How To Use NordVPN With Roku? Updated 2023 Guide

How To Use NordVPN With Roku

Roku is best known for streaming online content like movies, web series, and sports on 3000 live channels. But this streaming app is geo-restricted in some regions. That’s why we are sharing simple ways to use NordVPN with Roku so that you can stream your favorite content anywhere.

Why Stream Using NordVPN With Roku?

Roku provides a platform for streaming content on your device and NordVPN is the best VPN for streaming. NordVPN has the fastest 5000+ servers in more than 55 countries. This large network of servers makes it possible to use NordVPN on Roku to access region-restricted content

NordVPN can hide your actual location by changing your IP address. It can help you to use Roku streaming player from a country where it is not working. You can connect to a server in a country where Roku is available and gain access to live Roku channels. Several users use a VPN to stream Mx Player in United States and elsewhere outside of India.

A virtual private network also encrypts your online traffic. This can help you stream NordVPN Roku TV without getting detected by the ISP or security agencies. Sometimes ISP sets a throttling limit on your connection but NordVPN can provide a fast connection to stream without buffering.

Does NordVPN With Roku Work?

Yes, NordVPN works with Roku and is compatible to be used for streaming Roku. The installation of NordVPN on Roku TV is not supported, which could be a problem. So installing NordVPN on your router could be one way to stream online movies or sports on Roku.

If you don’t have a Wi-Fi router then NordVPN for Roku can work by connecting to the device’s shared connection. Windows or macOS devices that have an online VPN installed on

them can create a hotspot. Connect your TV to this shared VPN connection of the router for streaming Roku with NordVPN.

How To Use NordVPN With Roku In 5 Ways

5 ways to use NordVPN with Roku

There are mainly 5 methods to stream with NordVPN on Roku TV:

  • Set up NordVPN on the router.
  • Use a NordVPN router.
  • Set up smart DNS of NordVPN on the router.
  • Share VPN connection on Ethernet.
  • Share VPN connection with Hotspot.

Set Up NordVPN On The Router

You can install NordVPN for Roku on your router and then use this VPN connection on your smart TV. Once the installation is complete, your smart TV with Roku can now access blocked content. You can stream TV series or channels from other countries just by changing the VPN server.

Here are the steps on how to use NordVPN with Roku:

  1. Find the default gateway using the “ipconfig” command on the Windows command prompt. On Linux use “ip -a” and check in networking settings for macOS.
  2. Open the browser and enter the default gateway’s IP in the search bar to access the router’s control panel.
  3. A Login window will open. Fill in the password which can be found on the back of the router.
  4. Look up the VPN client tab among various settings in the router’s control panel.
  5. Now visit and choose a country. The first two starting characters of each file denote the country like “us8209” for USA and “fr695” for France.
  6. Then click on “Download TCP” or “Download UDP”.
  7. Upload this downloaded file to the router and fill in the description.
  8. Visit
  9. Find the “Advanced Configuration” tab and go to “Service Credentials”.
  10. Note down or copy the username and password.
  11. Input this username and password in the “OpenVPN client” tab.
  12. Click on submit and connect to the VPN server.
  13. Now stream Roku with NordVPN by connecting your smart TV to the router’s Wi-Fi.

Before you proceed to use NordVPN with Roku, remember that all routers don’t support VPN configuration. On NordVPN’s website, you can find the list of routers with a guide for installing VPN on them. Mainly routers with OpenVPN client support can be configured for NordVPN.

If you face any error while installing NordVPN on the router, check for its firmware. Maybe upgrading the router’s firmware might help you install NordVPN on your router. OpenWRT, DD-WRT, Tomato, Sabai, and pfSense 2.5 are some of the supported firmware.

Use A NordVPN Router

Setting up VPN configuration on a router to use NordVPN with Roku could be confusing and risky. You might misconfigure your router so that it stops working properly. So it is better to buy a router with pre-installed NordVPN software.

This saves you from the trouble of doing configuration for NordVPN Roku TV. Just turn on your router with a pre-installed virtual private network and choose a server. Connect the smart TV to the Wi-Fi connection of the router and stream unlimited Roku with NordVPN.

