NordVPN Vs IVPN 2021- Choose One Best & Affordable VPN


NordVPN & IVPN come in the top-rated list of VPN providers. Users have lots of queries to know the comparison of IVPN Vs NordVPN. These two VPNs are popular because of their high performance, reliability, high speed, number of servers, security, and more. You can pick the best VPN out of these two VPN very easily. You will have to reflect on price, compatibility, the number of device connections, and most important online privacy. A complete guide describes below will help to select the best VPN to a great degree of features.

Comparison Features: IVPN Vs NordVPN

NordVPN IVPN Features
5,400+ Servers in 59 Countries Servers in 45 locations, in 32 Countries Number of Servers
yes yes Logging Policy
High-Speed Server Connectivity High-Speed because of WireGuard & Firewall Speed
yes yes Router Support
Android, Windows, macOS, iOS, iPhone, iPad, Android TV, Linux, Chrome, Firefox Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Router, NAS, Linux, DD-WRT Compatibility
yes yes Kill Switch
yes yes Split Tunneling
OpenVPN, IPsec/IKEv2, WireGuard, WireGuard or OpenVPN, and all other Protocols Protocols
Up to 6 Devices Up to 7 Devices ( Pro plan), 2 Devices (Standard Plan) Number of Device Connection
yes No Smart Domain Name System (DNS)
30-Day 30-Day Free-Trial
1-Month, 1-Year, 2-Year Plan IVPN Pro & IVPN Standard Type of VPN Plans
yes yes VPN for Netflix
It is affordable than IVPN Its plan is expensive than NordVPN Budget-Friendly
yes No Onion Over VPN
yes yes Unlimited Bandwidth
yes yes Customer Support
yes No Live Chat
2012 2009 Launched in
Panama Gibraltar Headquarter
Email is required for registration No Email required for registration Anonymous Registration
Permitted Permitted Torrenting
Double Encryption Yes Encryption
Yes No Dedicated IP

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NordVPN Price & Plans

1-Month Plan

$11.95 per month


1-Year Plan

$4.92 per month

$59.00 for the first year


2-Year Plan

$3.71 per month

NordVPN $89.00 for the first 2 years

NordVPN also offering a 1-year and 2 -year VPN plan up to 68% off, so can get it through NordVPN Coupons.

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IVPN Plans & Price

Plans Weekly Monthly Yearly 2  Years 3 Years
IVPN Standard $2 $6 $60 $100 $140
IVPN Pro $4 $10 $100 $160 $220

Customer Support:- NordVPN Vs IVPN

NordVPN Vs IVPN Customer Support

IVPN solves user’s queries within a few hours or it can take up to 24 hours to reply. IVPN users can send the email at & press inquiries at

NordVPN users can send an email at You can also get business help at There is also 24/7 live chat, FAQs, & article support.

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Can you access Hulu/Netflix/BBC iPlayer using NordVPN & IVPN?

NordVPN & IVPN provides access to watch restricted content on Hulu/ Netflix/ BBC iPlayer, Disney+. They both are the best VPN to Unblock Netflix.

Is VPN safe?

IVPN is safe for users because –

  • It does not log traffic
  • No logging of user bandwidth & IP address
  • No DNS request logging

IVPN only asks the user’s card details for payment.

Who owns IVPN?

Nicholas Pastell owns IVPN who involved in providing the best VPN services.

Which is a better VPN for Netflix – IVPN or NordVPN?

We examine the results to find a better VPN among NordVPN vs IVPN. The best and better is NordVPN because it has a fast streaming speed & high quality than IVPN.

How Much Download and Upload Speed is Enough?

Up to 25 Mbps of download speed and 3 Mbps of upload speed are enough with 1 or 2 devices. You will need 100 to 150 download speed & 10 Mbps upload for more devices.

What is the Best & Affordable VPN?

The best and affordable VPN is NordVPN. Check the price difference of NordVPN & IVPN mentioned above to see how it is affordable. IVPN does not provide 24/7 live chat support & dedicated IP as NordVPN does. The download speed of IVPN is slower than NordVPN. NordVPN offers a large number of servers but IVPN has only 45 server locations.

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