6 Best VPN For BT Sport [Access BT Sport Outside UK]

BT Sport is a platform, where you can stream your favorite sport, as you say that BT sport is the best streaming platform for sports just like Kayo sports and EPL Live. The owner of BT sports is “BT Group” in the year 2013, 1 August. 

BT Sport is based in the UK, because of  Geo-restricted, you can’t access it in another country. you can use a BT subscription to unblock in the USA, Canada, Australia, France, Ireland, and other countries in the world if you make use of a VPN.

In this guide, we’ll discuss VPN for BT Sports and How to unblock BT Sport outside the UK. if you want to know keep reading this article. 

Can I Use My BT Sport App From Abroad?

No, you are unable to use the BT sports app for streaming from abroad because the reason is simple as we already mentioned above that,  BT sports is based in the UK, and the UK government does not allow them to use this app outside the countries. 

But if you really want to watch sports on BT sport, you can go with VPN services. VPN is the only way to access the BT app.

VPN helps you to increase your online privacy, and with the use of a VPN, there is no single government tracking you and watching your history of what you do on your browser. In this section, we mention some top VPN for BT sports. These VPN helps you to unblock the BT sport in your country. 

Which VPN Works Well With BT Sport?

The VPN market is full of VPN service providers, and they all promise that they hide your privacy and give you surety not to spread your data to others. But if we talk about reality 

Not all promises are safe. 

But, here we recommended you all the best version of VPN for BT sport, which is best for you and work well with BT sport.

6 Best VPNs for accessing BT sports outside of the Uk


In this article given below, we discuss all the given VPNs in detail, but if you want to get a quick answer you can go with this given summary. 

  1. Nord VPN –  Best and easy way to unblock any site from anywhere to everywhere. NordVPN is a fast, secure, and the number one VPN service provider.
  1. Express VPN – Express VPN is the second-best choice for streaming sites. Its fastest and most reliable VPN continuously unblocks many sites with security and is the best VPN for BT sport.
  1. Surfshark VPN – Surfshark offers a solid speed, affordable VPN provider to their customer’s strong security and the ability to secure your devices
  1. IPVanish VPN – as per their reviews it seems the best VPN for BT sport because it works well will other sports streaming sites with their exclusive features.
  1. Cyberghost VPN – It is a powerful kind of tool, and one of the better VPNs we’ve tested. CyberGhost is a good choice for streaming. 
  1. Ivacy VPN – You can say that Ivacy VPN is a low-cost VPN provider. Even they provide you with 7  days free trial. So you can use it before buying for your satisfaction. 

Now, we discuss all VPNs in Detail with their subscription plans

NordVPN – Best VPN To Unblock BT Sport

As we know NordVPN is one of the best VPNs in the market and is considered at the top of its protocols, and the service works well on all sites and with all devices that you can have with NordVPN film theorist discount

NordVPN is registered in Tefinkom & company in the year 2013. They work well with streaming platforms, so you can say that this VPN for BT sport also. They include many features like – a no-log policy, a kill switch, a really fast VPN, it automatically connects with the fastest server, DNS leak protection, streaming support as you know, etc.

No.1 Choice NordVPN
Access BT Sport With NordVPN
Get NordVPN to stream live sports on BT Sport for $3.35/mo while keeping your data traffic hidden.
Get NordVPN to stream live sports on BT Sport for $3.35/mo while keeping your data traffic hidden. Show Less

They also ran offer a 30-day cashback guarantee & if you use a NordVPN 3-year deal, you’ll get an instant 60% discount which is pretty good for newcomers.it will also help you to access content on TV which means you can easily install NordVPN on Samsung smart TV without any problem.

Pricing – They divide their subscription plans into three sections.

1 Month Plan$11.99
1-Year Plan $4.99
2-Year Plan  $3.99

ExpressVPNFastest VPN for BT Sport

ExpressVPN is the second-best VPN service provider for all VPN users. since it launched in the year 2009. It’s the world’s largest VPN provider owned by Kape technology. It offers intuitive apps that are easy to use. 

The feature they have is, split tunneling, best-in-class encryption, a kill switch, No activity logs, unlimited bandwidth, and all major platforms supported unlimited server switches and more. You can use/enjoy the ExpressVPN service on all the devices you use. And this VPN for BT sports also, now you can watch BT sport easily. 

High Speed BT Sport Streaming - ExpressVPN
Watch BT Sport with ExpressVPN on your devices in restricted regions by changing your location.
Watch BT Sport with ExpressVPN on your devices in restricted regions by changing your location. Show Less

Pricing – ExpressVPN has three subscription options.

