ExpressVPN vs NordVPN – Game Changer In 2023

If you would also want to know which VPN is best from among ExpressVPN vs NordVPN then your wait is over. With this comparison article, we will try to compare both VPN on some of those critical aspects.

Hope that by the end of this article you will be able to pick the one that fits your expectations.

ExpressVPN vs NordVPN – A Brief Introduction

Number Of Servers3000+5400+
Server Countries9459
Maximum Devices56
Trustpilot Score4.7-stars4.1
Money-Back Guarantee30-days30-days
Customer SupportLive Chat 24/724/7 Live Chat

About ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN was launched back in 2009 in the British Virgin Island that falls outside the 5,7, and 14-eyes alliances. More than 10 million users from around the world are using ExpressVPN.

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Top ExpressVPN Features

  • Advanced Mathematical Encryption
  • Split Tunneling
  • P2P Support
  • Private DNS
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Defeat ISP Throttling
  • Built-In-Speed Test

About NordVPN

NordVPN was released in 2012 and is based in Panama. Due to its location, the VPN does not participate in any 5, 7, and 14-eyes alliance which means the government can’t force the company to share the user’s data. It has gained immense popularity that today it has more than 14 million users worldwide.

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Top NordVPN Features

  • High-Security Encryption
  • Fast Speed
  • Split Tunneling Support
  • Dedicate IP
  • Block Malware and Ads
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • DNS Leak Protection

What you should look before buying NordVPN and ExpressVPN?

Before buying the services of any VPN software you have to keep a few points in your mind. When choosing the best VPN software you have to look for a better speed, servers, and connection. Also, check how many devices you can connect to at the same time. To choose the perfect one you have to tackle which is the best software that makes your browsing faster.

NordVPN Vs ExpressVPN – Security & Privacy

ExpressVPN and NordVPN Security

The primary aim of a virtual private network is to provide great security and privacy to the users.

Want to Know is ExpressVPN safe, then this section is for you only, if you’re still not satisfied with ExpressVPN then you can definitely go for ExpressVPN alternatives.

ExpressVPN uses advanced mathematics AES 256-bit encryption for securing their user’s online data. Combines with the top VPN protocols including OpenVPN, Lightway, L2TP, IKEv2.

NordVPN uses next-generation 256-Bit Encryption and utilizes 3 top VPN protocols including NordLynx, OpenVPN, and IKEv2/IPsec. If you’re facing NordVPN 429 with too many requests then you can fix it by clicking on the link.

Both the VPN has automatic kill switch & DNS leak protection which means they won’t let your real IP address be leaked on the internet.

Moreover, in terms of privacy both the top VPN leaders have a strict no-logs policy. This makes both the VPN to be good enough to trust if you are a newbie, as the company has to do nothing with their user’s online data and will not share it with any 3rd party.

Winner – Tie

Comparison of ExpressVPN Vs NordVPN Speed

Speed is another factor and the matter of fact is that even the best VPN providers slow down the internet speed & that’s common.

During our test, we have found ExpressVPN slows the normal internet speed to 30% while NordVPN 20%.

NordVPN beats ExpressVPN on UK & US servers with both OpenVPN & WireGuard protocols.

This means that if you are from one of those who want the VPN for speed only then you can pick NordVPN. But this doesn’t mean that ExpressVPN is slow you can watch in 4K with ExpressVPN.

Winner – NordVPN

Which is best for Streaming NordVPN or ExpressVPN?

Netflix with ExpressVPN and NordVPN

As a streamer, this particular comparison point is especially for you because you want different streaming channels.

ExpressVPN servers are optimized for speed and unblock Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Disney+, BBC iPlayer, and some other streaming channels.

NordVPN is one of the best VPN for Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO, and some others. As it comes with a huge server base that can help you to access Interstellar Netflix along with many other series in your restricted country.

Both VPNs are fair enough to stream movies, and shows on different streaming platforms in 4k quality without buffering.

However, ExpressVPN was able to unblock more Netflix libraries with different server locations.

Winner – ExpressVPN

Does ExpressVPN and NordVPN Allow Torrenting? If yes “Which Is best”

One of the most important to look for is whether the VPN works with torrent sites.

ExpressVPN supports P2P file sharing on all its servers and with a high speed of connection speed you can download the files from torrenting sites easily with full security.

On the other hand, if we talk about NordVPN then it doesn’t have P2P support with all of its servers like ExpressVPN. It automatically connects you with the server that supports P2P file sharing. Using NordVPN you can download the files without fear of your online security and privacy.

Well, there is no doubt that both ExpressVPN & NordVPN are of torrenting VPN and you can use any of the VPN to download content from torrent sites.

Winner – Tie

Customer Support

Whether it’s ExpressVPN or NordVPN customer support by both the VPN providers are top class. If you face any issues, you will get help from any of these support options,

  • Live Chat
  • Email Support
  • Ticket Support
  • Video Guides
  • FAQs

However, based on the type of query the response time can differ but overall, both are equal in terms of support system.

