How To Watch Hulu in Canada? [Access Hulu In Canada]

If you are searching for how to stream Hulu in Canada, then you have landed on the perfect place to learn about it in a very simple or easy way. Hulu is a popular streaming service that offers a wide variety of TV shows, movies, and other content. Unfortunately, Hulu is only available in the United States, Puerto Rico, Military Bases & some places in Japan.

However, there are ways to watch Hulu in Canada. By using the best VPN providers, you can change your IP address and get access to the United States server. This will allow you to access all of Hulu’s content from Canada.

How to Stream VPN for Hulu in Canada With 4 Easy Steps?

Follow these 4 simple steps to stream Hulu Canada with a VPN

  1. Download and Subscribe to your VPN. We highly recommend ExpressVPN. 
  2. Open your VPN app and Sign up.
  3. After signing up, connect to the US server from the list to get an American IP address.
  4. Now head to Hulu, Create your account & enjoy your stream.

Top 5 Best VPNs For Hulu In Canada

Here is the summary of the top five Hulu VPN Canada in 2024.

  1. ExpressVPN: This is the top-rated VPN to watch Hulu. ExpressVPN is the market leader in the field of Virtual Private Networks. ExpressVPN work in Canada well and provides high-level security with encryption & a good connection so that users can stream Hulu nicely. And also they provide a 30-days-money-back-guarantee. You can also check the review of ExpressVPN to know all the features provided by the company.
  2. NordVPN: This is a very secure VPN to stream Hulu Canada. At a reasonable price, Hulu Nord VPN provides the best streaming experience. They offer 6 simultaneous connections and this also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Get access to NordVPN Coupons with the best services at an affordable rate.
  3. SurfShark: SurfShark VPN is another excellent option for watching Hulu online in Canada. This is the fastest VPN to unblock Hulu in Canada. They’ll provide the best service at an affordable price with great speed and unblocking ability. They’ll also provide a 30-day money-back guarantee with Surfshark Hulu VPN.  
  4. Pure VPN: This is the affordable VPN to access Hulu movies in Canada. Pure VPN allows its user up to 10 devices simultaneously & comes with a no logs policy. They provide live chat support & 31 days refund policy.
  5. IPVanish:  This is also a very reliable VPN to stream Hulu in Canada. IPVanish Canada provides a user-friendly service for beginners. You can also use the IPVanish promo code to get a huge money-saving discount and buy it at low prices. They’ll also provide live chat support & 30 days money-back guarantee. 

Can I Use Free VPN To Watch Hulu In Canada?

There is none of the free VPN available to unblock Hulu in Canada. But some readers might be thinking about why they should pay for the VPN when they have plenty of free options available on the play store or the Apple store. 

  • Free VPNs are not secure and they don’t encrypt your connection.
  • Hulu already has blocklisted many free VPN servers and continually detects more VPN servers.
  • They have only limited numbers of free VPN for Hulu servers and most of the servers are very slow for streaming or unblocking. 
  • Free VPN Hulu providers earn money by selling your data to advertising companies and surveillance agencies. 

Yes, It is absolutely legal to use VPN services. You are free to use any VPN services in Canada. No Canadian law against the usage of VPNs. VPN helps in online privacy, security, and also in accessing geo-restricted content. Therefore, VPN is not illegal in Canada. Even if you are using the best VPN for sony liv and accessing the CNBC channel in Canada, it will not be considered illegal.

As VPN is allowed in Canada, you can easily stream blocked content on Hulu in Canada by using a VPN service while hiding your location. It also protects you from being detected by Hulu and helps you watch online content safely. Other then Canada you can also use a VPN to access Hulu from greece, australia and other countries.

When Will Hulu Be Available In Canada?

The answer is Yes, It is now available as of February 2024. But only a limited version of Hulu is available in Canada. A new offering called “star” was recently introduced by Disney plus. In this limited version, Hulu only includes some shows & movies. You can only watch limited version shows like Vikings, Deadpool 2, Letterkenny, etc. 

watch your favorite content

Below we have provided the simple steps to unblock Hulu from Canada using VPNs.

On What Devices You Can Watch Hulu In Canada

Here is the list of devices on which you can watch Hulu Canada:

  • Mac OS
  • Windows
  • iPhone 
  • Android 
  • Apple TV
  • Android Smart TV
  • iPad
  • Roku 
  • Xbox’s
  • PS3 & PS4
  • Chrome Extension 
  • Linux
  • Echo Show

Below we have shared some general queries that users try to find their answers too, so let’s discuss them.

Can I Watch Hulu In Canada?

Yes, You can watch Hulu Canada with the help of VPNs like Express VPN, and NordVPN, and connect with its US server. Because Hulu is only available in the United States.

Is Hulu Available In Canada?

Hulu is limited to the United States because of licensing and copyright agreements. But you can unblock it by using the best VPN service Canada

When Will Hulu Come To Canada?

There is no official announcement regarding if Hulu will ever come to Canada officially or not. For now, you can access Hulu TV Canada by using a VPN service. You can also use that VPN for shaw bluecurve TV and to unblock tik tok too.

Why Isn’t Hulu In Canada?

Hulu is not present in Canada because of Copyright and license agreements of Canadian law. But it is easily accessible with the help of the top 5 VPN Canada like NordVPN and ExpressVPN.