Set Up Smart DNS Of NordVPN On The Router

The smart DNS feature of NordVPN can remove the geo-restrictions making it the best VPN for Roku. It can help you browse or access content that is not available in your region.

Follow the steps to set up smart DNS on the router for using NordVPN with Roku:

  1. Disable all the VPN connections or proxies if active on your device.
  2. Visit
  3. Enable the SmartDNS under the “Additional features” section.
  4. You will receive a mail mentioning “SmartDNS activated”.
  5. Note down the DNS details in the mail.
  6. Open the router’s control panel.
  7. Change the DNS to the DNS address provided in the mail.
  8. Visit “Custom Firewall Rules” in the router’s settings tab.
  9. Block Google’s DNS on the router. As Roku devices have in-built Google DNS with no option to change it.
  10. Now smart TVconnect to the router’s Wi-Fi and use Roku with NordVPN servers.

The SmartDNS reroutes your internet traffic by changing the DNS. This helps in hiding information about your location by using a proxy.

When you stream with NordVPN Roku TV using SmartDNS, the connection speed will be high because there is no encryption. But it can also lead to speed throttling issues by your ISP.

Share VPN Connection On Ethernet

You can stream TV using NordVPN with Roku by connecting to the device’s shared connection with ethernet.

Below are the steps to use NordVPN for Roku via Ethernet on Windows:

  1. Install NordVPN on your Windows device and buy its subscription.
  2. Disable all VPN connections.
  3. Search Ethernet in the Start Menu and click on “Ethernet settings”.
  4. In the Ethernet settings, click on “Change Adapter Options”.
  5. Double-click on the adapter with NordVPN.
  6. Click on the “Sharing” tab.
  7. Tick on “Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s Internet connection”.
  8. Now use an ethernet cable to connect your device to the smart TV.
  9. Once the ethernet connection is established, open NordVPN on your device.
  10. Reset your Roku device and start it again.
  11. Connect to a server of your choice and stream Roku with NordVPN on your smart TV.

For using NordVPN with Roku via Ethernet on macOS, configure with these steps:

  1. Install NordVPN with a subscription on your macOS device.
  2. Make sure all VPN connections are disabled on your device.
  3. Go to “Settings” and find the “System Preferences” tab.
  4. Remember to check the “Internet Sharing” box.
  5. In the dropdown menu, click on “Share your connection from”.
  6. Choose “Ethernet”.
  7. Now start NordVPN on your Mac device.
  8. Choose a server and connect to it.
  9. Connect your Mac device with your smart TV with an ethernet cable.
  10. Reset your Roku device and launch it again.
  11. Now stream Roku with NordVPN on smart TV using Mac’s shared VPN connection.

Share VPN Connection With Hotspot

Here is how to use NordVPN with Roku by sharing a Windows VPN connection over Wi-Fi:

  1. Buy a NordVPN subscription and install it on your Windows device.
  2. Make sure to disconnect any active VPN connection.
  3. Use the command “netsh wlan show drivers” in the command prompt.
  4.  If it says “Hosted Network Supported: Yes”, it means you can use the mobile hotspot feature.
  5. Search “Mobile Hotspot” in the Start Menu and click it to open.
  6. Turn on “Share my internet connection with other devices”.
  7. Select “Wi-Fi” in the “share my internet connection from” menu.
  8. Now under “Related Settings”, click on “Change Adapter Options”.
  9. Double-click on the adapter with the NordVPN name in it.
  10. Tick the box with “Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s Internet connection”.
  11. Select the hotspot created in the drop-down menu and click OK.
  12. Now open NordVPN on your Windows device and connect to any server.
  13. Reset the Roku device and connect it to your smart TV.
  14. Click on “Network” in Roku’s settings. Choose “Wireless”.
  15. Now connect to the wireless connection to stream Roku with NordVPN.