Winner – Tie

NordVPN vs ExpressVPN – Supportable Devices “How Many Device Connection at a same time?”

ExpressVPN apps support different operating platforms and can be connected with up to 5 simultaneous devices.

On the other hand, NordVPN can be connected with 6 devices simultaneously and supports many operating platforms.

Microsoft Edge
Smart TVs
Gaming Consoles

Both the VPN leaders support different platforms and work fine. If we talk about the device connection then you can connect one more device with NordVPN as it supports 6 devices at a time. This proves that NordVPN is a better VPN for multiple devices.

Winner – NordVPN

NordVPN vs ExpressVPN – Affordability

ExpressVPN Vs NordVPN, which is affordable

Prices play the most important role when it comes to picking the VPN. Below is the pricing plan offered by both VPN providers.

ExpressVPN offers 3 types of plans and the pricing plans are like this.

ExpressVPN PlansExpressVPN Price
1 Month$12.95/month
6 Months$9.99/month
12 Months (Plus Free 3 Months)$6.67/month

The starting price is $12.95 for a month if you go with the monthly plan of ExpressVPN. For the 6 months, the VPN costs $9.99 per month and $6.67 per month with ExpressVPN 12 months plan.

Claim your free 3 months and 49% discount with the ExpressVPN Coupon Code.

The costs reduce when you will go with the higher plans of the VPN.

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NordVPN PlansNordVPN Price
NordVPN 1 Month Plan$11.95/month
NordVPN 1 Year Plan$4.92/month
2 Years Plan Of NordVPN$4.13/month

NordVPN opens for $11.95 for a month and that’s the starting price of this VPN and $4.92 per month for 12 months. The cheapest VPN yearly plan is NordVPN 2 years where you only have to pay $4.13 per month. Also, if you apply our NordVPN coupon code while making the purchase, then you can get access to NordVPN 3-year deal that is even more cheaper.

By comparing both of these with their prices we got to know that NordVPN is more affordable for the users.

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ExpressVPN bit expensive as we have also seen in the ExpreesVPN vs Hola VPN comparison.

Winner – NordVPN

Head-To-Head Comparison Table ExpressVPN vs NordVPN

Number Of Servers3000+5400+
Server Countries9459
Includes Kill SwitchYesAvailable
No-Logs PolicyYesStrict no-logs policy
Device ConnectionUp to 5Up to 6
Lowest Price$8.32/month$3.30/month
Customer Support24/7 live supportLive support for 24/7
Money-Back Guarantee30-daysFor 30-days

ExpressVPN vs NordVPN – Final Verdict

The battle between the two VPN players was very tough and both seem to be efficient & great on different factors.

Where NordVPN has a wide range of the number of servers, ExpressVPN has servers in more server countries. ExpressVPN is pretty fast as compared to NordVPN but you can watch the content on streaming channels in 4K quality also. Also, they both fall outside the surveillance of 14 eye alliances due to their locations.

Picking on almost all the results then declaring the winner is not possible. However, every user has different needs & wants to use the VPN.

Now, I hope that after going through this comparison you now will be able to pick the VPN by yourself that’s right for you.

Is ExpressVPN better than NordVPN?

ExpressVPN and NordVPN both use the same level of encryption to protect their user’s online data. NordVPN has a vast variety of servers whereas ExpressVPN has pretty good speed provided by their servers.
Both are good as one needs a VPN for different purposes and it can never be the same.

Is ExpressVPN & NordVPN safe for torrenting?

NordVPN and ExpressVPN both have a wide range of servers and you can access the websites anonymously and privately. Using any of the VPN you can torrent very safely with anti-malware protection. ExpressVPN supports P2P support on all of its servers. However, NordVPN doesn’t support P2P file sharing on every server but it automatically connects you to that server that supports P2P. You can use any of the ExpressVPN vs NordVPN for torrenting.

Can I watch Netflix with ExpressVPN?

Yes, you can unblock most of the content on Netflix with ExpressVPN by connecting with different servers. With high-speed servers, you can watch the content in 4K also.

Can ExpressVPN be hacked?

There is no VPN software in the market that can’t be hacked. However, it all comes to the level of security provided by the VPN provider. ExpressVPN uses top VPN protocols that make it very difficult for cyber-criminals to hack user’s data.

Is NordVPN worth it?

NordVPN offers many great features and 5400+ high-speed servers. For those looking for a premium affordable VPN, then NordVPN can be one of the best picks for them.

Can you cancel Nordvpn anytime?

If you want to cancel your subscription which is very uncommon then you can do it. Just visit the official website and search for the “Cancel Subscription” on the payment page. By providing a valid reason you will get a refund of your payment.
However, you get a 30-days money-back guarantee with their subscription plans.

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