1 Month Plan $12.95
6 Month plan $59.95
1-Year plan $99.95

Surfshark VPN – Best For Security

Surfshark is based in the Britain Virgin island, it launched in the year 2018. If you connect with the VPN, sometimes you saw a low speed with VPNs but Surfshark never slows your speed while using your device. 

 The reason why Surfshark is a known VPN provider in the VPN market is because of the quality of its advanced features. The feature they have helps in torrenting, and kill switch, works well with streaming like Netflix and this VPN for BT sports also and there are more features with their subscription plan. 

BT Sport VPN For Low Budget - Surfshark
Spend $2.30/mo to get Surfshark VPN for BT Sport and stream live sports with full privacy.
Spend $2.30/mo to get Surfshark VPN for BT Sport and stream live sports with full privacy. Show Less

Pricing- Surfshark service offers three subscription plans for their customers.

1Month Plan $12.95
2-Year Plan $2.30 
1-Year plan $3.99

IPVanish – Affordable VPN for BT Sport

With IP vanish users can easily connect with any device. and secure your data. IP vanish is under budget VPN service provider, IP vanish is based in Dallas. IP vanish VPN boasts fast download speeds and access to over 1,600 servers in 75 countries. 

They have benefits but on the other hand, they also have some negative points. So we recommend you to go with their pros. We also recommended this VPN for BT sports also because of their user’s smooth experiences. if you want to know more about this you can go with IPVanish review to know more. 

IPVanish logo
Watch BT Sport Live With IPVanish
Unblock BT Sport in your location with IPVanish at $3.33/mo & stream live sports safely.
Unblock BT Sport in your location with IPVanish at $3.33/mo & stream live sports safely. Show Less

Pricing – every month IP vanish gives discounts to their customers and here you get two subscription plans.

Monthly $10.99
12 Months $3.75

How Stream BT Sport From Abroad With a VPN?

As you know, we already mention above the side that if you are from abroad you can use it with the VPN and enjoy the BT sports service in just one click. Given below we mention the steps to stream BT sport from abroad with a VPN. we already mention VPN for BT sport, if you want to get a discount you can go with their discounts codes like – ExpressVPN coupon code, Cyberghost promo code, IPVanish coupon code, and so on.

Here’s how to watch BT sport online from anywhere

  • Firstly, you need to sign up with any VPN( we recommended NordVPN & ExpressVPN )
  • Once you registered and completed all formalities, download the app on your device.
  • If there are any cookies on your device, clear it and restart the device
  • Log in with the VPN, select the server, and enjoy BT sport from where are you. 

Does NordVPN Works With BT Sport?

Yes, NordVPN is one of the best choices to choose, if you really want to hide your privacy from the others you should go with the NordVPN service. NordVPN also works well with BT sports, not only with BT they work with all streaming platforms. They included the best features with their subscription plan. NordVPN is a little expensive VPN service, so if you want to save your money you can use their vouchers like the NordVPN coupon code.

How Can I Watch BT Sports Free?

BT sports is the best way to watch your favorite sports but because of their geo-restricted, not everyone uses it. But if you really want to watch BT sports free on the above we mention a VPN for BT sports, so you can use it to access BT sports along with the use of a free VPN for dark web which makes you safe when surfing on the dark web.

How many BT Channels are There?

They include many channels, given we mention their channels where you can watch your favorite.

  • BT Sports 1
  • BT Sports 2
  • BT Sports 3 
  • BT sports ultimate 
  • BT sports ESPN
  • BT sports office

Which Device is work Well With BT Sports?

Not all devices are working with BT Sports, but those which work we mentioned below in the table;

  • Apple iPhones & iPad 
  • Android Mobile & tablets 
  • Android TV
  • Roku players 
  • Apple TV 4th generation 
  • Samsung Smart TV
  • Sony PS 4 and Sony PS 4 pro-
  • Windows smartphones & tablets
  • Xbox One, Xbox One 5


In this guide, we’ll discuss the VPN for BT sports. In the article, we mention all the best VPN service providers, so now it’s up to you which one is suitable for you.

Which VPN is best for BT sports?

If we talk about the best VPN for BT sports, then always recommended NordVPN and ExpressVPN for the best results.

Can I use BT sports for free?

Yes, you can watch it free on the btsport.com website, but the point when you are from abroad you need a VPN.