If you are a macOS user, follow the below-mentioned steps to use NordVPN with Roku:

  1. Make sure your macOS device is connected to the internet with ethernet.
  2. Click on the Apple logo and go to “System Preferences”.
  3. Click Network and select interface as “VPN”, VPN Type as “IKEv2”, and Service Name as “Roku”.
  4. Visit and pick the server address.
  5. Go to Authentication Settings
  6. Fill username and password of NordVPN and click OK.
  7. Visit the “Advanced” option and select “Send all traffic over VPN connection”.
  8. Click OK > Apply and then Connect.
  9. Now click on the Apple logo again and visit “System Preferences”.
  10. Under “Sharing”, select “Internet Sharing” and then “Wi-Fi”.
  11. Fill in the below details:
  • Network Name: Your network’s name
  • Channel: Set as default
  • Security: Select WPA or WPA2
  • Password: Make a password
  • Verify: Input the password again
  1. Finally, click OK to complete the setup.
  2. Now stream Roku with NordVPN by connecting the smart TV to macOS’s shared connection.

Can You Use NordVPN with Roku Without Internet?

No, it is not possible to stream Roku with NordVPN without the internet. Though you can watch offline content using USB or DVD on some Roku models. The Roku device provides live streaming channels and the internet is necessary for that.
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Also, using NordVPN on Roku TV to unlock restricted regional content requires internet. Without the internet, it is impossible to connect to other countries’ servers and you can’t access their regional channels.

How Using NordVPN With Roku Unblock Channels?

Unblock Roku Channels with NordVPN

Contents are restricted from access by users from a country by blocking the IP address associated with that country. That’s where NordVPN plays its role. Its location spoofing feature allows a user to fake his location and unlock blocked channels.

NordVPN hides your location when you connect to its servers. It changes your location like you are appearing on the internet from another location.  When a Roku device uses a VPN connection, it can bypass the geo-restrictions using this location spoofing feature. 

Suppose you want to access US channels on your Roku device while you are in Germany. Connecting to the US server using NordVPN on Roku will change your Germany’s IP to USA’s IP. This will remove all restrictions imposed by government agencies of the USA and you can stream US channels. As NordVPN works with BBC iPlayer and Amazon Prime very well and help you to access geo-restricted content.

If you want to stream on Roku from China then you will need a VPN that is capable fo unblocking regional Roku content. Since NordVPN in China works extremely well with Roku, you will be able to stream your favorite movies and TV shows on Roku without getting detected.

What If NordVPN With Roku Doesn’t Work?

There could be any possible reason for not being able to use NordVPN for Roku properly. Here is what you can do to solve “not working” issues:

  • Distant Server: Maybe you are connected to a server that is very far from your location. This can increase the latency of connection causing lag or buffering. So use a nearby server or a high speed VPN for streaming.
  • Outdated Firmware: It can also be possible that your router’s firmware version is old. This might create in supporting NordVPN configuration. So update the router’s firmware to the latest version.
  • Forgot to Block Google’s DNS: Check for Google’s DNS setting in the router if you use SmartDNS to stream using NordVPN with Roku. Roku devices have in-built Google DNS, so you must block this same feature on the routers
  • Stored Cache: Roku device saves cookies when you stream live channels. It might also have saved your IP address along with them. So clean the Roku device’s cache before accessing restricted content using a VPN connection.
  • Double VPN: Maybe a VPN is installed on your router and still you have connected to VPN in your Windows device also. This double VPN active on both your device and router will result in slow speed. So make sure you use only one VPN connection.
  • VPN Misconfiguration on the Router: To use NordVPN with Roku you might have misconfigured the router while installing VPN manually. So check the installation guide and make sure you have done everything correctly.
  • Unofficial Apps: You might have added unofficial streaming apps to your Roku account. While using such streaming apps, it is possible to get slow speeds. So avoid using unofficial streaming apps.


We know it is not easy to use NordVPN for Roku as VPNs don’t install on Roku. But the five methods we have mentioned above will be helpful to understand how to use NordVPN with Roku. Hope you will be able to successfully unlock all of the location-restricted channels and stream from anywhere.

Can I Use NordVPN With Roku For Free?

No, you can not use NordVPN for Roku or any other VPN for free of cost. You have to buy a subscription plan and luckily NordVPN has a 30-day money-back guarantee also.

Can I Use NordVPN On Roku?

Yes, you can use NordVPN with Roku indirectly by installing NordVPN on the router or using NordVPN’s SmartDNS. You can also share your Windows or macOS device’s NordVPN connection by creating a hotspot.