Code to Check if Phone is Hacked 2021 – 7 Signs iPhone is Tapped

Code to Check if Phone is Hacked

If you are facing trouble in running your smartphone, then for once you should have to use this code to check if phone is hacked 2021. Because It has seen in many cases that user faces various issues in the mobile phone if their phone was hacked.

As in the 21st century, Technology is so advanced and gives so many benefits to living a life better. But with the ease of technology, It brings major issues of user security and privacy.

According to the report, there are more than 3.8 billion mobile phone users worldwide and India covers the majority ratio of 760 million in 2021.

With the growth of mobile users, hackers try to hack phone which does not have any security software installed. If your phone does not contain password protection or even you don’t use any VPN service then it means you are inviting the hacker.

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What to do if your iPhone or Android is hacked 2021?

Once your iPhone or Android are hacked, it takes various steps to unhack it. Sometimes you have to format the phone which leads to the loss of various personal data.

Be patient and don’t worry if you found that your phone is hacked. We have a solution for it.

But at first, you need to check if phone is tapped/hacked or just you have a misconception of it.

So, Here we will discuss how you can confirm if your phone is hacked or not and if the phone hacked get the solution how to fix it?

7 Signs Phone is Tapped or Hacked 2021

Signs Phone is Hacked

If you have a doubt is your phone is hacked or not, then simply check out some symptoms that the phone faces after being hacked. If you found any of these phones hacked symptoms then you must have to worried about privacy and security.

  • High Battery Temperature – If your phone or phone battery heat up quickly even using the phone for less time. Then it shows one of the signs phone is tapped or hacked. But in some cases, it is only caused due to battery problems. By replacing the battery the high temperature of the phone may solve. So without worrying check for another sign of the phone is hacked or not.
  • Phone Automatically Reboots – If there is no battery problem and still your phone automatically reboot or restart than most probably your phone was hacked. Simple use the Code to Check if the Phone is Hacked for confirming it and also dial a code to unhack phone, which we have discussed below in this blog post.
  • Battery down faster – Most of the users can’t even spend few minutes without phone. Even I also use my phone every time for working and entertainment. Most of the time I had a phone with an earphone plugged in and stream online by using Best VPN for Streaming. YouTube, Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, and Netflix are too common platforms a smartphone user uses. This may lead to lower the battery but whenever you face, that now phone battery getting down more fastly than before. This is a true sign phone is hacked.

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  • Slower Speed – If your phone performance speed goes down and even crashing login window then be aware of it. Someone is stealing your login credentials details.
  • Unknown App – As usually many apps were installed by the users for any reason to use. But when you install an app from an unknown source or un-authority sites, This may increase the chances of the phone is hacked. Whenever you face this type of issue, simply uninstall the app that you have recently installed.
  • Increase in Data Consumption – If some unusual activities happening on your phone then check out for the data usage and bill. If there is a spike in the data consumption then means your phone was hacked and operating by other.
  • Pop-Ups – Mostly spammy websites contain pop-ups to irritate users. With your one-click that spammy pop-ups may lead to loose your personal information to hackers. These pop-ups contain malware so be aware of it otherwise your phone gets hacked.

If any of the above discussed tapped signs consist in your phone then must use the short code to check if phone is hacked. Keep going with further reading to also get the code to unhack my phone.

You can also use the VPN service to protect your phone from being hacked. Here are some best VPN deals which give your full privacy and security within your selected budget.

Codes to Check If Phone is Tapped or Hacked

Immediately check your calls, forwarded messages, history or device data. If you found something strange, use these codes to stop any kind of forwarding calls and messages. This step must be followed by you, otherwise, you feel insecure or get annoyed with these.

Code Number to Check If Phone is Tapped

Here is some code to check if the phone is hacked or not which will solve your issue immediately. You just need to dial these codes from your android phone and iPhone.

  • To know whether your any call or messages has been set to as forwarded and diverted phone settings being unknown from you. Then simply dial “ *#62#code to check if phone is hacked 2021.
  • If you found someone has set phone call and SMS setting as forwarding to an unknown number, In that case, dial “ ##002# “ to erase this setting.
  • Dail “ *#21# “ code to know whether your calls and messages diverting to unknown number or not. If you found all data is diverting to a hacker then immediately stop diverting settings from your phone setting option.

Important Note:- These codes to check if phone is Hacked or not will be applicable for both Android or iPhone.

