YouTube Unblocked Website

Connecting to your phone’s mobile hotspot re-routes internet traffic which prevents school firewalls from detecting your activity. So if YouTube is accessible on your phone but blocked on your school Wi-Fi network, you will be able to stream videos.

Follow this guide to use your mobile hotspot for Unblocker YouTube in school:

  • Turn your mobile hotspot ON.
  • Connect your computer or device with a mobile hotspot.
  • Now go to the YouTube website and enjoy watching.

Use Video Downloader: YouTube Unblocked Video Download

The final Unblocker YouTube way to access videos is to download them on your device. You can use third-party software to download restricted YouTube videos on school Wi-Fi.

The steps to use video download Unblocker for YouTube are given below:

  • Find and install a trusted third-party YouTube downloader.
  • Open the downloader and paste the URL of the blocked YouTube video.
  • Select video quality and other download options.
  • Now tap on the “Download” button on the downloader.
  • Your YouTube video will start downloading & get saved to your device.
  • Once completed, open the download folder & stream the YouTube video.

This method is a good alternative for an Unblocked YouTube proxy as you directly download video to your phone or PC.

How To Unblock YouTube In 2024?

The best & effective ways for unblocking YouTube include using a streaming VPN, which masks your IP address to bypass location restrictions. You can also try using a browser-based VPN extension to change your virtual location.

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Unblock YouTube In School - NordVPN
Stream unlimited YouTube videos in school & workplaces with NordVPN for just $3.17/mo only.
Stream unlimited YouTube videos in school & workplaces with NordVPN for just $3.17/mo only. Show Less

It is also seen that using Unblocker YouTube services by the DNS server also gives access to YouTube. If this doesn’t work then using a proxy for YouTube is also a good solution to access its video in highly restricted areas.

Can I Use A Free YouTube Proxy For Unblocking Videos?

Yes, you can use free proxy YouTube sites to access blocked or restricted videos on YouTube. These sites act as an intermediary between your device and YouTube, allowing you to bypass geo-restrictions & censorship.

Some popular proxy sites include CroxyProxy YouTube, ProxySite, and Hide me. To use these Unblocker YouTube proxies, simply go to the proxy site first. Then enter the YouTube video URL you want to access, and the proxy will retrieve and display the video for you.

Proxy for YouTube can slow down your video streaming. But if you want an easy way to get around restrictions then watching YouTube on proxy server is the best idea.

Why Are YouTube Videos Blocked In My Region?

The common reasons for YouTube videos being blocked in your region are

  • Copyright Restrictions: Most YouTube music and videos are blocked by media companies in certain regions as per their copyright.
  • Government Censorship: Government can also restrict access to certain YouTube videos that could cause trouble in social media.
  • Licensing Issues: Licensed content like sport broadcast which is not allowed for broadcasting in other regions due to licensing agreements.
  • Country-Specific Guidelines: YouTube will block videos that violate local laws and policies of a country. Videos that contain hate speech, explicit content, etc. are blocked.
  • YouTube Red Exclusives: YouTube offers “YouTube Red” service that contains exclusive content that is blocked for users without a YouTube Red subscription.
  • Incidental Blocking: Sometimes videos get blocked accidentally due to YouTube’s automated system’s false flagging error.
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Unblock YouTube In School - NordVPN
Stream unlimited YouTube videos in school & workplaces with NordVPN for just $3.17/mo only.
Stream unlimited YouTube videos in school & workplaces with NordVPN for just $3.17/mo only. Show Less

Proxy For YouTube Unblocked That Works

Many Unblocked YouTube proxy sites work in 2024 as mentioned below:

  • CroxyProxy: Using croxy proxy YouTube provides free & reliable access to geographically restricted videos. With croxyproxy YouTube, you can also unblock many other streaming sites that contain video content.
  • Hide me Proxy: Hide. me is also one of the most used proxy YouTube for unblocking videos in schools and workplaces.
  • HideMyAss Proxy: Another YouTube proxy is HideMyAss which changes your IP and location to bypass geo-restrictions.

Which Is The Best Proxy For YouTube?

Croxyproxy is the best Unblocker YouTube proxy as it uses advanced proxy servers that provide an anonymous streaming experience.

Is It Legal To Unblock YouTube?

No, it is not legal to use Unblocker YouTube to access geo-restricted or blocked videos. But you can use NordVPN to get YouTube Unblocked website accessible with extreme privacy.

How To Unblock YouTube Videos Anywhere?

Using VPN or proxy for YouTube can unblock its geo-restricted videos from any country. You can also use a browser extension that unblocks YouTube in any region.