How to Delete PayPal Account 2024 [Complete Guide]

Are you a PayPal user and made an account with the wrong credentials. Most of the time users fill in their wrong names. So if you are also one of them then here is the way how to delete PayPal account. PayPal can be so useful when it comes to making international transactions. Its money exchange and highly protective service make it one of the best services to send and receive money. But however, if you want to delete its account then here are the simple steps.

How to Delete PayPal Account on App 2024

How to Delete PayPal Account on App

To delete PayPal account on phone application you have to follow some basic steps written down here.

  • Log in to your PayPal account on your phone.
  • Click on the settings icon button.
  • Look at the account option, click on the close account button.
  • It might ask for your credentials, fill in details.
  • Click on the close account.

Note: These steps will also work if you use them to delete PayPal account on Android device.

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How to Delete PayPal Account On iPhone

How to Delete PayPal Account On iPhone

There is no doubt that iPhone gives you more privacy and protection as compared to other devices. But if you want to delete PayPal account on iPhone in 2024 then you have to confirm your details.

To remove PayPal account on iPhone click on the setting icon and then click on the close account button. Now you may have to give your details and then your iPhone PayPal account will be removed permanently.

How to Delete PayPal Account without Logging In?

If you are finding a way to delete your PayPal account without logging in then sorry. There is no way to remove your PayPal account without logging in it. First, you have to log in to your PayPal account and then visit your dashboard. Now just click on the settings icon and there you will see an option to close your account.

It may ask you for your banking details or credit card credentials you connected with your PayPal account. So just follow the instruction and then you will be easily able to your PayPal account. Even if you want to delete Instagram threads account so you can also apply these steps in it.

How to Permanently Delete PayPal Account? | Delete PayPal Account Permanently

If you are deleting your account from PayPal official website then it will be deleted permanently. However, it might take some time to make the process done, and then your PayPal account gets deleted for always.

Steps to cancel your PayPal account permanently:

  • Visit PayPal official site called
  • Sign in to your PayPal account.
  • Click on the settings button.
  • Click on the close your account option.
  • Fill in your banking details.
  • Click close account to cancel PayPal user account.

How to Close PayPal Business Account? | Remove PayPal Business Account

PayPal gives you the option to make an account for personal and business purposes. So if you have a business account then deleting it can be a bit different from canceling PayPal personal account.

Open account settings or your PayPal business account. At the top, you will see a close account button next to the account type. Tap on the close account button to delete your business PayPal account 2024.

Things You Should Know Before Cancelling Your PayPal Account

Before erasing your PayPal account there are a few things you should know about PayPal. Once you deleted a PayPal account, it will be erased for always. After deleting your PayPal account all the data will be also erased. It means the transaction history of your PayPal account will be deleted too.

After canceling your account you can make a new PayPal account even with the same Gmail address. PayPal also allows you to make a new account with the same name you had on the previous account.

Things You Should Do Before Deleting PayPal Account?
Things You Should Do Before Deleting PayPal Account

Now you already know that the data of your PayPal account will have also vanished with your account. So if you still want to erase your PayPal account in 2024 then do these things before canceling it permanently.

  • Withdraw all money from your PayPal Account or make its balance zero.
  • Pay off any pending balance.
  • Create a copy of your transaction history if you want.

Why Should You Delete Your PayPal Account?

There can be many reasons if someone is deleting their PayPal account. PayPal does not charge any money from users to maintain their accounts. Sometimes people delete their PayPal account when their business shuts down. If a user shifts to other payment apps then they also erase their PayPal account or are unable to complete the payment with PayPal. But with the paddle NordVPN accepts PayPal so that you can shop it without any restriction or error.

How Do I Close My PayPal Account?

  • Click on the settings icon placed next to “log out”
  • Select Close your account option
  • Fill in your banking details
  • Click close account
What Will Happen After You Remove Your PayPal Account?

Once you delete your PayPal account you will never be able to access it again. The transaction history of your account will also get removed automatically. If there was an unpaid request then it will also get canceled automatically. You will also lose unused or saved redemption codes & coupons you had in your deleted account.