If you have dial these codes and change the setting then now you successfully unhack your phone. But it does not mean that you not at risk.

It was still easy to hack your phone by hacker again. Now you have to increase the phone security so that no one able to hack your phone again.

Follow the instructions below to find the perfect solution for – my phone was hacked how to fix it?

How to Fix If your Phone is Hacked 2021?

My Phone was Hacked How to Fix It

Once you notice that your phone was hacked, Then follow the above codes to unhack phone and make the phone a little bit safer. But still, there is a strong possibility that a Hacker attack your phone because your phone contains some malware. So follow the below method to make a fully secure Android device. It can be done in any of your Android mobile versions.

  • Uninstall Apps that are Malicious – Check out app lists and identify which app you had installed recently. Immediately delete those apps and restart your device for once.
  • Use VPN Software – VPN software companies come into existence with the sole aim to provide high security and privacy to the users. Here are the best deals for VPNs that give the maximum discount.
    I know it spends some of your penny, But you can trust me, With these VPNs, no hacker can able to hack or tapped your phone easily. I had also bring some discount and coupon codes which will help you to get install a VPN at an affordable price.

In 95% of cases, the issue is solved by using VPN and Antivirus software. So if your problem is solved then you don’t need to perform the further method. Keep connected your device with a VPN and be safe while using your phone.

  • Do a Factory Reset – It is highly recommended to clean your phone for once. By doing a full factory reset, it will erase all your data but it is the most successful way to clean your phone from a virus attack. Take a backup of your data, if it is important for you.

To perform the factory reset function on an Android phone, follow the below steps.

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Follow these steps to Reset Android Phone to Fix if Phone is Hacked

  • Go to Phone Settings
  • Click on Backup and Reset Option
  • Select Factory Reset option
  • Click on the Reset Device Option
  • Now Erase Everything and Reset

It will take few minutes to complete the process, Once it was successfully completed, you can take a long relaxed breath of being secure.

Note: If you have some important useful images and data in your phone, transfer them to your SD card or Pendrive. Remove SD card and Pen Drive before doing factory reset. After a successful factory reset, use your phone without an SD card then after some time insert an SD card. If you again face the same issue on phone after inserting an SD card then some files contain viruses by which the hacker was attacking.

So it is suggested that erase all your data or use Antivirus software to remove viruses without losing any data.

  • Change your Password – The last step you need to do is, change your all password for Gmail accounts, social media accounts and others login credential information. In case the hacker had a record of the password then changing it makes your information safe.

Can I track the location of the person who hacked my phone?

Hackers are too smart in hiding their all information which prevents them to be traced. So rather than tracing them, you should have to protect your all data before they start misusing it. As we have suggested above, Use the best VPN software to protect your phone. You can use some of the cheapest VPN service providers that offer the lowest VPN plans to users.

Important Tip: It is also recommended, you should have to scan your smartphone for a virus attack. If some malware is found in your device clear it as soon as possible by using Antivirus Software.

Last Wordings on Code to Check if Phone is Hacked 2021 Android & iPhone

We appreciate that you have read our blog full, It takes a lot of time and effort to providing the right information to users. I also hope you have use the code to check if phone is hacked 2021 android and also have taken steps to prevent your phone from hacking.

Once you have use the code to unhack your phone, It does means that your phone will not hack in the future. So please be sure to make your phone safe. Your phone security is in your hand.

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I will be grateful if you share the Code to Check if Phone is Hacked and prevention steps of being hacked with your friends & family. So that everyone gets the right information to secure devices from hackers or attackers.

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FAQs Section – A Quick Overview How to Unhack My Phone

Here we have discussed more users queries that we get on our social media communities.

What is the Code to check if phone is tapped or hacked?

Code to check if phone is hacked 2021 android and iPhone – *#62# , *#21# , *#61# & *#67#. All these code worked on Android and iPhone.

My iPhone was hacked & how do I fix it quickly?

Use the same code ##002# to undo all redirection or call forwarding settings. This code is tested on iPhones and we found that it the most fastest way to unhack any iPhone.

How to block hackers from my iOS or Android phone?

If you found “Forwarding on all calls” setting option enabled on your phone, then you need to immediately unblock hacker by dialing “ ##002# “ code from your iOS or Android phone.

What code to dial to see if My phone is hacked?

Dial *#62# number to see any redirection set in your phone. If you find redirection understood that your phone is hacked.